Tuesday, June 14, 2005

EU ready for its role in Kosovo status process (dailies)

Daily papers report that the meeting of EU FMs in Luxembourg resulted in an approval of the document that foresees the role of the EU in Kosovo during the coming period.

EU Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn said negotiations for Kosovo status and EU negotiations with SaM for stability and association agreement could take place simultaneously in autumn, Koha reports. EU also gave assurances that its doors were open to the countries of the Balkans once they met the set criteria. ‘We cannot have a timeout’, stressed Rehn.

EU officials also called on both Pristina and Belgrade engage in a dialogue. ‘We now need cooperation from Pristina and Belgrade to continue the process,’ said EU High Representative Javier Solana during a press conference.

Rehn told the media that for the international community, the implementation of standards mostly implied protection of minorities in Kosovo, on which focus will be directly placed during the assessment process, Koha reports.

Zëri notes that the report presented in the meeting says the European Union will appoint a special envoy for status of Kosovo talks, but it will not be a replacement for the one selected by the UN. The envoy, according to the document, would have to be nominated by the Council of Ministers following recommendation from the High Representative and in close cooperation with the European Council and EU Presidency.

Express writes that the meeting reconfirmed that division of Kosovo will not be an option during status talks.

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