Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Serbs announce return to the Assembly in early July

Koha Ditore reports that the political representatives of Kosovo Serbs could return to the Kosovo Assembly in early July and this decision would be based on an agreement of representatives of the Serb List for Kosovo.

The paper says that Kosovo Serb representatives have emphasised that they also need a decision from Belgrade to join Kosovo institutions, but a political representative of Kosovo Serbs, Randjel Nojkic, said they would not wait much longer for Belgrade’s position.

‘The green light from Belgrade is very important for us and we have asked for it. Even if we don’t get Belgrade’s approval, we will make our decision. We needed Belgrade’s consent for all our decisions so far, but we have moved issues on our own even without their initial approval and then they gave their consent later on. Therefore, we will make this decision on our own,’ added Nojkic.

The paper remarks that according to UN officials in Pristina there is no exact deadline for Kosovo Serbs to join the institutions but that the latest developments in Kosovo require a quick decision to join the institutions.

UNMIK spokeswoman Marcia Poole said it was encouraging the news that Serb political representatives could rejoin the institutions. ‘What we have said is that there is no final deadline, although it is important to know a timeframe given the latest developments. The timeframe has been imposed by these developments but there is no exact date imposed by UNMIK or someone else,’ said Poole.

In closing, the paper says that one has to wait and see if Serb political representatives will finally decide to return to the assembly and if UNMIK chief Søren Jessen-Petersen will make the final effort to convince them to join the institutions.


Anonymous said...

As a Macedonian I hope to see Kosova gain there independence soon so that we can all start to ascend into the eu and worry about the real issues in the balkans. Like fixing the status of unemployment,building better trade partners with the west,gaining an economy for the people,and advancing in technology that is continuosly growing. The issue of the serbs will always be an issue until the citizens in serbia wake up and smell the turkish coffee and realize how much their government is holding them back from becoming a part of the european family. I hope for the sake of the balkans that Kosova gains independance soon. In all reality what are the powers that be waiting for already.

Anonymous said...

Well said!
Bravo Macedonian.

Anonymous said...

You deserve the name Macedonian :)

Anonymous said...

Like it or not Kosova will be an independent country.
The approach that the Kosovars are taking is to ratify and apply the European Conventions, which will allow certain individuals (serbs) direct access to everything they wish for. This includes direct access to the European Court of Human rights at Strasbourg if they are not happy or feel that the Kosova's Institutions are not satisfactory. In saying that i would like to remind you that Kosovar's have been subjected to some of the most unimaginable human rights violations in former Yugoslavia (while the likes of “Milosevic” driven ideologists were in charge of most of the Yugoslav institutions). Furthermore, during 1990s despite the claims of human rights violations, the Serbs regularly prevented, limited or delayed visits by representatives of international institutions. They did this on the basis that these matters were within domestic Jurisdiction of the former Yugoslavia. We very well know what happened during that period.

Serbs in an independent and sovereign Kosova will have more rights than any other minority in the world or shall I say more than any Serb in Serbia itself.

On the other hand for the Serbs to bee respected and their rights as a minority protected by the independent and sovereign Kosova they have to be more constructive. Trying to destabilise Kosova (as they are doing so in Mitrovica) and claiming their rights are being violated is not a constructive way of becoming part of a multiethnic country.
They did try to ethnically cleans Kosova during the 1998-1999 and were stopped. They can not continue to do the same by threatening and ethnically cleansing the north of Mitrovica, which has become the symbol of ethnic division in Kosova.

This is not acceptable since it is affecting not only the Serbs living in other parts of Kosova but Albanians as well. The brain and the financing behind this is the ideological clone of Milosevic himself, PM Kostunica. I am afraid that the only language that PM Kostunica and the Belgrade officials know is bombing. However, we do not need to go to that extreme since there are other ways of dealing with them first. The international community needs to stop the aid to the Serbian government, which is funding and encouraging the Serbs to revolt and hold the Kosovar people hostage to a prosperous future ahead of them. How can you ask one country (Kosova) to be democratic and integrate their minorities when your neighbour (Serbia) is doing the working against those aims and efforts? Not only they (Serbs) do not get punished for it by they are given the carrot….
In all, the attempts made by the Srbia shows how desperate they are to destabilise Kosova and blame it on Albanians (their usual propaganda). If you look a bit carefully at these attempts by the Serbians- it becomes clear as a crystal that Serbs are not really after Kosova itself but Trepca mining and metallurgy complex. In other words, they know Kosova will be an independent and sovereign country but they want to take one of the richest mines in the whole of Europe.
Faruki, UK

Chris Blaku said...

That's right Faruk, it's all about the mines, and it always has been.