Friday, June 24, 2005

Kosovo Government reacts to CoE Resolution on Kosovo

Zëri carries the reaction of Kosovo Government officials after the adoption of CoE resolution on Kosovo, which says that Kosovo is part of Serbia and Serbia and Montenegro. Kosovo officials say the CoE has been influenced by the Serb delegation and this way they have comopromised their authority.

‘The real situation shows that Kosovo is now far away from Serbia and Montenegro, so that there is no way to bring these two countries closer. Kosovo has its own independent political, economic and cultural system. Kosovo adopts laws and implements them,’ the paper quotes Government’s spokesperson, Daut Dauti, as saying.


Anonymous said...

The Kosova Albanians wants independence. Well, the independence is moving further and further away as for now. The ONLY ones that is aiming for full independence by making a coutry guard, talking and talking etc, are the Albanians. Many at this forum HOPES and THINKS and DEMANDS independence. NO ONE, exept Albanians, have ever PROMISED or SAID that it will by 100% independence in Kosova. Im not from Balkans but I read daily papers from every country in Europe, USA, far East etc. And I dont know what the final solution will be for Kosovo, but for sure I would not dare to put 1000$ on a YES to independence, thats a fact.

Anonymous said...

No need for anyone to promise the independence to Kosovo. Kosovars have fought in the past, against the turks, against the fascists, against the serbs.
They will fight again if needed. No serb can be negotiated with.

(The funny part is that although the fascist germany did not touch the Kosovo albanians, they still fought against them to help the serbs after they were promised self-determination.
In the end, most of the albanian soldiers were executed in Montenegro by serbs after WWII just so any hope that Albanians in Kosovo will be able to have their say about their future is estinguished.)

Anonymous said...

Who gives a bleep about CoE anyways?!

Anonymous said...

Yea who are these loosers anyways. Besides let them come and try make us live with the serbs again; this time around it won't be pretty for the serbs.

Anonymous said...

You were always happy servants of the Turks, Germans, Italians, Americans.

Anonymous said...

Who, the serbs?

You got that right

Anonymous said...

Looks like Europe wants another war in South East Europe, we will give them a war, but this time we fight beyond the borders, in Serbia proper, let's see how Serbs will like that, maybe this time they will actualy have to face soldiers and not kids and women.

A single Serb soldier walks into Kosova, we will go all the way to Belgrade.

Anonymous said...

When Kossovars are entering a very important time in their history the CoE once again starts to show its true colours!!!!

In the European council and General Affairs Council, the national governments are represented. Regarding Kosova final status, the positions of the national governments (that need to be analysed) includes the positions of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Greece.

The first three are the biggest and politically and economically most important countries in the EU. Greece has been included in the analysis as it is the closest traditional ally of Serbia in the EU. Analyzing national positions towards the final status of Kosovo requires taking intranational politics into account.

The official position of the government of Greece is to pursue the “Standards before Status” approach based on U.N. Resolution 1244 (1999). Greece, however, is the best example of how traditional affiliations among European nations can influence national and European politics. European politics are often tradition based. Not to acknowledge traditional affiliations and their impact can lead to wrong predictions of future politics. In the case of Greece it can be assumed that Greece will not favor the independence of Kosovo, neither in the short nor in the long term.
The main reason is that Greece traditionally has been a close ally of Serbia. There are a number of reasons for that close relationship. One is the socalled Macedonian question. Throughout the twentieth-century, there have been several alliances in order to obtain the territory that is currently called Macedonia. To Greece, Macedonia is still a very controversial issue, as demonstrated by the controversy over Macedonia’s official name. Even in the ethnic conflicts of the 1990s, Greece was perceived as biased in favor of Serbia. Greece was accused of siding with Milosevic’s Serbia during the Bosnia and Kosovo wars128 and to have scorned the Serbian opposition even until 2000. Greece was even accused of siding with Serbia’s darkest sides.
In the light of this history, it is most realistic to expect that Greece will not support the Kosovar claim for independence on its own.

France, since its alliance with Serbia during World War I, traditionally maintains closer relations with Serbia than with Albania. On November 5, 1998, “a French army officer was suspected of passing NATO secrets to Belgrade.”The U.S. military also suspected France of pro-Serbian sympathies in the Balkan conflict.

Germany is undecided

The United Kingdom is receptive to the U.S. pro-independence policy. We all know that Great Britain is being given a hard time by other EU members regarding the rebate issue.
As a result the greed is bringing to surface the true biased nature of France and Greece.
EU instead of encouraging the implementation of the standards is blinded by the internal conflict and doing the opposite and sending the region back to the 1990s.

Lets have an overview of the standards that are being been imposed on Kosovars.

The eight categories are:
1. Functioning Democratic Institutions. This standard, among other things, requires that elections include internally displaced persons and refugees, that the PISG act without discrimination, and that the media provide information for all communities in Kosovo ….fulfilled (which you can not say about Serbia)
2. Rule of Law. This standard provides that there should be equal access to justice and effective prosecution of ethnic crimes and economic crimes, such as money laundering….Fulfilled
3. Freedom of Movement. This standard requires, among other things, the free use of language. … apart from North of Mitrovica which is being run by the Belgrade funded criminals in the rest of Kosova this category has also been fulfilled.
4. Sustainable Returns and the Rights of Communities and Their Members. This standard requires the protection of minority rights in compliance with European standards…. This has been delayed due to the Belgarde obstructions but is almost fulfilled.
5. Market Economy. This standard deals with privatization of socially owned enterprises and tax systems…. On its way
6. Property Rights. This standard requires adherence to the Housing and Property Directorate, and addresses issues in agricultural property and preservation of the cultural heritage…. On its way (by the way on this one Greece is way behind)
7. Political Dialogue. This standard requires constructive and continuing dialogue between Prishtina and Belgrade….. again delayed due to the actions of Belgrade officials
8. Development of the Kosovo Protection Corps. The Corps mandate is stated as “a civilian emergency organization, which carries out in Kosovo rapid disaster response tasks for….****** fulfield

Kosovars are working very hard indeed and will do so. However, encouragement and not obstructions by the CoE are more than welcome in regard to setting any more standards regarding the will of Kosovar people- the will to be free and independent.

Let me tell you something else international law does not exclude the possibility of independence for Kosovo. Therefore, due to the limited role that the EU assumed over the last five years will lead to a limited political involvement in the future i.e. to impose a final status for Kosova = unnecessary to analyze the EU position on the final status of Kosova because the EU does not have any power to impose a solution.

On the other hand, United States will play the decisive role in bringing the Kosovar and Serbian side together. Therefore, one should focus on U.S., rather than European, policy.

Furthermore, the final status of Kosovo will affect issues such as the viability and cohesion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (“NATO”); the credibility of the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The future avoidance and alleviation of humanitarian disasters (break out of another war in Europe) and the relations between Europe, the United States, and Russia.

This behavior of CoE my dear bloggers is nothing new to Albanians that have suffered injustices imposed on them by the old and fragile Europe. However, the Kosovars have learned their lessons and will not accept a solution imposed on them (nothing but independence) by the new and fragile Europe.

I am an optimist and hope that selfish, barbaric and ally of Serbs come to their senses sooner rather than later.

A very good evening to you all
PS Above bloggers no need to go on abouts wars

Anonymous said...

The Kosovan people are not that inoccent even. If any of u want to know what I am talking about go 2 Google and type KLA Cut head off and u will know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Although very barbaric... the victim is a Serb soldier. The Serbian solders have been massacring the civilian population... Here is the proof....

Anonymous said...

Ok, as far as I can tell someones exchanging money bags under some politicians table. Why does it seem like the west of europe is trying to control all of europe? Someone is keeping you people down. I would hold a massive demonstration in belgium and prove to them how serious you and your people are.


Chris Blaku said...

Faruk you said it all. To the 1st poster, you clearly have absolutely no inkling of understanding with regards to how politics works. If it were as simple as getting on the internet and reading, there would be no need for political experts, analysts, and newscasters.

The reality is no one recognizes the independence of Kosova except Albania, however, it is also a fact that every major power has failed to reject independence for Kosova, that includes Russia.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that this is a lot more simple than it seems. The CoE does not have any moral or political authority to decide what the final status of Kosovo will be. Further more they do not have the power to do so.
It's cheeky and cute to see the anti-Albanian posts here and how these peolpe got all excited about the prospect of independence being ruled out. Wake up my friends. his decision has already been made. The only position that really matters is that of Washington DC, and over there and Independent Kosovo is already the forecasted end result. The French, the EU, the UN all these countries and organizations were swept aside when the US carried out their desired foreign policy goals. I mean the US made NATO go to war in Kosovo against their will and without a UN resolution, which the French love so much. Then they went to Iraq, tomorow they will go to North Korea and so on.
In short, while everyone in slow moving Europe is still talking about "Standards before status" or "Standards with status" or whatever other fabricated mechanism designed to prolong the UN colonial occupation of Kosovo, Washington has already made a decision, there will be a Republic of Kosovo embasy there by the end of 2006.
Nothing else matters.

PS: There will be no need for war because we are backed by the strongest and most just power in the world, The United States of America.


Anonymous said...

After all, Western Europe gave Kosova to Serbia after the Ottoman Empire pulled out... What makes someone think that they are any better now?

God Bless The USA!

Anonymous said...

I think EU is a bunch of P...

Anonymous said...

This whole idea of a just Europe is being shoved down the drain, the Council of Europe, and all those that supported this declaration, have to be taken responsible for any future consequences.

Keep in mind it's this same Europe that is responsible for ~200,000 Bosniac deaths. Council of Europe what do you have to say about this? Or do we need to post the names of each one of you here and all over the EU telling the citizens of Belgium, Germany, UK, Estonia, and all others, that their elected governments are no different than the North Italia Leage or Le Pen...

Anonymous said...

i am swiss and i regularly read these blogs. our government has recently put its head a bit much out of the window, indicating that that independence might be one likely way ahead. roughly 200'000 albanians from kosovo and 80'000 serbs from scg incl. kosovo live in switzerland. relations with both kosovo and scg are quite well.

to find a solution in kosovo is obviously a very difficult challenge, mainly because there will be loosers and thus new victims, and winners.

the comments on this blog are almost all either-or. we know this from politics. it is a pity that this is being duplicated on this site for one renounces deliberately of the opportunity to work hard and find at least some middle ground. while somehow understandable and human, this behavior also signifies that one misses a chance. repeated non-constructive behavior also becomes dull and boring.

in 2020, serbs and albanians will still leave next to each other, probably even together within the eu. i for myself may hate my neighbor. but i know that my life is made much more comfortable if i find some way to get along with him. i have learnt that pointing at the other is not a constructive, sustainable way to address conflictual situations. i have also learnt that i have a responsibility in virtually every conflict. this applies to relationships at all levels: individual, family, community (neighbors, workd) and state. so the starting point for responsible human behavior is to identify what i (and those on my side) can contribute to transform and solve conflicts. we remain imprisoned if our perspectives and demands remain one directional towards the other only.

so whereas the hard questions to be solved in the short-term will likely further antagonise and confirm stereotypes about the other, the long-term questions will still have to be addressed too. the sooner one begins to do so, the better. and those long-term issues precisely turn around questions such as: how can we live next to eachother peacefully, how can we become again neighbours that respect eachother so that our societies and individuals mutually gain and develop? history teaches us a number of things: conflicts CAN BE TRANSFORMED (even when they seem to be un-transformable, as they regularly do). but conflicts can also willingly be SUSTAINED, to the detriment of entire populations, or at least signifcant portions of society. serb and albanian elites are not affected by this, too much. they have found their ways (and a COMMON interst) to get around this, and they have maximised their profits. at the detriment of large parts of THEIR populations.

Anonymous said...

Answer to:

"how can we live next to eachother peacefully, how can we become again neighbours that respect eachother so that our societies and individuals mutually gain and develop?"

From a Kosovar Albanian:
When I am assured that my children, friends, family will live in a peaceful country, in liberty to speak their language, be who they are, safe from tyranic Belgrade. I am not pointing fingers here, I speak from experience, Belgrade has proven they are unable to deal with things in a civilized manner. We can all live together (refering to the State of Serbia, not Serbs), when my country and people answer to themselves, when my country and people are allowed to grow and develop and are treated as equal (both Albanian and Serb, treated equal by Belgrade). And the above cannot be achieved if a foreign force, country, or government controlls another nation/country. Rule of Serbia over Kosova would be like rule of Germany (or France, Italy) over Switzerland.

The question is not whether we can live with Serbs, since the answer to that is "YES", particularly with Kosovar Serbs, who are Kosovar citizens. The question is, can Belgrade resist its thirst for power and can it move away from a destructive habit it has created? Unfortunately, as we can all see, they are doing little progress. We, Kosovars, are willing to help. We are willing to be the first ones to help them by Kosova becoming a country, thus making it clear to them that in order to be happy, they need to start at home. It would mark the first time in modern history that Serbia is independent, this will truly leave them on their own, time to clean up house.

I agree with your ideas, and I can assure you that Albanians as a culture grow up with more or less the same train of thought (Serbia has done same things in the past, and even then we chose to live with Serbs, so this is proof).

The problem lies in Belgrade, in the ideology and thirst for supremacy that is tought there. This is not a Kosovar problem but a European one.

Btw, what part of CH?