Monday, June 27, 2005


SARAJEVO, June 27 (FENA) – The weekend’s statement by Serbia and Montenegro Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic, suggesting a linkage between a settlement of the status of Kosovo and BiH are damaging, destabilizing and completely unacceptable, was announced by the OHR.

The Kosovo question is a matter solely for the international community and the Government of Serbia and Montenegro, and has no connection with Bosnia and Herzegovina, was announced.

"Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign state, a member of the United Nations whose borders are internationally recognised, and guaranteed by treaty and by law. These borders are not a matter for negotiation and Serbia and Montenegro, as a Dayton signatory has an obligation to uphold them. The days when Belgrade brings into question Bosnia and Herzegovina ’s borders are long gone and will never be allowed return", was announced.

These kinds of comments damage Serbia and Montenegro's ability to be regarded as a stable influence in the region and a country on its way to Europe, was anounced by the OHR.


Anonymous said...

Serves him right!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Draskovic should know that if he touches Bosnia's borders, once we grab our pencils an erasers, we will definitely mess with Western Macedonia, South Eastern Serbia and South Western Montenegro.


Yakima_Gulag said...

damn straight!