Monday, June 27, 2005

Kosovo Protesters Hurl Eggs At Serbia-Montenegro Minister

PRISTINA (AP)--Protesters in Kosovo hurled eggs at a convoy carrying Serbia- Montenegro's foreign minister on his first visit to the disputed province since the end of the war six years ago.

Around 100 protesters massed outside the U.N. headquarters as the foreign minister, Vuk Draskovic, met with the deputy head of the U.N. mission in Kosovo, Larry Rossin.

Some of the demonstrators threw eggs from the balconies of nearby buildings as Draskovic's convoy arrived. Police arrested about a dozen protesters. Two local reporters were also detained during a melee that followed the arrests.

"His visit is unacceptable, because...Serbia is unacceptable," said a statement from the Kosovo Action Network, a group that organized the protests. " The state union that (Draskovic) represents was an accomplice in crimes here," it said.

Kosovo has been administered by the U.N. since mid-1999 when a NATO air war halted Serb forces' crackdown on ethnic Albanians seeking independence.

An estimated 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed. After the end of the war, tens of thousands of Serbs fled the province in the face of attacks and threats from ethnic Albanian extremists.

Those Serbs remaining live mainly in isolated enclaves scattered around the province, and the two communities remain divided.

Talks to resolve Kosovo's status are expected later this year if Kosovo - legally a province of the Serbia-Montenegro union that replaced Yugoslavia - meets U.N.-set standards on democracy, human rights and rights of minorities.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority demands independence, while Serbs want the province to remain within their borders.

Draskovic's visit follows one by Serbia's prime minister, Vojislav Kostunica, who attended a Serb Orthodox Mass in western Kosovo in January. Serbian President Boris Tadic toured Serb communities in Kosovo in February.

Draskovic later traveled to the Serb enclave of Gracanica to observe Vidovdan, or St. Vitus Day, a Serb holiday marking the 616th anniversary of an epic battle against Ottoman Turks.

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Anonymous said...

It was me!!! I was one of them! I hurled eggs and kick the back door of his audi (hope i did some damage), and I am very proud of it! Lest the sob thinks he is wellcome in Kosovo. I dont care what veneer of respectability he covers himself in, (minister or whatever) his hands are covered in blood and whenever he comes to Kosovo - as long as I am here - he will allways get the same reception! I just wish people in Serbia would grow up and stop electing scum like that to represent them.

Anonymous said...

UMNIK should stop giving visas to Belgrade officials that have been involved in comitting crimes against during Kosova war. Draskovic is a war criminal and his visit only serves in destabilising the country, which he and the Belgrade officials aim for.

Anonymous said...

You are soooo stupid !!! The world looks at you !!! Even if you think the Serbs are bastards you will be forever and ever neighbours with them. Even if you will become independent !! You just took away another percentage to gain independence. I dont belive this stupidity. My God ! I go to bed now.....

MArtyr said...



Anonymous said...

This time The Dumbass is right, you shouldn't have kicked the door and hurled eggs at those son's of bitches; you should have bought yourself a 50mm rifle, set up nice and easy about 1 mile (that is 1.6 kilometers for you Europeans) from the where the son of the bitch got out of the car, and taken a nice shot straight in that bastard's forehead.

I know what you are thinking. . . "but that let's him off the hook for the crimes that he committed," and you are right but at least I'll never have to see that pig ever again.

Anonymous said...

Warcriminals get eggs in their face, this is how Albanians deal with it, we thrown eggs.

Wana know how Serbs deal with it? They start 4 wars, murder 300.000 ppl in all of them, and rape as if it's some orgy. That is Serbia, and eggs is Kosovars.

Who's more civilized?

Chris Blaku said...

No need to kill Kostunica in Prishtina... Serbia has a present for him and Tadic once they fail to retain the province of Kosova, and independence is actually realized. The radical elements within Serbia will rise once again and cause a civil war within the nation, which is doomed to implode over their intense nationalism and racism.

Strong changes are necessary in the education of the Serbian youth, perhaps heavy Europeanization or any other sort of civilization versus what they learn today.

And throwing eggs is really not a big deal, get over it.

Anonymous said...

Once again I will say, you people will always be dictated by the UN or other foriegn powers unless you grow up and forget about it.

P.S. I've also noticed that alot of people who bitch and cause problems were not even in Kosovo at the time of the war, they took advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

I like this form of protest. Burning buildings shoud definitely be banished from the Albanians' arsenal, otherwise we will be the same as the criminals. By throwing eggs and doing sit-in's where offical representatives of Belgrade pass is a very good way to do it from the border all the way Prishtina.
Good job guys. I'm proud of you. Please advertise it more so that us from other parts of Kosova can join you.

Anonymous said...

Egg throwing festivities are a peaceful and honest way of saying "we love you Draskovic but your ideology is not welcomed here".

Oh we certainly have forgoten but we keep getting reminded of everything by Belgrade warrethoric and visits like these.

To the poster who said forget: I hope you're Jewish, then how would it be if Rudolf Hess came to your city...but you're probably not Jewish :( sooo, maybe you're Chinese? Korean? African! ahh peace be with you bro..

Anonymous said...

Oh, all those stupid Albanians who think they are better than the Serbs! Why don't you buy a mirror and look at it?

Before the war, immediately after the war, march 2004: the Albanians did the same kind of things as the Serbs. And don't forget that march 2004 might have gone on for many more days if KFOR hadn't warned that they were giving the Serb army the perfect excuse to return.

Not that I blame THE Albanians - every people has good and bad characters among it. But it blocks sensible negotiations and that is a pity.

Do you remember that not so long ago Serbia didn't want to talk with the Kosovo government because Haradinaj was prime minister and he had a rather bloody past? Obviously the first poster think Serbia should have received Haradinaj with eggs.

Anonymous said...

No, Albanians didn't do the same things as Serbs...

There are no mass graves, mass rapes, mutilated children and we certainly did not occupy any Serb lands, thus it was NOT like Serbs.

Serbs assasinated their own PM, we threw eggs at their minister, again very unlike Serbs. If Haradinaj went to Serbia, he'd be killed, by the Government itself, while it's citizens would feast and probably come armed and ready to finish off incase the govt doesnt.

The bottom line is, we threw eggs! Expressed our dislike for a man who is guilty for a lot (from Croatia, Bosnia to Kosova) by throwing food at him. Yes, the only sin commited here is the fact that food was wasted. At least we didn't throw bread and wine at him, he doesn't deserve that much...

Anonymous said...

to annonymous 5.02 PM - so what if we will forever be neighbours??? So what if the world is watching??? Are you saying that we should disregard what Vuk Draskovic has done - his direct role in the bloodshed in the former YU? I dont have a problem with Serbs and being neighbourly - quite the contrary. However, if my neighbours are the very leaders who initiated, supported, and condoned murdering your neighbours, the least they will get is eggs, at best should have initiated proceedings against him in court - have his ass arrested as soon as he steps into Kosovo! Arent you condoning genocide in the name of neighbourly relations?!? Yeah piss off to bed you meally mouthed liberal asshole. Its people like you who stood by and watched hundreds of thousands of people get killed in the most horrific ways. If you had been out throwing eggs or worse at your government representatives perhaps we wouldnt be watching that Srebernica video!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully spoken :) I am sure the people of Bosnia and Srebrenica especially could make it clear to those who still believe in coexistence and living together when one side ruling over the other (Serbs over the rest). The level of ignorance and especialy lack of imagination about how loss at such scale feels is appaling.

Anonymous said...

Let's make clear the difference between serbs and albanians. When we mention crimes of serbs what we are talking about is genocide, committed by the state according to a policy prepared diabolically for decades. This can not be compared with an individual sporadic crime and everyone must be sure that history will never confuse this difference.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to let you know that the war crimes conducted by the Serb police, army and paramilitary units were state sponsored!. I repeat: state sponsored!

Serbs got paid, received medals and other honours for killing and looting.

Needless to say, that is not the case with Kosovars. There are Kosovars who did things that they should not have done, no one is denying that, however here you are missing the point. These Kosovars are facing justice today in front of international judges, and there are certainly no medals being handed out.


Martyr said...

Kill kostunica, no one cares, we'll get someone better, like Seselj.

HEY today is vidovdan. The day on Kosovo in 1389 when Serbs (and a small percentage of albanians) fought to their death on Kosovo Polje to defend christianity from the turks, a battle that was lost that would mean 500 years of pain and slavery for serbs and urghh...500 years of ass kissing by the 80% muslim albanian population

May I wish all of you peace :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a waste of eggs, frankly. But better you throw them than mortar Orthadox churches like some of your more radical compatriots. I guess many Kosovan Albanians feel that it's not worth their while to bite their tongues anymore, or think better of egging Draskovic's Audi, if there's a risk of getting sold down the river by your spineless international administrators.

Anonymous said...

KAN, Although Draskovic is a small fish, I applaud your resistance. Until the government that he represents apologizes for war crimes and attempted genocide, he and his colleagues must not be allowed to step on Kosovar land.

P.S. Martyr, still around? :) I knew you couldn't wait till the Idenpendence day like you promised. Get over the Battle of Kosova, it's just a myth. Half of the Serbs were fighting on the Ottoman side anyways, a major achievement for you guys since in the next three centuries your kings were busy marrying Sultans, your church was collecting taxes for the "despicable" Turks, and your kind was crying over the lost battle.

Martyr said...

Kosovo Battle a myth? . . . . . . .

pusi ga

Anonymous said...

Martyr, till earlier you claimed only Serbs fought in that battle, now also a small percentage of Albanians? Do you not believe in your own myth?

The Serb version is the myth. Be kind and respectful of the Greeks, Bulgars, Croats, Hungarians and Albanians instead of claiming the fallen souls as Serbs, you never know, they might reincarnate as more Hungarians, Albanians, Bulgars and Croats and decide to take a walk on the wild side of Serbia ;)

Chris Blaku said...

The battle took place but the Serbian account is mythological. The Albanians made up the majority of the fighters, and the Croats brought 10,000 soldiers.

Reason for the loss- Knez Lazar's cousin defected to the Ottoman side at a key point in the battle. After executing Lazar, Sultan Murat I is killed by Albanian Milesh Kopili.

If you claim the Serbians defended Christianity, how do you explain Serbia fighting on the side of the Ottomans under Lazar's son Stefan only 6 years later. As a matter of fact, the Battle of Nikopolis was a CRUSADE called upon by Pope Bonafice, which would mean it pitted Christianity against Islam. King Sigmondson of Hungary lead the Catholics, who included many Albanians, in 1395, and was defeated on the Danube by Sultan Beyazit I's forced, who were coupled with Stefan Lazarovic's Serbian forces (Knez Lazar's son). Moreover, Lazar's daughter, Olivera, married Beyazit (despite Beyazit's father having killed Olivera's father, Lazar). This was the beginning of strong cooperation between the Serbs and Ottomans that would last until the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Chris. Serbs are probably the only people on the world that trumpet their loss, which by the way is nothing special from another one fought in the next few years, as memorable. See, when French lost the Battle of Trafalgar, they didn't use it as an excuse to get Spain of Britain, and they certainly don't brag about it.
There is nothing special about the Battle of Kosova, there were fighters and traitors, there were Ablanians and Serbs just like in any battle at that time. But in the 19 century when Serb nation and expansionism was forming, Serb intelligentsia reached back in history and presented this battle as the "shit," reason d'etre of a small (soon to be big) Serbia.
Albanians haven't had big deeds but at least we value our tiny victories rather that melodramatic losses mythicized for the sake of realpolitik.

Chris Blaku said...

Albanians have had massive victories, including their defense of Albania and Kruja in particulary over 25 years of the Ottoman onslaught under Gjergj Kastrioti.

Anonymous said...

Nikolic on war crimes | 11:06 July 05 | B92

BELGRADE -- Tuesday – Serbian President Boris Tadic should not go to Srebrenica for the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the 2005 massacre of eight thousand Muslim men and boys, the deputy leader of the Serbian Radical Party said today.

“What’s Serbia got to do with the crime in Srebrenica?  In whose name is Tadic going?  IN the name of those who killed?  In whose name is he asking for forgiveness of sins?  He’s not the patriarch.  If he’s president of the state he should pay a little attention to the state,” said Nikolic, in an interview for Belgrade daily Blic.

He added that Tadic would be better to make a statement on the allegations made by Humanitarian Law Centre director Natasa Kandic.  Kandic recently accused Nikolic of being involved in crimes in the Croatian village of Antin.

Asked whether former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic should go to The Hague, Nikolic replied “if he’s an honourable man he should either remain at large of kill himself”.

The Radical leader also claimed that federal Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic is in danger of being indicted by The Hague.

“The Hague will hand over evidence against Draskovic and Belgrade will decide whether to raise and indictment and try him for war crimes,” he said.

Anonymous said...

`Why are Draskovic's hands covered with blood? Whom did he kill? For all these years he had been fighting against Milosevic. I would have understood Siptars if they treated like that somebody from the Milosevic's governmen, but I think that it is now more than obvious that Siptars do not want peace but war and that Siptars always fins lazy excuses to make war!And if you are so proud of it - why didn't you write your name too. Make your mother happy and proud :)