Tuesday, June 14, 2005

PM Kosumi meets Macedonian counterpart Buckovski (Dailies)

All dailies report on the visit of PM Bajram Kosumi to former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) where he met the Prime Minister as well as leaders of Albanian political parties there.

Zëri highlights that Kosumi said border demarcation should not be an issue to burden relation between Kosovo and FYROM, while Buckovski stated that if Kosovo had the right to determine demarcation, ‘the issue would have been concluded very fast’.

Kosumi assured Buckovski that the Kosovo Government respected territorial integrity and sovereignty of FYROM and that border demarcation was something that would be solved once final status of Kosovo was settled.

Both officials agreed to continue further talks on free trade agreement. ‘We agreed to raise this [FTA issue] on a political level. Talks are successfully being led and are close to an ending,’ said Kosumi, adding that next week Pristina would host a meeting of political experts to discuss the agreement on free trade.

Koha says Kosumi was received by Buckovski as if he were visiting privately because the venue of the meeting was not in the Government building, but in unofficial premises.


Anonymous said...

When kosova recognizes Macedonia as the Republic of Macedonia then relations between kosova and Macedonia will be much better.

Anonymous said...

I say we should recognize Macedonia since:

a) its just silly what Greece wants
b) Macedonians were closed to Illyrians then Greeks, although they were Helenicized later, and given that Alexander's mum was Epirot, the Albanians that live in Macedonia have more claim to that name than the Greeks.

Chris Blaku said...

What a silly argument. Reality is present day Macedonians, who are nothing more than Bulgarians, have absolutely no inkling of blood relation to ancient Macedonia.

The Macedonians are playing a dangerous game, altering history, and they should heed Serbia's example and stray far away from this.

In any case, given the next few decades Macedonia will cease to exist as a state, it's an experiment, and the country will be split among Bulgaria, Albania and Greece.

Anonymous said...

Co-sign to ^^^^. The worst thing about self-called Macedonians is that even their Bulgarian brethren refuse to recognise them as their own.

Anonymous said...

But Macedonia's history (the real one) isn't Greek, not fully at least. And this would also be unfair.

When speaking of Macedonia I don't even think about the slavic population, but rather the Albanian and Greek.

Anonymous said...

I believe Kosomi is following a great policy of non-confrontation with what potentially is our best neighbor. It's not a matter of love for each other but rathar mutual interests that bind us together. If we split up, wolves will attack.

Chris Blaku said...

Macedonia is not our best neighbor, but most likely our worst. Kosova's best neighbor would be Albania, without question, and next would probably be Croatia. Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia can be regarded as enemy states.

Greece maintains a policy of open-war with the Albanian state.

Anonymous said...

It's funny reading the above comments in regard to a situation i was in today!!
I had lunch with a few people that were attending the same meeting that i was. Among them there was a Bulgarian and a Greek. The Bulgarian individual who was aware of my nationality (Albanian from Kosova) asked me what i thought about Macedonia and the Macedonian identity. I was ready to give my honest opinion to his question! However, the Greek lady intervened and asked me where i was from!? So, I answered her. The next question from her directed to me was " Are you Serb or Croatian"? I looked at her and calmly replied " Almost 100% of Kosova is Albanian… I said to myself what sort of a question is that? Anyway, did not want to go any further and a make a scene regarding her blinded ignorance.
However, her questions immediately changed my attitude towards her and the whole conversation....!
So, i turned to the Bulgarian individual and calmly said to him " If the Macedonians want to be called Macedonians they have every right to it! I as an Albanian from Kosova fully support their claim to their national and cultural identity."
Although, i do not agree with the fact that they are a nation or that they have a cultural identity... There are only Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Roma in Macedonia etc

Funny!!! Me supporting the Macedonian case for their right that was never theirs.

ER, London

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