Monday, June 20, 2005

CoE wants to support Pristina-Belgrade dialogue

Koha Ditore reports on the second page that on Tuesday, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is expected to discuss a report on Kosovo in Strasbourg and will ask for a role in the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, and offer expertise on legal and constitutional issues in Kosovo.

The report, drafted by the Political Affairs Commission, will be discussed and possibly approved on Tuesday. It says that dialogue and status are urgent issues that need to be addressed. ‘More effective protection of minorities and of human rights, decentralization, corruption and organized crime as well as interethnic dialogue should be addressed through a long-term strategy that reaches beyond issue of status,’ the report reads.

The report also notes that the plan of some European states to forcefully repatriate Kosovo asylum seekers could have an impact on the fragile socio-economic situation there and on the non-sustainability of the security aspect.

The paper writes that the SRSG has not yet confirmed his participation in the meeting. Spokesman Neeraj Singh said participation of the SRSG in a meeting in Strasbourg was not on his agenda.

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