Tuesday, June 28, 2005

CIA director visits Albania secretly: reports

TIRANA, June 27 (Xinhuanet) -- The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Porter J. Goss had a secret visit to Albania on Friday, attending the conference of the southeastern European countries' intelligence services directors, local media reported Monday.

During his several-hours visiting in Tirana, Goss attended the opening of the conference and had meetings with the Albanian PrimeMinister Fatos Nano and the officials of the Albanian intelligenceservice. The CIA then left for Bosnia.

The official information about Goss's visiting to Albania had not been made public untill Monday.

In the meeting with Nano, Goss appreciated the splendid relations existing between the governments and intelligence services of Albania and the United States, the reports said.

The two were optimistic on future bilateral cooperation, the report said.

According to the local media's reports, the conference, which was held in Tirana from Friday to Sunday, was focused on the regional cooperation in fight against organized crimes and terrorism. Enditem


Anonymous said...

I guess this is one of the best kept secrets.

Anonymous said...

I don't like this...why visit now?

Chris Blaku said...

You can bet your bottom dollar it has something to do with Kosova.

Anonymous said...

His visit is a very welcome one. By visiting Albania he is showing the US support that Albania enjoys due to their joint hard work in the fight against terrorism (be it Serbian or whatever).

dave said...

you don't think it has anything to do with the election on sunday? the fact that he visited nanos and that most albanians look at the US (and certainly the CIA) as a credible big brother would certainly help nanos in his campaign. the US and i would assume most of europe would much rather see nanos than berisha win on sunday.
if they wanted goss's visit to remain secret it would not have been difficult to do.
i say it's a political endorsement.
* (and most likely with some sort of favor expected in return).

Dave said...

He went to tell Albania that they need to stop funding the KLA and endorsing Osama Bin Laden.

Chris Blaku said...

Albania has shown more anti-terrorist support than any Muslim country in the world, surpassed only possibly by Kuwait.

It is necessary to report that the Albanian government has gone to extraordinary steps to go after Saudi subject Yasin Al-Kadi, who is a principal with the "Blessed Relief Organization" or Muwaqaf. This group is designated as an Al-Quada financeer by the U.S. Government, who has frozen its assets, as well as the assets of Mr. Al-Kadi. The European Union regards him as a terrorist. Al-Kadi is also being sued in Chicago by American Jewish families of victims killed in Israel by Hamas, as he is strongly alleged to be a Hamas financeer.

According to esteemed author and journalist Steven Schwartz, author of The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa-ud from Tradition to Terror:

However, not every governmental institution is so lacking in will. While the United States and European Union guarantee al-Kadi due process--and the Saudi kingdom looks the other way--the small and impoverished Balkan nation of Albania, a Muslim-majority country in which al-Kadi has held extensive assets, is pursuing a consistent and effective campaign against him.

In the latest development, Albanian authorities shut down a construction project owned by al-Kadi, comprising 22 apartments in the capital city of Tirana in December. Al-Kadi had established eight separate companies in Albania, under five different names, as well as 36 bank accounts. Another of his assets, a massive complex known as the "Albanian Twin Towers," was seized while being completed--directly across from the main Albanian government offices.

Meanwhile, Albanian government representatives say they are continuing the search for other hidden al-Kadi properties in their country.

And in another small, Balkan country with few resources but plenty of incentive to crack down on terrorists, Bosnian officials in September 2004 announced that al-Kadi's involvement in two Bosnian banks, Depozitna Banka and Vakufska Banka, remained blocked.

The lesson? Mighty and rich Saudi Arabia, with blood on the streets of its cities, pleads helplessness in dealing with the terrorists it has spawned. Poor, obscure Albania acts with precision and dedication to shut down activity by the same terrorists. Thus, we learn who our real friends are, among Muslim countries.

Oh, and Albania, which has a small military establishment, has also committed 71 troops as peacekeepers in Iraq. Sometimes the smallest gestures speak more loudly than the most exaggerated rhetoric--especially when the latter originates in Riyadh, capital of the Saudi kingdom.

The extensive cooperation and Pro Western ideas of today's Albanians yields the obvious truth to any who are keen to find it- Albanians are a modern, progressive people that have embraced democracy and freedom.

By the way, on Arab-Serb links- Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic were buddy buddy... I can get further into it if you require I humiliate your nation further.

Anonymous said...

Where is the proof? Slobo and Sadam had a contract to build a bunker, along with the Germans, French and Russians. IS that Buddy - Buddy?

Again, where is your proof?

That is certainly not al_quida type connection.

Chris Blaku said...

Saddam Hussein's Iraq belonged to the Axis of Evil. For more information on Saddam Hussein's contacts and friendship with Slobodan Milosevic (they traded antique guns together), please click the following link to read an article written by esteemed writer Steven Schwartz, an expert on both the Balkans and the Middle East:



According to Schwartz:
Post-Milosevic Yugoslavia has been caught shipping military equipment to Iraq in violation of international sanctions against Saddam Hussein. For some of us, the arrangement between Belgrade and Baghdad is old news. But it has its shocking aspect: this alliance between two forms of fascism was partly set up by a Communist remnant, the Yugoslav United Left (JUL), headed by Mira Markovic, Milosevic's wife. JUL has a representative, Borisa Vukovic, working in Baghdad as an adviser to Saddam's oldest son, Odai. However, the wheels were further greased - by blood, one might say - thanks to the JUL's fascist allies in the Serbian Radical Party (SRS). SRS members frequently travel to Iraq, just as Ramsey Clark and the puppets of the so-called International ANSWER have done.