Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Eide arrives in Kosovo, Standards comprehensive review starts (Dailies)

All dailies report on the front page on the arrival of UN Special Envoy for the assessment of Standards implementation in Kosovo.

‘Eide’s mission, beyond the standards’ is the headline of Koha Ditore. The paper reports that his duty will be wider than just assessing the Standards implementation and quotes Kai Eide as saying that the situation on the ground is the key element in his assessment.

‘I will not only look at the documents, but I will also see the real situation on the ground’, is another quote dailies pick up.

Lajm writes that, according to PISG spokesperson, Daut Dauti, the Kosovo Government welcomes Ambassador Eide and believes his report will be objective.

According to Lajm, Oliver Ivanovic, a Kosovo Serb official, told the BBC that his community has a good opinion about Eide. ‘He is the first representative from the international community deal seriously with the concerns of the Serb community and to include these concerns in his official report. Therefore, we are grateful’.

Lajm also carries an editorial by Qani Mehmedi who says that Eide’s mission will be the biggest challenge in his professional career.

Dailies report that Eide met with SRSG Jessen-Petersen and KFOR Commander Yves de Kermabon, and that he is scheduled to meet local leaders today.

Zëri writes that on Wednesday, Kai Eide is going to participate in Contact Group Plus meetings chaired the US Office in Pristina.

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