Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Milosevic posters appear in divided Kosovo town

Text of report by Serbia-Montenegrin radio Kontakt Plus on 28 June

[Announcer] A rally entitled "The truth about Kosovo-Metohija" is in progress in Sumadija Square [in northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica] attended by several hundred people. [Serbian Orthodox Church] Bishop of Milesevo Filaret, an academician and a member of the Bulgarian Academy [of Arts and Sciences], Velko Valkanov, a Greek member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, journalist and publisher Ljiljana Bulatovic, journalist and publisher Milovan Drecun, writer Momir Lazic, Kosta Bulatovic, Mitar Balevic, lawyer Dragoljub Tomasevic, Prof Kosta Galjak and others will hold speeches.

Along with posters calling on citizens to attend this, as they put it, people's rally entitled "The truth about Kosovo-Metohija", posters featuring pictures of the former Yugoslav and Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, also appeared in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica. Mirjana Milutinovic has a report.

[Reporter] UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] spokesman Gyoergy Kakuk told Kontakt Plus radio that the posters had been put up by a group of people based in Belgrade, adding that they had very limited support from the Kosovo Serbs.

[Kakuk, in English, superimposed by voice of interpreter] We understand that the posters were put up by a group based in Belgrade, the posters with Milosevic's face, and it seems that they have very limited support in [Kosovska] Mitrovica, not to mention among Kosovo Serbs in general. You should just remember the manner in which Milosevic used to exploit Kosovo Serbs for his own political purposes, and you should just remember what terrible consequences all this had for all Kosovo citizens. There is no law against putting up such posters, but it seems that the majority of Kosovo citizens are indifferent towards this, and they look upon it with scorn. I repeat that Kosovo Serbs, who suffered at the hands of this terrible person together with others, did not do this, UNMIK spokesman Gyoergy Kakuk said.

Prompted by the rally held today in Kosovska Mitrovica, entitled "The truth about Kosovo-Metohija", Gyoergy Kakuk said that the police had approved the rally as a way of celebrating St Vitus Day, not as a rally supporting any particular person, including Milosevic.

[Kakuk] We and the KPS [Kosovo Police Service] remain vigilant to uphold the people's democratic right of assembly and freedom of speech, and we will see to it that this is not abused, and that rallies proceed in a peaceful and democratic manner. So, we are making sure that there is no hate speech and incitement of ethnic hatred, the UNMIK spokesman said.

Source: Kontakt Plus, Kosovska Mitrovica, in Serbian 1400 gmt 28 Jun 05


Anonymous said...

Kakuk is right. They prefer Vojislav Seselj!

Chris Blaku said...

I'm not surprised that UNMIK is making excuses for the Serbs. Same racist Europeans that raised Hitler and his Nazis.

Anonymous said...

And we're supposed to live together? Clearly Milosevic is still a God among Serbs, and Europe must realize this and help them, YES help THEM, come to peace with themselves.

PhantomIV said...

Give it a break Chris...you mean those same Europeans that sacrificed their lives in WW2 so you can have the freedom to spout your tiresome bullshit.

Clearly the best part of you ran down your mother's leg.

Anonymous said...


Didn't Albanians collaborate with the Nazi’s during WWII? And what’s up with all UCK war Criminal/ Hero Shrines popping up around Kosovo?

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

Living together means compromise and respecting peoples right to freedom of expression. As a black American I get upset when I see a Klu Klux Klan rally, but hey those guys have a right to believe what they want to believe. The difference between you and I Chris is that I don't claim the ignorance of others is keeping me down.

Chris Blaku said...

Europeans sacrificed their lives in World War 2? You mean when Poland welcomed the Nazis? Or when France had the parade for them?

REALITY CHECK- AMERICA SAVED EUROPE. Americans are the reason Europe does not speak German today- As any historian will tell you that if it were up to Europe, the Queen of England would have been Hitler's hostess.

Albanians collobrating with Nazi's is a widely spread Serbian idea that is false in every sense of the word. As any modern historian worth his PhD will tell you, Albania is the only nation in Europe to have removed the Nazi occupiers without outside help. Moreover, Albania is the only nation which hid and disguised its Jewish population, and even the only European country with a larger Jewish population after WW2 than prior to it. In addition, Belgrade was declared the first Jew free city in the World, and the Serbians rolled over like dogs when the Nazi tanks came in.

Albania was attacked by 400 war planes from Italy, and defended by a sole gunman. Upon the Italians inability to contain constant Albanian rebellions, the Nazis rolled in and provided constant relief and help to the Albanian people against the forceful Serbian occupiers in an effort to recruit support. The Nazis used the tactic of attracting flies with honey, rather than vinegar. The plan blew up in their face, with the Albanian partisans providing the fiercest resistance to the Germans, and liberating cities as far north as present day Bosnia.

Also, the Yugoslavs allied with the Albanians under the agreement that Kosova and its people would have the right to self determination in the Agreement of Bojan between Hoxha and Tito, which Yugoslavia reneged on.

The KLA have not been formally accused of war crimes by anyone other than the Serbian government. They are not on a list of Terrorist Groups, neither are their members. However this cannot be said of the Serbians and their state sponsored groups, dozens of members lie on America's list of Terrorists.

The ignorance of others has kept Albanians down for thousands of years, particularly the last century. Do yourself a favor and read more on the topic- you'll be startled to learn that the level of arrogance you portray is common in the world.

It is different to see a Klu Klux Klan rally, than to actually be affected by it. A more proper comparison would be the Klu Klux Klan in the 1880's and forward, when they were declared a terrorist organization (and subsequently on the same day, the National Rifle Association was created, go figure). Now you tell me, did the Klu Klux Klan of the 1880's have an adverse effect on the lives of African Americans?

Chris Blaku said...

Moreover, the fabled SS Skenderbeg division of Kosova was exaggerated by Serbs, as it numbered only in the hundreds- mostly of Albanians forced to fight at gunpoint. This group was eliminated by the Albanian partisans under Enver Hoxha.

Chris Blaku said...

By the way- the personal attack was childish and is very indicative of your inability to debate due to lack of factual evidence to support your bs conclusions.

Bvasolli said...

I wonder how Georgy knows who put those posters? Did he or anyone from UNMIK ask for some Identification cards when they were placing those posters? Did Georgy or anyone else in UNMIK do a survey of what K_Serbs think about Milosevic? I don't think so I would recommend georgy to report only about facts and not to get emotional. I Agree with Chris, read some more on the topic.

Anonymous said...

Zotri Blaku ma bre se i myte krejt e gjynah :)

Anonymous said...

What the f*** is that stupid language ??

Anonymous said...

Above blogger,

Your comment above, not your ignorance, tells a lot about your character. The language you are refering to is Albanian (Illyrian).

Just for your information Albanian language is the only Indo European language that has preserved the archaic structure of proto Aryan language. Albanian adjectives and ordinals come after the stressed nouns unlike any other European tongue.

The law formulated in 1892 by J. Wackernagel, according to which unstressed parts of the sentence tend to occupy a position after the first stressed word normally situated at the beginning of a sentence makes Albanian the oldest living Indo European language.

Hope you appreciate the above information.


Chris Blaku said...


Faruk, interesting post between a Serb and I on the Illyrian-Albanian lineage, as well as old Serbian population figures that you may find interesting-


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Your input is very much appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

Albanians cooperated with Hitler to the extent that they had their own SS division.

Chris - your revisionist history anecdotes are hilarious. I really like the one about the "lone gunman defending Albania against 400 Nazi bombers."

Gjergj Cuko said...

Chris, I am an Albanian and live in Boston. Though I believe we both love our country, I think your revisionist history and general racism towards all things Serbian detracts from the Albanian cause. People like you hold our country down. Your time would be much better spent promoting understanding instead of inciting hate, and bringing down barriers instead of putting them up.

Anonymous said...

SS devison which was procecutd by the Albanians themselfs!!!
As far as trhe Serbian role during WWII and their collaboration with the Nazis go... you might find the info below useful!!!!

The Serbian propaganda machine attempted to promote the idea that Serbs, along with the Jews, were the victims of the Nazis. However, we very well know what happened in reality. In fact, Jewish people know very well what happened during WWII!!! To better understand my meaning I suggest you read

Serbia's Secret War: Propaganda and the Deceit of History by
Philip J. Cohen, David Riesman.

This book written by Cohen (himself an American Jew) sheds some much needed light on the Serb fascist puppet state during WWII, and the atrocities that took place there. Ethnic Serbs took active part in the prosecution and genocide of Jews, resulting in Serbia being one of the first states in Europe to be declared 'Judenfrei'. There were never much resistance to the German forces stationed in Serbia Proper during WWII. The Zbor and Chetniks [Serb fascist forces] who were actively killing Muslims and Albanians [and collaborating in the prosecution and killing of Jews] were the most active military units in this area - not the German Wehrmacht.

What this meticolously documented book shows, is the art of the Serb propaganda after WWII trying to demonise especially Croats as a genocidal fascist nation and the Serbs as being all Partisans and most importantly victims on the same level as the Jews being killed during WWII. If you tell a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth. By repeating the same lies over and over again, the Serb propaganda machinery has effectively created a myth that says all Serbs were victims during WWII. This is far from the truth, as many actively collaborated with the Nazis, and many more took a part in the killing of Jews, Albanians, Bosnians and Croats. This book illuminates an ugly part of Serbian history not widely known outside the former Yugoslavia. Much of the material is sourced from archives primarily in Belgrade, which should speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

Perderisa Serbet, vetevetiu, e fajsojn poppullin shqiptare per krimet qe ata kan kryer ndaj tyre e vetemja menyre eshte qe te tregosh te verteten ashtu si kurre me pare. Apo ndoshta kjo e fundit te vret ty, sepse kemi ne shume shqiptare qe edhe ne kohet me te veshtira te popullit tone kane punuar shume kunder tije. Prandaj, te lutem, nese ke diqka me interese te postosh do ishte mire por jo edhe te mohosh komentet ne ate mynyre si e beni ju. Ndoshta ju jeni shume liberal, por jo edhe aq sa te tjeret te i mbyllin syt.
Pa keqkuptim

Chris Blaku said...

Gjergj- I understand and appreciate your approach. However, you must acknowledge that Balkan politics is not, and was never about, the kinds of ideas you recommend we put into action.

I would like to know how Albanian history can possibly be bad for us? It does not breed racism, it is simply the history of a people that were often conquered and provided much rebellion to all conquering parties. Naturally, a history such as this would display nationalistic ideology and more importantly, display considerable animosity towards its chief occupiers, the Turks and Slavs.

I have no problem promoting general understanding, and I would even prefer we co-exist with Serbia in peace. However, reality is not so peachy as a general recollection of past events will show you. In 1999, over a million Albanians were driven from their homes and 10,000 civilians were killed by Serb paramilitary, Serb regular army forces as well as their own Serb neighbors. These were people that lived in peace with the Albanians until the call to kill was given.

You must realize why the extent of anti-Albanianism is so rampant in Kosova versus the toned down opinions in Serbia proper. The mass scale colonization of Kosova in the early 20th century was done precisely to induce nationalist chetniks to move into Kosova. As a matter of fact, any member of a Chetnik group that fought against the Kacaks (Albanian rebels) was automatically entitled to 10 hectars (1 hectar = 2.7 acres) in Kosova, at the expense of expelled Albanians. Therefore, we can simply conclude that due to nationalist movement into Kosova from Serbia proper and other regions, the animosity towards the Albanian population was stronger than with the already established Serb population, who considered revolting against the incoming Serbs with the Albanians.

But do not conclude my history and my speech to be racist, its only realistic and accurately portrays the realities on the ground.

Gjergj Cuko said...

Chris: I am familiar with a lot of the historical anecdotes you bring up, and I know about many other terrible things Serbs have done in the far and recent past. I love Albania, but there are also parts of Albanian history that I am not very proud about.

The bottom line is that to move on and better the value of living in Albania, I think that integrating ourselves into Europe is crucial. And if it means working with our neighbors, be it Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece, I say we should proceed.

I have been to Serbia and have a few Serbian friends. Most of them are good people. They are not evil Nazis that many people on this site portray them to be. Their country, in many ways is like ours, and I find that hating them will not help anything. Hating them will just give them reason to hate us. And that won't lead us anywhere.

Chris Blaku said...

The SS Skenderbeg was a division that was decided by the German authorities to be ineffective and militarily useless due to an unwillingness by the Kosovar Albanian population to join it. At best, the group numbered 3,500 members, according to Serbian historians, we can conclude that number is inflated. Moreover, as proven by revered Balkan historian Noel Malcolm, any support of German or Italians by the Kosovar Albanians equated not with their facist ideologies or anti sematic beliefs, but rather with the old adage "any enemy of my enemy is my friend." Even with this said, the population of Kosova resisted serving under the Germans, despite numerous promises made of reunification with Albania.

Mr. Cuko- I agree with all you are saying, and I would certainly love to pursue an active relationship with our neighbors to the north, east and south. However, what is due to us must not be forgiven simply in the name of reconciliation. Moreover, I believe the Albanians are more than ready for a friendly relationship with their neighbors, however our historically devious neighbors have not moved past nationalism and racist ideologies for this to happen. The true historical facts must be brought to light, and the population of Serbia, Macedonia and Greece re-educated so as to resist the nationalist urges which their government has instilled within them.

They have the idea of hate already instilled within them Gjergj, and for the time being we must do our best to work around it. However, until they have moved past their hateful traditions, we can only do so much to work with them. But do not understate Serbian nationalism though, we must never forget what was done to us.

I would like to know however, what parts of Albanian history are you not proud of? I would say Ahmet Zogu's suppression of the Kosovar patriots would be among the most disastrous instances in Albanian history, what's your take?

Anonymous said...

And the 500 US airmen that were saved by the "Facist" Chetniks in the Halyard Mission was all a lie?

As was the Legion of Merit for Gen. Mahailovic?

Believe what you want , Chetniks of WWII were certainly not facists nor did they colaborate with the Nazis.

Please check your sources. You have been blinded with lies.



Anonymous said...

Gjergj Cuko,

Politics isn't your game. Let the big dogs do the talking.

No hard feelings.