Thursday, June 30, 2005

Condoleeza Rice and Kofi Annan discuss situation in Kosovo

Zëri reports on the front page that Condoleeza Rice paid the first visit in the capacity of US Secretary of State to the United Nations headquarters in New York. Rice said that Security Council reforms should not set aside other necessary reforms. A press release issued by the UN noted that Secretary General Annan and Rice discussed the situation in Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon, Uzbekistan and Sudan.

Zëri publisher Blerim Shala writes that the frequent high-ranking meetings that discuss the situation in Kosovo prove that ‘we are already only one step away from the most important period in the new history of Kosovo’.

Shala however notes that while the high-ranking international structures are preoccupied with status developments, there are still no conditions in Kosovo where the main politicians could intensively engage in preparations for status talks.

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