Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Council conclusions on Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo and regional cooperation - European Council adopts conclusions on Kosovo

Luxembourg, 14/06/2005 (Agence Europe) - Monday's “External Relations” Council welcomed the “considerable progress” made by Bosnia-Herzegovina in the implementation of the 16 priorities the European Commission identified in its feasibility study for opening negotiations for a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA). In the conclusions, foreign affairs ministers encouraged the government to maintain its efforts, “including the aim of full cooperation without restrictions with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia”. Before negotiations on an SAA are envisaged, Bosnia-Herzegovina has to “without delay pursue and carry out pending reforms”, notably those on reforming the police and public radio, ministers underlined.

Republika Srpska, which prevented the finalisation of conclusions for an overall agreement on restructuring of the police in accordance with the principles defined by the EU, has been the subject of sharp criticism: its authorities are being called on to urgently take necessary measures, without which negotiations of a SAA will not be possible. The Council also noted with satisfaction the satisfactory functioning of the ALTHEA operation and stated that a EUROFOR presence would be necessary at the end of the year. Ministers have therefore been called on, by the appropriate Council bodies, to prepare the measures necessary in this regard.

The Council also approved the conclusions on Serbia and Montenegro, as well as on Kosovo. It welcomed the report elaborated and presented to ministers by Javier Solana and Commissioner Olli Rehn on the role and the future EU contribution to Kosovo. Solana and Rehn are in charge of pursuing their work and reporting to the Council in due course. Addressing the press at the end of the Council, acting president of the Council, Jean Asselborn, underlined that the EU welcomed the UN decision to undergo an overall examination of standards implementation in Kosovo and the appointment of Ambassador Kai Eide to undertake this task. Asselborn pointed out that “discussions on the future status of Kosovo, “undoubtedly in the autumn, will depend on the positive outcome of this examination. He also explained that the European Union fully supported this process and was prepared to assume increased responsibility in Kosovo. Asselborn indicated that, “whatever Kosovo's future status is, it will have the same European prospects as the rest of the region”. He also added that the European Council would be adopting a declaration on Kosovo this week, “which remains one of the EU's priorities”.

The Council adopted conclusion regional cooperation in the Balkans and indicated the importance it attached to this question. The conclusions explained that, “regional cooperation constituted one of the main elements of the stabilisation and association process”. In this regard, ministers welcomed the results from the summit on 11 May 2005 in Bucharest as part of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP).


Anonymous said...

well, nothing new really, in fact, the eu stance towards the serbs is very week and rather pathetic, without concrete decisions such as scrapping of entities in bosnia and making kosovo independent there will never be peace in the balkans.

Paul-Palok Camaj said...

In its history USA alwayes had protected the right to self determination. It is now protecting the rights of historically suppressed Kurds in Irak and Shiti majority that was ruled by Suni minority.USA is not a big country only because it has most powerful army in the world. It is rewspected because it has most democratic foreign policy in he world. I hope that this principles will be applied in the solution of problems in Balkans.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, finaly Serbia has a chance to "become Europe" something they have been longing for since days of old, yet they keep puting this chance down. Wake up for heaven's sake.

Europe needs to be strong with Serbia to help it. By letting them have their way everytime, Serbia will never be what the rest of Europe is.

Remember that those ruling in R.Srpska, don't care about Europe, but rather about some backward ideology that will block Europe in this region.

Chris Blaku said...

To the above poster, I couldn't agree more. However, it's also important to note the barbarity with which the Serbian people think and operate. Their facade of a progressive, civilized nation is a joke, they haven't changed since the days of the Ottomans. They are 200 years behind every other nation, and the only reason they are even somewhat economically viable (compared to Kosova or Albania) is because of the exploitation of Kosova's minerals.

Also noteworthy, Europe shines when it comes to progression as compared to Serbia, however lags behind the United States. Europe would have you think they are without bias and their opinions are with merit, however, their views have always been driven by Russian pressure, and 2005 is no exception. Aside from Great Britain, Switzerland and Austria, the European decision makers have carved our borders to the liking of their supportive Balkan allies in years past, and will continue to do so.

The United States stands alone in defending what is right, the right to live free and independent. As mentioned in a previous post, the United States Declaration of Independence states that if a government does not respect its people, it loses the right to govern them.

Anonymous said...

I agree on all comments about Serbia especially the one that they are 200 years behind. In fact they are probably even more than 200 years behind everyone else.

I just wanted to make the point about Kosovo Minerals; I imagine that the above comment had the gold mine in Mitrovica in mind. Well I read somewhere that the mine has really been exhausted since Austro-Hungarian rule and that there is nothing there of any real significance left, so the idea that Kosovo has minerals is I am afraid probably incorrect.

Chris Blaku said...

That's an incorrect assessment of Kosovar mineral capability, willingly encouraged by Serbians, who are anxious to prove their governance of Kosova in the 20th century was an act of goodwill, rather than an exploitation.

The truth of the matter of, aside from even the gold in the region, Kosova has been a strategically important province since the days of the Nemandji's of early Serbia. They may have indeed drained the resources, but I would find it far-fetched to believe tiny Serbia was able to exhaust virtually all resourced within the province. They wouldn't be fighting so hard for it if that were the case.

Anonymous said...

I have three numbers and one letter for you, 238U. That my friend is present in Kosova (not officialy assesed) aparently in quite useful amounts. And you know what U stands for ;)

I agree with Chris, the last time mineral resources were assesed in Kosova was back in the days when commies ruled, we have many cases today where by using newer techniques (ones developed in the last 20 years) the mineral quantities appeared to be higher, and this will most probably be the case with Kosova, since even if you just dig a water hole you will dig out coal.

Anonymous said...

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