Saturday, June 18, 2005

Rugova: UNMIK to be replaced with independence not with EUMIK

Several dailies report that President Ibrahim Rugova has objected to reports that the United Nations Mission in Kosovo could be replaced with a European Union mission– EUMIK. Rugova is quoted as saying that this shouldn’t happen.

‘There is talk about replacing UNMIK with EUMIK, but we support the idea of replacing UNMIK with independence, because only in this way can Kosovo move toward development and integration,’ Rugova said. The president made these remarks during a conference ‘Kosovo at the Crossroads’ that was held under the auspices of USAID and the Kosovo Business Alliance.


Chris Blaku said...

Yeah, and after EUMIK drains the little aid we have left for their corrupt officers... Then we can be governed by other corrupt five letter acronyms, we sure are making progress!

UNMIK has done absolutely othing in Kosova other than bring Indians and Africans to do clerical work for six figure salaries, when bilingual Kosovars (that speak better English and know the population better) can do the same work for a tenth of the cost. Why have no journalists documented that the UN has 3 employees working the front gate at their headquarters that do nothing all day, but still receive six figure salaries at the expense of the poorest people in Europe?

Where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Blaku,

Email your concerns regarding UN to Mr. Bolton and Bush. :)

Chris Blaku said...

I'm preaching to the chior if I do, they know very well how corrupt and backwards the UN operates.

Anonymous said...

No doubt UNMIK has had its huge share of problems but if anyone thinks that Rugova can do better, I have one thing to say "WHAT THE F*(&* are you thinking!?"

Here is a guy who hires his son, a young 20 something man with no previous work experience not to mention political experience," to run his staff; a guy whose party representatives have amassed vast fortunes on the backs of the common folks of Kosova; a guy who unless forced not to run for office will continue to do so for the rest of his life. . . and so on and so on.

He must of never hurd of George Washington who retired after two terms in office becuase he believed that he should serve the people not the other way around.

I'd rather send my money to Kofi Annan's son rather then give to this greedy, pathic excuse of a human being.

And I am being nice here.

Chris Blaku said...

Right... Let's not turn this into a LDK/PDK thing, you fail to realize, blogger, that Rugova is no different from any other politician: He's greedy.

However, on that same note, I'd rather have Albanian politicians stealing our money than UNMIK officials from India.

Anonymous said...

Chris. Must say that you seem very stupid or not very bright at least. It´s a very known "science" totalk bad about those who have helpde you. I agree that all UNMIK personell are not very bright and have, compared with their salaries home, to much money paid. Nevertheless, you should be ashamed. UNMIK, i.e, every country in the world have spent billions of dollars and euro in Kosovo. Every chair in offices, every police car, every building, every salary to locally employed personell etc, etc, is paid by UNMIK. Without UNMIK, you would be cleaning army boots today. And now, when they have helped you, you want them to leave and you dont like them ?? UNMIK (the whole world) knows this and they know what kind of lying, false people you are. And you want independence? Sure brother.... If you get independence, you will be begging for money, money, money like always. What will you live of? Beer from Peja? Burned CD´s from Djakova? And who will you sell it to ? Yourself ? No no no....I know you brother. Women, drugs and money laundering....thats your thing. I know officers in Kfor, Unmik personell, diplomats, politicians in US, EU etc.....and they know this. And sometimes one hear "our heroes are UCK". I say: Lord have mercy on those premature people! My God. Without Kfor and Unmik, all of them would be dead, and you know it. Tell me one thing Chris, honestly. Why does almost every country in Europe and the US have bad experience about Albanians. Is it false rumours or is it rumours planted by the Serbian intelligence ?
E.L London

Albanian City said...

E. L. Chetnik Shkau!

You are in the wrong blogger!

Kosova is your past!

We know what we going to do. Kosova will be even officially recognized as a independence country very soon!

Anonymous said...

TMK, KPS, oh yeah Rugova. Now that is the making of an independent country...Chris I've been working in Kosovo for 3 years for U.S. KFOR I know the millions of dollars spent be my country just to keep you folks from killing each other off. I know first hand the corruption that seems to be part of the culture.I know the locals that work for KFOR that are stealing American KFOR blind. You are are not any differnt than any other ungrateful Kosovar that I have met since I been here. That goes for SERBS and ALB

Anonymous said...

I am an Albanian from Kosova. I think you guys are getting a bit heated about some things that are part of every society. Lets be honest Kosova now is entering a transition phase (both economical and political), which should have happened immediately after the war. In the above Chris is quiet right in partially blaming the UN administration in Kosova. In saying that I would like to add that not everybody is perfect and we can not summon up and label them as selfish/corrupt and incompetent. This is due to the fact that there are a number of honest hard working internationals working for a better future of Kosova.

The Kosovar institutions also have greatly increased their work efficiency after they were given the green light for working and contributing towards a stabilised Kosova by inviting them to be involved in the decision making processes. However, this was somewhat delayed and only happened after the March riots in which 19 people were killed (most of them Albanians). As a result you have many Kosovars from both sides blaming the UN.
In my opinion the Kosova’s institutions should be in charge of running the country. In some way this will greatly bring to light corruption and all the inefficiencies that today exist in Kosova (the sooner the better, so that we dont have to deal with later one). I am saying this based on the fact that today we have a very good government and a good opposition. If a politician or a leader is corrupt he/she will be on the spotlight (it will be much easier believe me) since no internationals will be to blame (a small minority of the internationals in collaboration with the locals do steel from the people and that has been known and it is known).

To the USA KFOR soldier above thanks for your contribution to building a prosperous country for all of us. The reason why we want to kill each other everyday is due to the fact that we do not have much to do i.e. a significant number of us are unemployed. That my dear peacekeeper is the best recipe not just for corruption but also for disaster.

I am an optimist and a believer that one day Kosova will be not just strong economically and politically but it will also be an example to all. Do not judge a book by reading the first paragraph try and finish it- it will be breathtaking.
A very good evening to you all
Faruk, UK

Anonymous said...

The world helped us a lot and its unfair to assume it didn't.

UN's efficiency is a different problem and not present only in Kosova but everywhere, even in NY.

It is also unfair to say that the Albanian culture is corrupted and "evil". It's a pure scientific fact that such cultures can't survive, and end up diminnshing after a period of time (Serbia is on that track).

The criminals operating in Kosova are doing so because the conditions are good for their "business", the women are sought by those internationals, not the locals, cause the locals get laid without having to pay, as for the drugs, yes - weed is widely "abused" but most of youths in west Europe and America have inhaled :) so what's the problem here? If you mention hard drugs, again in a country of 2 mil, this problem is a joke. If you say Albanians are trading with drugs, a very good Russian friend of mine once said "we hand it to you guys, and you guys take care of the distribution". Before you yell, "that is a lie" think of the logistics...hard drugs tend to grow in other parts of the world, Albanians don't own trucks, boats, planes to transport it from Afghanistan/Columbia/Russia, so who does this? Certainly not Albanians who have to line up for visas to cross into the math, it takes two to tango.

Chris Blaku said...

To the soldier that works in Kosova, actually I'm an American citizen, and a taxpayer, so it is my country as much as it is yours. You are a soldier and your duties are to serve and obey the commands of your superiors not to render politican recommendations on a province and people whose existence predates Roman and Greek civilization. It's a bit more complicated than you can think beyond, but your service is appreciated.

To the blogger who mentioned that UNMIK has been paying for things, that's a ridiculously gross assessment. The majority of the money spent on Kosova was sponsored by generous grants given by the world, majority of which came from the United States and Britian. Furthermore, upon the drain of these resources to meet the obligations of the large salaries of UNMIK employees, the support comes from the UN, 20% of whose resources reside within the US. UNMIK is not its own body, therefore does not derive any of its own financing, as it obviously answers to its mother organization, the UN.

Please do not post here under the facade of unbiased Westerners when you are clearly Serbian or Serbian influenced. And please bring factual evidence not stupid questions like "Why do countries have a negative experience of Albanians?" The fact of the matter is the Albanian lobby is one of the most powerful in the world, due in part to the work and patience of the taxpaying Albanian populations of their respective countries. The Albanians are a respected presence in the United States, and many parts of Europe, obvious of course, if you ignore the disastrously racist Serbian propaganda promoted by the people.

Chris Blaku said...

And the money will come from the same place that Serbia has been exploiting since the 12th century, the rich, extensive natural resources within Kosova's borders, hence Serbia's anxiousness to populate Mitrovica (near the Trepca mines) with its nationals.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. My God you´re stupid Chris. Serbian ? No way, not even close, mate. It does not take a Serb nowadays to see what kind of people you are. The western world call you "victim-lovers". Think you have heard that. Will be interresting when you will get the word "independence" stuck in your throath by UNSC. I´ll sure be back here then and ask you: What now, stupido??

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOO an internet thug is threatening us. That is scaryyyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
It's pointless!!!! You can tell a lot by the way the guys is typing. He is lacks all that it takes to have a civlised discussion. If he is not serbian or influenced by them then he is a sad person indeed. Si te i flaish murit ;)

Sorry EL but your head is bloody thick mate!!!


Chris Blaku said...

Actually E.L., this extremely primitive conversation is just what I need. Well, let's start from the top, you clearly portray a hungry unrest and hate for the Albanian population that predates anything you came upon in your studies, which are limited, as your writing indicates.

Should you investigate further, you would find that every comment you've made is incorrect or inaccurate. Furthermore, your ranting is based on propaganda derived from the Serbian government, who is intent on keeping the most profitable territory in the Balkans, Kosova and its resources. It is no secret that Kosova possesses enough resources to maintain its economic strength and moreover, provide the Albanian people of the Balkans with a stepping stone to reach economic greatness.

Which is why Serbia altered its history to include Kosova as the birthplace of the kingdom of Serbia. Factual history has proven that the birthplace of Serbia is Rascia, clearly north of any age-old or present day Kosovar borders, however, this alteration has been made with the effort in mind to keep Kosova's minerals for Serbian exploitation alone.

For you to claim that the entire diverse Western world has labeled the Albanians under one word is ridiculous, but appropriate given your limited intellect.

According to an old British diplomat, commenting on Albanian studies prior to the Congress of Berlin:
"It is impossible for one of the West to learn about the Albanians, without growing to admire them."

By the way, it was Britian and the US that spearheaded the campaign to liberate Kosova... So thanks to you and your taxpaying dollars, much appreciated. Please continue ranting, I find destroying that puny idea you call an argument to be amusing.

Chris Blaku said...

By the way, all this talk about the useless United Nations Security Council, which has not voted for anything signifigant ever.

What was the Security Council vote on the recognition of Israel? How about Korea? Vietnam? Gulf War 1? Kosovar liberation? Iraqi liberation? Interesting... Never realized the opinion and vote the Security Council was this important all of a sudden, or is that the usual Serbian exaggeration of their arsenal?

By the way, France and Russia will always vote against Kosova, and China will follow in tandem. The US and Britian will vote pro-Kosova, so it's clear to see why you would favor seeing this matter resolved in this manner. However, what is interesting is applying this same structure to the outcome of other scenarios in the world today, Iraq for instance. France and Russia (with their backdoor oil deals with Iraq, much like the backdoor arms deals they had with Yugoslavia/Serbia), would veto, and China would follow like the good little political boytoy they are. The US and UK would obviously have voted pro intervention, which is the reason for the bypass of the useless Security Council, which has become as routine as UN scandals involving oil, kidnapping, and sex slavery.