Friday, June 24, 2005

Kosovo Assembly debates Standards implementation

‘Standards for Kosovo’ will enter a new stage at the end of this year ‘Standards towards Europe’ is the quote of PM Kosumi that all dailies highlight.

Koha Ditore writes on the front page that during the debate, while Kosumi was praising his cabinet, Jakup Krasniqi from PDK was praising Bajram Rexhepi’s cabinet.

Zëri writes that while coalition parties assessed there had been progress in implementation of the Standards, Assembly members from the opposition mainly focused on presenting weaknesses of the Government. However, all agreed that implementation of the Standards was of strategic importance for the future of Kosovo.

Epoka e Re covers the Assembly meeting under the headline, ‘Accusations for the Government and Daci’, and reports that while Government was mentioning successes the opposition talked about violations and shortcomings.

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