Friday, June 17, 2005

EU officials call on Belgrade to be constructive over Kosovo

Express reports that European Union officials have called on Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica to [ensure that] Belgrade plays a constructive role in the talks on Kosovo’s future status.

EU High Representative Javier Solana and Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn met yesterday in Brussels with Kostunica and discussed the Stabilization and Association Agreement for Serbia and Montenegro, the assessment of Standards in Kosovo and the co-operation with ICTY.

According to the paper, Solana has insisted that Kosovo Serbs should be part of the political process in Kosovo so that they can represent their legitimate interests.


Chris Blaku said...

Europe still trying to play puppet-master... Pathetic in a world where they are only second tier to the US. If Belgrade should play a role in expressing the concerns over the Kosova Serbs they never represented, then Tirana should be able to represent the rights of the Albanians in the province, being that they too formerly had Kosova within their borders.

Anonymous said...

Typical European politics. They are moving far away from the map of political influence in the world. Thank God. This world owes a lot of problems to European politics.

Anonymous said...

Agreed..."white man's burden" seems to be still prevelant around these parts...its sad really. Belgrade shouldn't even be concerned about Kosova, just like Germany should never have been asked about occupied France, and France about Algeria.