Friday, June 17, 2005

EU is preparing for a police mission in Kosovo next year

Citing its sources in Brussels, Bota Sot reports that next year the European Union could increase its presence in Kosovo with a police mission. The paper also says that Solana and Rehn have ruled out the idea to replace NATO soldiers with a European force, and instead have reportedly proposed to European governments to consider a police mission in Kosovo.


have a guess... said...

just wanted to know how to get in touch with the staff of this website, now that i remember there was a comment on "EU is preparing for a police mission in Kosovo next year" written from
-Chris Blaku which said:
-Europe still trying to play puppet-master... Pathetic in a world where they are only second tier to the US. If Belgrade should play a role in expressing the concerns over the Kosova Serbs they never represented, then Tirana should be able to represent the rights of the Albanians in the province, being that they too formerly had Kosova within their borders.
-and now has vanished... freaky hey..oo and by the way just curious to know why do you change/modificate your reports so often :) is this an anglo/american propaganda website or what

Anonymous said...

Dude, check the comment to the post below this one, entitled "EU officials call on Belgrade to be constructive over Kosovo".

PhantomIV said...

Surely this can only be a good thing. If Kosova expects to be integrated into Europe in the future then better to be cognisant with European policing procedures rather than that of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and even the US.

Currently most of the US police contingent is made up not of currently serving officers, but retired officers, and worse still, some with little or no civil policing experience. If you check out the CPI website you will find that it contains more information on where to rent accommodation cheaply, where to go on holiday, taxation issues rather than the actual mission itself.

It is amazing the amount of anti-european and pro US sentiment that I read on here. The UN has been responsible for the running of Kosova for the last 5 years. Who is responsible for UN policy? Who pays for 20% of the UN budget? Who uses the UN as an extension of it's foreign policy. The US of course. So if you are dissatisfied with the way the administration has been run then where do you point the finger? Do you honestly think that if the US had wanted the Kosova situation resolved earlier then it wouldn't have happened. Only now, when NATO is required to commit more to the "war on terror" is something finally being done.
Meanwhile, the KTA is busy selling off most of Kosova's industry potential, so that, when you finally do gain independence most of your industry will have been privatised.
And on a final note to all you pro-US anti-Europe bloggers, it was the European nations (namely the British under Mr. Blair)that forced the use of ground forces rather than war from 30,000 ft

Chris Blaku said...

You make good points Phantom... However, you seem to ignore the blatant reality with the United Nations.

Every major power in the world uses the UN as an extension of its foreign policy, only difference is, the US actually has a foreign policy. European countries have a quasi-foreign policy, mostly designated for dealing with their former colonial misfits.

Yes, agreed, if the US wanted to get something done in Kosova it would have. On the other hand, politics requires patience, and there is no question as to where the position of the US lies with regards to the status of the province.

The UN is easily the most anti-US organization in the world. It is a more mature extension of the useless League of Nations, which was an organization plagued with scandal, corruption, and useless diplomacy. Unless Bill Clinton replaced Kofi Annan, I hardly see the UN making it past any other use than an international formality, or as an organization whose resolution are used to base political arguments, rather than to be used in practical terms.

UNMIK governing the province was not the wish of the United States directly, it was a compromise with the rest of the world (mainly Russia), in return for the United States' handling of the situation.

It is a well known fact in political circles that the UN is an extension not of US foreign policy, but one of the last fronts left where the voice of colonial Europe can be heard. Therefore, that would make it, in practice, an extension of European/Russian foreign policy, which has lead to the most ridiculous missions in the world. The UN stood by in Bosnia and Rwanda, and were prepared to stand by in Kosova, had it not been for the intervention of the US. This same intervention of the US would have prevented Bosnia, if understood better and if it had not been blocked constantly by French and Russian officials, sending peace keepers to monitor massacres.

The United Nations, is in no way, shape or form, a political extension of the US foreign policy. Observe the most standard of US practices, and the counter UN practices, to note the differences. The US recognizes took the step to recognize Israel, despite the UN's disapproval. The UN and the EU (who does use the UN as an extension of its foreign policy) to this day, admit having contacts with Hamas, and constantly barrage the Israeli state with criticism when defending itself. The UN has criticized the US for its invasion of Iraq to no end, and this is clearly the most signifigant US foreign policy change since Vietnam. If the UN is what you say it is, then clearly, they would have supported this action. But of course, that would have taken two dozen resolutions, and about 50 years to pass because you must allow Madagascar and Burma to address the council on the matter.

The UN has also criticized the US in their aggressive war-on-terror, where terrorist attacks are generally aimed at the US and Israel. The US does what must be done to fortify its defenses, as it did during the Cold War. The UN is a corrupt organization, that has brought ruin to Kosova, an already poor territory on the brink of destruction before its very birth as a nation.

Chris Blaku said...

Excuse the spelling and grammatical errors... It's Sunday morning here.

Anonymous said...

As an Albanian I am European, as Albanians we too created Europe. Let's not let the politics of certain countries take away something that we are.

The Illyrians were a very important engine in bringing Europe where it is today.

Chris Blaku said...

Agreed... Doesn't mean that we have to possess the collective spirit and political will of Europe however.