Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blerim Shala: Return to the last century (Zëri)

In a front-page editorial in Zëri, Blerim Shala comments on a report by the Serbian Interior Ministry regarding the situation in Kosovo from November 2004 – April 2005.

Shala argues that the approach and the conclusions of the report are identical with the reports of the Interior Ministry from the period November 1998 – April 1999. ‘As if nothing happened in the meantime,’ he says.

‘Translating this report and sending it to the right addresses in the West would be the best possible argument in Kosovo’s favour.’

Something similar, claims Shala, can be done with the public presentations of Vuk Draskovic, the foreign minister of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

Commenting on Draskovic’s statements, Shala says that both Kosovars and this part of Europe have grown tired ‘with such logic and arguments’.

In closing, Shala notes that with all the ups and downs in the Kosovan political scene, at least there is no politician in Kosovo that uses the language and arguments of the last century, as happens with Draskovic and the Serbian Ministry of Interior Affairs.


Anonymous said...

Shala as usually is spot on!

Chris Blaku said...

Correct, the Serbians are using arguments that date back to their Middle Age barbarism.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's all go back to how it was except Albanians this time get armed and decide to take a stroll over the border. With Serbia everything always backfires.