Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Jessen-Petersen supports idea for UNMIK to become EUMIK

Citing information broadcast by Austrian news agency APA, almost all daily papers reports that UNMIK chief Søren Jessen-Petersen supports the idea of the European Union taking over the civil administration in Kosovo.

APA also reports that diplomatic sources in Pristina have stated that an agreement has already been reached for the withdrawal of the United Nations from Kosovo.

Jessen-Petersen said that the role of the international community would have to be redefined once Kosovo status is resolved, Lajm writes. ‘It should be made clear that future of Kosovo is a European task while status issue can only be solved through an active role assumed by Europe’, the UNMIK administrator pointed out.


Anonymous said...

As long as Europeans treat us as Europeans it will all be wonderful. The moment certain people start projecting their prejudice, things might not go as smooth.

illyr jom said...

I don't trust the Europeans, not all of them anyway, yet.

Chris Blaku said...

The Europeans have treated us as Europeans, that's the problem. It was this same Europe that participated in onslaughts and massacres against their neighbors for thousands of years, while maintaining the facade as the most advanced culture on the planet.

We must be treated as people, long overdue in our struggle and suffering for justice.

Anonymous said...

With your attitude and bull shit, you are not welcome among us.
EU citizen.

Anonymous said...

Just like the rest of the world, Europe has had its large share of sins, its pure human. But one thing taht Europe has also done is supported a lot of injustice in South East Europe.

I think this isn't because of some ideology (partialy maybe) but rather cause of a simple human fact that the weaker gets hit on more often, and Albanians have never been an expansionist nation, much like the Irish, and Basques, thus were put under foreign rule.

All we realy care about is families and women, so no time to fight (unless you attack of course ;)

Chris Blaku said...

I don't need you to welcome us amongst you. EU citizenship is not the dream I follow, partly because the EU will cease to exist in another five decades.

You couldn't agree on a constitution because of your arrogant population, and the only reason for your conjoined effort as a Union is to counteract the overwhelming power of the United States. Europe must be seen for the colonial hypocrites they always were, not some haven for our people. The Europeans stereotype our people as gangsters, pimps, and drug dealers simply because they are the very same nationalistic racists they were 50 years ago when 11 million were massacred within their borders, on their watch. The Europeans opposed the creation of Israel, and continue to resist supporting the nation acting in its defense. The Europeans oppose the liberation of Iraq, simply because the French and Russians had pending oil contracts with Saddam Hussein, that America cut short to bring democracy to the troubled region.

So please spare me your welcome, it isn't necessary. Whether or not the EU becomes a success is another debate, however, for it to be a success, it must welcome ALL of Europe. In order for a Union to be effective, as the United States is, Europe must set aside regional bias and curtail the bloodthirsty colonial history it enslaved the world with.

By the way, Europe has been F'ing us from the beginning of time, so F you right back.

Chris Blaku said...

And no, Europe has 90% of the share of the world's sins. Every outstanding conflict in the world today, whether it be Sudan, Rwanda, Former-Yugoslavia, Israel, Iraq, India/Pakistan... etc etc... Is the result of the colonialism the Europeans brought to the world as they enslaved its masses and pillaged its wealth to flaunt their incestious royalty with luxury.

Anonymous said...

Zoteri Blaku,
You come up with some powerful sh1t son! I like that.
Mos, se gjynah!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't agree with EU sceptics here.

We are in Europe and there is no other way for Kosova exept EU. Not to say that we should sacrifice everything to get in the union but still, the only way for Kosova is in EU. With a permanent friendship with US. (Sounding like Rugova :))

And of course, having Bondsteel there will ensure some kind of US presence, which is always welcomed.


Chris Blaku said...

Don't get me wrong Tosi, I agree that EU membership is beneficial for the Albanians in Kosova and Albania. However, my point was that we need not jump through hoops for European Union membership, it is inevitable if the EU is what it claims to be. If it is merely a superpower presence, it will include only the strong states, as it will attempt to avoid the sacrifices and expenses necessary in allowing small impoverished nations to join.

However, if the EU wishes for nations to become economically viable first, at the same time ridding the nation of any possible way to reach this goal, then the EU is nothing more than a face mask for old-style European colonialism, which is what I expect. I may of course, be wrong, however, I do not trust the Europeans. They play a wicked hand, and Russia is always pulling the strings.

If the EU truly is the US of Europe, then they will allow membership of all European States in the near future, ie, America didn't refuse Mississippi because they're the poorest state in the country, they fought a civil war over the state and enhanced the quality of life there immensely (it is now richer than almost any European state). Best bang for our buck is heavy partnership with the US, and minor contacts with Europe, until of course, they court us for integration, as they should.