Sunday, June 19, 2005

Violence erupts in north Kosovo town - The International Herald Tribune

The Associated Press, Reuters
MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2005

MITROVICA, Kosovo United Nations police officers intervened to separate groups of Serbs and ethnic Albanians hurling stones at one another Sunday in this divided town in northern Kosovo.
The incident occurred after police officers stopped a car carrying four ethnic Albanians from crossing a bridge over a river that divides the town's northern, Serb-dominated area from the southern ethnic Albanian-majority area.
The ethnic Albanians were reversing their car when they crashed into a van driven by a Serb, prompting groups of nearby Serbs and ethnic Albanians to hurl stones at one another, said Rade Negojevic, from the local press center. Serbian buses and cars were damaged, he said. UN police officers separated the two groups, and detained two of the ethnic Albanians.
Tensions have increased in Mitrovica after the UN authorities this week reopened the bridge - a symbol of Kosovo's ethnic divide and the scene of violent clashes in the past - for traffic for two hours on workdays.
Local Serbs have staged daily protests against the reopening of the bridge, which had been closed to traffic since March 2004, when mobs of ethnic Albanians attacked Serbs and their property in violence that left 19 people dead and about 900 injured.
Serbs are reluctant to see ethnic Albanians return in large numbers to north Mitrovica, which they see as their last urban stronghold in a province where 90 percent of the 2 million people are ethnic Albanians.
The reopening was an attempt to gradually ease tensions ahead of talks expected later this year to determine the province's future status.
Kosovo officially remains part of Serbia-Montenegro, the union that replaced Yugoslavia. It has been administered by the United Nations and NATO since mid-1999, following the alliances' war against Serb forces to halt a crackdown against ethnic Albanian rebels fighting for independence. Negotiations are due later this year on whether it becomes independent or remains nominally part of Serbia.
Up to 180,000 Serbs fled Kosovo in 1999 after NATO carried out a 78-day bombing operation to drive out Serb forces accused of atrocities against Albanian civilians while fighting separatist rebels. Mitrovica has since seen some of the worst violence. Clashes there in March last year sparked Kosovo-wide Albanian riots in which 19 people were killed and 800 homes of Serbs and other minorities destroyed.


Chris Blaku said...

Kosovo-wide Albanian riots huh... Why do no publications mention that out of the 19 killed, 8 were Serbian and 11 were Albanian? If we planned the entire attack and riot, it doesn't seem those numbers add up too well, maybe to me at least.

The Serbians are intent on provoking a confrontation to show the world that the Albanians are unruly and incapable of "multi-ethnicity" even though the Serbians are the ones blocking the bridge.

A Serbian report on this very same incident claims only that Serbian vehicles were attacked on their way to town, conviniently neglecting to mention that the Serbians hurled rocks initially at the Albanians.

Anonymous said...

To me this looks like a traffic accident fight.

Anonymous said...

Serbs, do you want the freedom of movement or not? Because if you don't then it's fine, just stop crying about places you can't visit when you are not ready to let people go to their homes.
Respect in order to be respected!

MArtyr said...

If you half informed people knew, serbs in ksovo that are left have said they will make albanians live a living hell aslong as they do, and they will never give up on kosovo

read this you faggots talking about the Srebrenica video

Anonymous said...

The person above is PMS-ing so his hate and irritation has to do with the estrogen hormone. You are advised to click the ignore button.

Anonymous said...

Oh no he is not PMS-ing at all. This is another example of one who has done lost his mind. However, the ignore button is a good remedy for this as well.

Chris Blaku said...

He hasn't lost his mind, he's just irritated about the reality rushing him in regard to the barbarity with which his people will be described from this point forward.

The Serbians are become more and more desperate to give a reason for their actions, and have gone as far as describing Serbrnica as a Jihadist haven. Collective insanity, mass delusion, call it what you will, I call it Serbia.