Friday, June 24, 2005

Kosovo Serbs to get back to Assembly on 6 July

Koha Ditore reports on the front page that Kosovo Serbs have decided to put an end to the ‘political marathon’ and join Kosovo institutions although Belgrade has not given the green light for it.

‘The green light from Belgrade is needed, however, all members of the Serb List are in favor of joining central institutions. There are differences in our political entity, but the majority has decided to stop boycotting, so we expect this to happen on 6 July’, Randjel Nojkic, a member of Serbian List for Kosvoo and Metohija is quoted as saying.


Chris Blaku said...

If the Serbs are waiting for big brother Belgrade to stop using them to win political points and actually take some action in their benefit, they should not hold their breath... It's a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Serbs pleaseee in the name of sanity wake up!