Monday, June 20, 2005

Kosovo May CPI Down 0.7% M/M - Table

PRISTINA (Serbia and Montenegro), June 20 (SeeNews) - The May consumer price index (CPI) of the U.N.-run province of Kosovo was down 0.7% on the month, after a similar decrease in April, statistics showed on Monday.

Consumer prices were down 2.1% on the year in May, after falling 2.2% the previous month, the Kosovo Statistics Office said.

Kosovo Consumer Prices Index (pct change):




NOTE: Kosovo, a province of two million people, is legally part of the loose union of Serbia and Montenegro, which succeeded rump Yugoslavia in 2003. The province was put under United Nations administration after NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 to halt the Serb repression of the ethnic Albanian majority in Kosovo.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? There isn't any fear that Albanians are going to go in a shopping spree anytime soon. Unemployment is crazy high, and consumer good cost the same as in Germany, which pays its workers more than 20 Euros per hour.

Anonymous said...

yeah, albanians got not money. we're the poorest mofos in the world

Chris Blaku said...

The Albanian diaspora is widely regarded in financial and economic circles around the world as one of the wealthiest demographics on a global scale.

Anonymous said...

Albanian dispora is indeed wealthy, but that same diaspora needs to come up with a plan of economical revival of Kosova. Kosova's eceonomy reflects the regional economics of the Balkans, and I think without a plan and investment (large-scale) it will take a long time to recover because the alternative to that would be free movement throughout the Balkans region (serbia is there too) so that will take a long time. De Oppresso Liber