Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seselj and Toma Grobar have blood of Kosovans on their hands

The paper writes that Natasa Kandic from the Humanitarian Law Fund accuses senior Serbian government officials of being involved in war crimes committed in Kosovo. Among them are Tomislav Nikolic – also known as Toma Grobar [Grobar being the Serbian word for gravedigger] - and Vojislav Seselj from the Radical Party.

‘I have recently been threatened by Tomislav Nikolic [also known as Toma Brobar] for investigating a case and I have obtained facts showing that both of them [Seselj and Nikolic] were involved in the war crimes in Croatia and Kosovo’, Kandic told Lajm.

Kandic says she has publicly stated the names of those who committed crimes in Kosovo some of whom still hold key positions within the Serbian Government. ‘Some of them even own factories where bodies were burnt, like in the factory of Bor and Mackatica’.


Chris Blaku said...

This woman deserves a Nobel prize for her courageous work.

Anonymous said...

These guys must be stopped. Other than Mitrovica, their reach is gone in Kosova but I wouldn't be surprised if they turn against their own people now after giving them this big blood stain that will accompany them in the next decades.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less what they do to their own people...

They had it coming if it happens, many looked the other way when attrocities were comitted in Bosnia and Kosova.


Anonymous said...

Please this women deserves nothing.

Where is her proof?

By the way, doesnt she get almost all of her funding from Soros?

That makes me really want to believe her...

Chris Blaku said...

Right, and her getting her funding from Soros equates her to a liar? What point exactly are you trying to prove by suggesting she gets her funding from a billionaire liberal, and that makes her a liar?

She uncovered and exposed the massacre of Srebrenica in the video tape. She deserves nothing for it? I'm sure she deserves an execution for treason according to your Chetnik mentality.

Proof? It's a funny thing with Serbians and proof. They required none for the executions of thousands of Albanians claiming they were terrorists, a claim which the Western world does not acknowledge.

Chris Blaku said...

Did you guys know that Vojislav Seselj was homosexually raped while in prison in Belgrade?

No wonder he's so mad.