Sunday, June 05, 2005

There can be no democratic Serbia without Kosovo - Serbian Premier Kostunica

Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA

Belgrade, 5 June: Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica on Sunday [5 June] at the election assembly of his Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), which is expected to re-elect him, advocated that Kosovo be preserved as part of Serbia and said that this was a condition for a democratic Serbia.

There can be no democratic Serbia without Kosovo-Metohija, Kostunica said, and added that that his party's objectives were also accelerated path to the European Union and the survival of the state unity with Montenegro.

"The DSS sees only one objective and that is a democratic Serbia with Kosovo-Metohija in the state unity with Montenegro on an accelerated path to the EU, with the rule of law and free of crime and corruption, economically strong and stable and accepted by all national communities as their country," Kostunica said at the election assembly.

Source: HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 1646 gmt 5 Jun 05


Anonymous said...

There can be no democratic Kosova with Serbia - the people of Kosova.

Anonymous said...

There cannot be a democratic Serbia without Kosova?
... And the reason is?
These criminals can only remain in power through the politics of diversion. Instead of solving their problems in Serbia they divert the publics attention into issues that do not depend on Serbia.

It is more realistic to say:" There cannot be a democratic Serbia. (period)"

Anonymous said...

This is how they remain in power!
We all like to belive that there are changes in Serbia but we always get disapointed at the end. Kostunica is carrying on from were Milosevic left it. He is using the same card as the Milosevic himself (he is in the Hague), who latter went on his campaing of creating a greater Serbia (we all very well know what happened)

Looking at his statment from another angle, what you get out of it is;

a) Kosva is lost and he knows it

b) I will use Kosova to just get me elected (Milosevic did really well in the past in manipulating our beloved people why cann't i...even if it means i am lying to them), and

c) He is a war criminal. What do you expect of him?

Anonymous said...

Well, Haradinaj is also in Hague, together with Limaj etc. Does ANYONE at this forum (exept Albanians) honestly think that Kosovo will be independent in the next 20-30 years. Honestly ! Or is it just wishes and hope for it ?! Do not say of course because it is not true, and you know it. US does not care anymore according to sources, They just want to keep the peace in the Balkans and have a base there. Tb, London.

Anonymous said...

Listen mate,
The USA has offered us a helping hand in the past, and it might do so in the future. However, even if the USA "does not care anymore" as you put it, nothing will be able to replace the will of the Kosovar people-it is they who count the most in this matter.
We will hopefully (i mean if you wish to accept our invitation) have you celebrate with us next year the Independence of Kosova, because guess what-according to sources we will be independent.

Cheers mate

MARTYR said...

talk talk talk, dont get your hopes up man, no independant kosovo, man am i gonna go for cover when its officially revealed there wont be independance, half of the albanian populaiton will die of shock

Anonymous said...

Does anyone that thinks Kosova will not be independent still consider him/herself sane? I mean come on, wake up and smell the coffee. After all the atrocities that Serbs have committed in Kosova I doubt that they will be allowed to come back and rule a forbidden land for them. Based on the trend, I would see the creation of the Albanian Sea above Serbia as more feasible than Kosova not getting its independence.
FR Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

martyr you'd be well served in going for cover but do so when Kosova is declared independent because that day the sky will be lit up from gun fire. Of course we'll be democratic and shit unless we can find priests and bitches like the ones from the Srebrnica video, in that case well we will most likely lit them up.
This other guy saying the US doesn't care, he is right in that the US has a base in the region, just look up where that base is bitch! It is in Ferizaj in the Kosovo-Metohija (since you bitches still don't get it, it is called KOSOVA).
Oh and Haradinaj and Limaj are in the Hague but they are the way back because they were not dumb enough to film shit. And stupid even God will forgive Haradinaj for whatever he did, an eye for an eye, cuz.
This is beautiful though to see our Serb brothers so desperate and shit they have to comment on this beutiful brothers blog. Keep it up, all love.

MARTYR said...


you act smart even though you say shit like 5 times. You dumb kid I hope you READ THIS FOR A SEC. Dont tell me to call it KOSOVA when ive PROVEN kosovo polje means field of the blackbird and kosova in albanian has no connection but kos being yogurt. Either call it Kosovo or Dardania, SIMPLE ISNT IT?

Yes we serbs are stupid for filming the atrocities we've commited (im gonna be better than you and actually ADMIT we've done some shit to ppl, but i KNO ull never admit), but like you said, in God's eye, WAIT, dont you mean Allah's eyes? you are one confuuuused kid.

TALK TALK TALK, there will never be an independant Kosovo, and you guys know it. It just HURTS YOU so badly you refuse to admit it. TALK TALK TALK, there will never be an independant osovo and if you truly think there will be, you have a verrrry slight change in your future outlook.

You guys have been claiming an independant kosovo for about 100 years now, it didnt happen then and it wont happen now. all you guys know is to trash talk and trash talk. I bet when its official that there will not be independance, this WEBSITE will either shut down or no albanian will ever reply here ever again, until then, I have to listen to your ignorant claims

Anonymous said...

The greatnes delirium still guides the Serbian minds.
These are people of no morals or humanity. How many Serbs in this blog have posted anything saying that what they did in Bosnia (especially after the video), Croatia, Kosova was wicked and wrong. None. Its been more than a week since the video is out. They only talk about coexistence when the whole world witness their crimes, and while talking about coexistence they never ask forgiveness for their crimes or express disgust for the wicked and evil crimes they have committed. These are the Serbs. ...And all of the above is documented and has been on air in televisions around the world for more than 15 years now.

Anonymous said...


You claim to be an 'expert', a well-informed former-diplomat, but do you actually read anything from the people who are in the know, i.e. International Crisis Group, or even better the former Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro Svilanovic?

Unless you answer these questions, your a not worth talking to.

With love from Kosova.

MARTYR said...

I admit what happened in Bosnia is wicked and wrong, but that has nothing to do with you so why would I ever bring it up? And you ignorant peice of shit, what serbs did in croatia? are you COMPLETELY delerious? I AM FROM CROATIA. Krajina, over 80% serbian population, that take sup 1/3 of croatia, and now there are LESS THAN 8% serbs there. You tell me what happened in Croatia that was wrong? my neighbourhood got burnt down, my next door neighbours TEN YEAR OLD SON got THROWN INTO A FIRE. Dont talk about thing you dont understand, your from Kosovo so stick with kosovo, not Bosnia or Croatia. You have NO idea what happened there.

and about svilanovic, hes just apart of a jewish movement agaisnt serbs. Allbright (who serbia took in during ww2) is also jewish, holbrooke is jewish, svilanovic most definitly, 4 of tito's 5 generals were jewish. But you know what, despite what you hear some people say from Serbia, SERBS ARE UNITED on kosovo.


Anonymous said...

Martyr, you wondered who would read what you said. I did. And it proves you are an anti-Semitic bigot.

Martyr said...

Am I? you know me very well, dont you? My dad is a Serbian Jew. As a child he was exposed to propaganda when he stayed over winters in Israel (his mother lives in Jerusalem). Even he tells me that the whole world (except greece) is politically trying to abolish serbia. You dont have to believe me, I have nothing to gain or lose, but im telling you, you have those jews that are LOYAL and THANKFUL for being rescued by serbia (who took in the most jews during ww2), and those who wish to extradict the land into a state where they can make profit off the exploitation.

Anonymous said...

As far as Serbs go, I think the tape shown last week pretty much united them into one category: KILLERS. Martyr: Let’s not forget that there are more tapes to be shown from Bosnia, and more to come from Kosovo. Albanians and Croatians have the right to speak about Bosnia because we have a common enemy. In fact, come to think of it, the entire Balkans does. I am not surprised Montenegro (brother serbs) wants out of the union, because future reparations, for the crimes and damage committed on Serbians names are making them think twice. After the videos shown this weekend no Montenegrin wants to even relate to the name Serbia. It is a blow to their good existence as a state and as a people. When the Kosovo videos come out, it will be clear that there is no choice but the let Kosovo go. In fact Kosovo Serbs will not want to relate to Serbs proper. They will vote for pro Kosovo independence.

Anonymous said...

Martyr how come all this Jewish connection didn't come up earlier? You're a really bad 13 year "story maker".

Allah, God, Krishna, Ra, all these are God, or are you trying to bring up the flames or religion here? It will fail, Albanians are not fanatic-dogmatic-atheists like Serbs. As an Albanian and Orthodox, I can assure you that you're barking up the wrong tree.

As for Kosovo/a, its not Kosovo cause even in Serbian it doesn't make sense. See, Kosovo can only exist if it's added to a subject, meaning of something, for example Polje, but when it stands alone in a sentence its Kosova, just like Serbia not Serbio, Albania not Albanio, Bulgaria not Bulgario. This rule applies to the south slavic languages...shall we go further or is this enough? In Albanian no country/geographic entity can end with 'o'. Same with Serbian (exception is Pancevo, cause Pancevo *something* has been removed from use)

Btw, the Croat Army did nothing compared to your ladds (I am saying your cause you clearly support them).

And please stop pretending you're from London or NY, cause you are lacking the most basic thing. The British dryness and seriousness, and the NY straightforwardness. If you ever went out of Belgrade and met

I would also like to remind you, Kosova is an independent country and noone can decide whether it will stay with Serbia or not because (smell the coffee as someone said), the people of Kosova want this.

With love from Kosova where you are welcomed, as long as your attitude is humane and respectful of other cultures.

Anonymous said...

Facts about World War II:

Belgrade/Serbia - declared first Juden Frei (Jew Free) city by Nazis. A task accomplished with a lot of enthuisiasm by Chetniks and Serb government.

Albania - received a large influx of Jewish refugees from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Who survived escaped to Albania where Albanians offered shelter till the end of the war. The Albanian puppet government was not even considering taking part in the genocide.

Mr. Martyr, Israel and the Jewish people dislike it when you lie.

Anonymous said...

1) All the killing of Jews in Serbia was done by Germans, Hungarians, Croats, and Albanians, not by Serbs.

2) What about the SS Skenderbeg? Albanians killed thousands of Jews in Kosovo. And recently it was announced a statue will be built in Pristina to honor the dead of the SS Skenderbeg.

Martyr said...

wow....your teaching me about serbian grammer? KosovO does make sense in serbian. I will explain this one last time

Kosovo Polje= "Kos" is a black bird found in kosovo. "Ovo" gives the suffix of belonging to. serbian Martin's book is said Martinovo Knjiga

Polje means field, so it means Feild belonging to black bird. This is the 100th time ive had to explain it to people on this website, which further proves no one even reads what I say.

And whats this talk about me pretending to be from NY or London? what the fuck?

Now listen carefully because I will never sya this again, this is your chance to read my true opinion and iom never gonna repeat it. Serbs killed Croats, Serbs killed Bosniaks, Serbians killed Albanians, but are you really going to say Bosniaks, Croats and Albanians didnt kill Serbs? Dont be fooled, Croats killed over 10 times more serbs than albanians even went MISSING.

And one of you said smell the coffee, kosovo is independant. Really? when have i seen an international map with the kosovo borders outlined as a country? How can you be independant when your future talks begin in 3 months?

Now let me ask you a quesiton none of you will answer. But ill answer the serbian point of view first. If kosovo were to become independant, There will be a war, trust me. But if Kosovo doesnt become independant, what would Albanians do? Just THINK , suppose that kosovo officially didnt gain independance, what would you as an albanian do? And dont say it wont happen, I want a true answer.

Martyr said...

By the way, Pancevo gets its name from a person from 500 eyars ago, i forget but my cousins live in Pancevo and its same as kosovo, I think its pancevo kraljevina

Anonymous said...

I havent seen any Croat, Bosnian, Kosovar, Scorpion-like unit video killing 16 year old teens being aired around the world. I have seen Serbs killing children videos, Serbs cutting people's heads videos,Serbs executing women and elders videos.

The war for the independence of Kosova is over, and Serbia lost just as it lost the war for the independence of Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia.

Anonymous said...

Videos are coming out and that's a good thing. Looking the cold-bloded murderers in the act is just as awakening as looking at the numbers. And number say that 85% of the killing in Bosnia has been done by Serbs, 10% by Croats, and 5% by Bosniaks.
I know you got it bad in Krajina, i feel for you, but wasn't that just what you asked for? Same with Kosova. The point is that your brave Scorpions along with their generals run away like rats when Ustashe gathered a few tanks. You are brave in executing children with hands tied behind their back from a 2m distance. (Poor souls didn't even beg for mercy in front of those animals.) So much about liberating Kosova again. If you dont' trust me, you may have a look from the other side of the border coz you dont' dare cross it.

Martyr said...

If I knew who the fuck you would I'd come to where oyu live and chop your fucking balls of for syaing that Serbs in Krjaina had it coming and deserved it. Dont sya you feel for me you peice of shit you dont know anything. 5% bosniaks did thing shit bosnia?


stick with your fucking kosovo, the POINT of this site is kosovo, whenever i say something about kosovo you bring up Bosnia and Croatia like you dumb assholes know what happened.

Anonymous said...

hey Milorade... calm down. You don't have to be so agitated that Kosova is becoming independent, and that Croats kicked some ass here and there. Have you ever thought as to why everyone has problems with Serbia? See I am not blaming you... I actually feel sad that you are so closed minded and listened Milosevic telling you stories.

I definetly agree with the person who said that you don't live in London or NY... for the sole fact that all the info you have about everything is from RTS. Buy a satelite dish - we'll chip in.

Anonymous said...

WHat will Albanians do if Kosova doesnt become independent? Hmmm, let me guess... let's say kick your ass maybe? The world has learned its lesson in March 2004 druge.

Anonymous said...

To the Serbian blogger above...

Dear neighbour,
I cann't help but enjoy reading your comments! I am enjoying them because they make me laugh. I can not help it. However, saying that i also can not help but feel worried about you! You sound very much like my baby brother, who is just finishing his high school (although you might be over 30).
Your words are full of anger! I can almost see you swearing and hitting your comuter or shooting at it with you AK-47. Its probably an old computer but you should try and take care of it. It seems that you have no other companions, you will be left with not much around you (the story of your nation). What will you do afterwards?
Let me think! ....Not much really! You either will go out there and kill some of your neghbours (serbs) thinking they are Bosnians, Croations, Slovanians or Kosovars. Even worse you might have a heart attack... KuKu LeLeLe (what will i do without your comments afterwards?)
I am giving you this advice because you need it. We do not want psychos (out of control) like you running free in Balkans. Get cultured. Learn a bit from the Albanians because you seem to be (mentally) behind in every sense of the word.

Hello to everyone else,
I very much enjoy your comments. Everybady (Pro-indeppendence ) commenting on this site- i am very impressed by your arguments. They put a bigger smile on my face :) I know that as long as we have constructive and fact based arguments we are going to build a very strong state.

The reason i am saying the above is based on the fact that the serbian blogger(s) calls himself educated (they all tell each other i am an academic don't they?)-he probably went to one of those state schools were Milosevic was considered the father of their nation. Unlike them, many of us including myself went to "Underground schools"(or illigal schools-have you heard of such thing- as serbs used to call it) in the basments of many private houses, because we were thrown out by force. I was a kid then, and got beaten by the serbian police on a few occasions because i had books with me. Books in Albanian. However, look at the result i am able to formulate a nice sentence in english (at least i think so), but our serbian "academics" here all they can do is write with anger and hate. I am a farmer by the way who enjoys reading.

To finish, all i can say my dear neighbour is come to Kosova, if you are from here. I will build a home for you on my land if you don't have one. I will make sure that you and your kids have a proper education and show you how it is to live a normal life without hate, without anger.....

I am saying this because you seem in desperate need of some help. Stop listning to your corrupt and murderous leaders. GIVE UP on your mediavel mentality and joing the rest of the world for a more prosperous one.

Most importantly stop being angry, because life is too short-we might just take it from you (you are at a very high risk of a heart attack-you heart might just stop) if you carry one like this.


Anonymous said...

Poster above: I love you!!!

Iliria po ringjallet! nga CH :)

MArtyr said...

You guys can laugh all you want, but when kosovo becomes independant Ill come back to this website and handout my phone number so you can call me...but dont hold your breath :)

Anonymous said...

Sure and since its going the other way we'll treat you with some Albanian wine, Albanian songs and dances. Leave the number so I can call you and tell you where we will meet. Men we're gonna need lots of wine.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the recent case when the Serb cut his own genitalia? :( Man, Serbs are becoming a bunch of sad, pathetic losers. From reading Martyr's words here I can understad where those feelings of self-mutilation come from. By the way, there was another gay Serb back in 1989 who had broken glass stuck in his anus...and yeah he blamed the Albanians, but that was because he had to explain it somehow at the hospital.

P.S. Btw, I totally agree with the poster below.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the poster above. It's sad dude to get glass broken in your anus maaaannnn.

PhantomIV said...

My my, so much bitterness and hate here. Always someone else's fault isn't it. Serbians...nobody like you because you are murderous animals. Kosovar Albanians...nobody likes you because you are dishonest, amoral, theiving and deceitful.So who to trust?????

PhantomIV said...

What I will say is, after serving five years in Kosovo/Kosova, the European community will be failing it's members if allows independence for this apology of a nation. Corruption and nepotism are endemic. I have never come across a more dishonest and deceiptful race of people. Kosovar Albanians seem to think that the world at large owes them something. We owe you nothing. You go on about your war?? What war?? Look to Bosnia if you want to see real war. And strangely enough your fellow Bosnian Muslims despise you as well. It is time you realised that nobody likes you, and most certainly nobody wants you settling within their national boundaries. Which ever nation offers you the hand of friendship and support ends up regreting it because nothing is ever enough for you. Offer a hand and you will take the arm. Socially, you are not even house trained yet. You treat your women like second class honour a medieval code of vendetta and revenge. You lack any of the basic human values that would make you acceptable in society. Open your eyes. Nobody wants you. Even Sweden, one of the most liberally minded countries in Europe regrets having opened it's doors to you. It's soldiers would rather go on peace-keeping duties to Sudan or Liberia than serve in Kosovo.
Just look at the environment that you live in. Squalor everywhere. You have no respect for the environment whatsoever. You throw your garbage in the street and expect someone else to clean up after you. Take, take, take, you are a nation of 5 year olds.
You disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Poster above,

I am very sad you had a bad experience in Kosovo. That is OK, every one is entitled to their opinion, but I want to remind you that even 5 year olds need a chance to grow. If you are looking down on Kosovars so much, I must believe it is because you have no idea what happened there before you got there. 500 years of war after war. I wonder where your country would be if it had 500 years of war. I doubt they would even survive.

From Kosova with love
A Kosovar Albanian Woman

Anonymous said...

The poster above is nothing but a Serb loser who suffers from a mental breakdown. I can claim here being a government worker in Belgrade who has seen the filth, the nepotism, the corruption of the government official. I could claim of working in an environment where mafia clans related to the Serb church and the secret services orginize the murder of political leaders such as the former prime minister. I can claim of witnesing a state capture in Serbia. I can claim lots of things, just like the hate blinded poster above who supposedly worked for the UN claimed. I could claim being his boss and firing him because he sexualy abused people there. This issue is something you could read in every major media. I could claim he was fired because he was one of those corrupted people, he was one of those parasites who exploit war stricken lands for personal monetary profit. I could claim lots of things but what I know is that I can tell an Albanophobe from miles away. The fake UN worker above is just another Albanophobe that cant live without running crap out of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

To Phantom IV,

Your nickname sounds like one of those from Bond movies, but then again you lack the sophistication of its characters.
Firstly, you might be right when you claim "you are sick of the hate being preached on this site" and i do agree with it since mostly its coming from the Serbian bloggers. Then you blogg again.......! All i read is hate and anger, contradicting yourself. You sound very confused and blinded from hate. Have a drink. Clear you mind a bit donn't get too emotional!!
Secondly, you comment on the standard of life among the Kosovar Albanians. Fair enough! I might agree (again) with you on that one...Many reasons why, but i will give you just a few.

1) People like you go there and get paid a great amount of many, where all the humanitarian aid, yes the aid given by the hard working, honest individuals from all over the world, is taken from some of the most needed people on this planet by people like you.

2) You expect to be treated like a very important person; probably just children give you that treatment. In fact you are a corrupt and a selfish human being, and

3) You have a very small brain. How do you expect a country to recover 6 years after the war, when all its infrastructure has been destroyed and the money needed to rebuild that infrastructure was being sent to many of the personal bank accounts all over the world by people like you.

Anyway, the UN is doing a great job now. It got rid of people like you and look at Kosova now, the country is simply flourishing and in 5-10 years will be the strongest in the region, not military wise but economically.

Don't you worry about how much other nationalities hate us. We know were we stand with regard to them. In fact, we are building bridges everyday with them. Saying that i have been invited to a wedding this September. A good friend of mine is marrying his girlfriend of 5 years. She is a Swede.

Don’t you worry about us, you make sure you don’t go out of the perimeter assigned to you, if you want to be put off the sex offenders list.

Anonymous said...

Srebrenica Crime – Serbia’s Ticket Out of the Civilized World
Veliborka Staletovic

06 June 2005

Professor Dimitrijevic
The indifference that the political and intellectual elites demonstrates on the release and broadcasting of the video taped execution of six young men from Srebrenica will have crushing effects, says Vojin Dimitrijevic, director of the Belgrade Human Rights Centre.

The fifteen years under the Milosevic regime has caused huge damages on Serbia, and it will take at least twice that time to get over it, Dimitrijevic believes.

"We won’t be able to say, any more, that the ethnic cleansing and the genocide were a product of a regime that had little connections with us, for it seems now that, although aware of the facts, many people still back those crimes, or refuse to understand that they were, indeed, crimes against humanity”, Dimitrijevic commented for “Dnevnik”, Novi Sad based daily.

"I am afraid that we will have to be held accountable collectively, in front of the International Court of Justice and other institutions… The claims that we just defended ourselves and that the others did the same would be of little help… This is our ticket out of the civilized world", emphasized Dimitrijevic.


Anonymous said...

Srebrenica Crime – Serbia’s Ticket Out of the Civilized World

Veliborka Staletovic

06 June 2005

The indifference that the political and intellectual elites demonstrates on the release and broadcasting of the video taped execution of six young men from Srebrenica will have crushing effects, says Vojin Dimitrijevic, director of the Belgrade Human Rights Centre.

The fifteen years under the Milosevic regime has caused huge damages on Serbia, and it will take at least twice that time to get over it, Dimitrijevic believes.

"We won’t be able to say, any more, that the ethnic cleansing and the genocide were a product of a regime that had little connections with us, for it seems now that, although aware of the facts, many people still back those crimes, or refuse to understand that they were, indeed, crimes against humanity”, Dimitrijevic commented for “Dnevnik”, Novi Sad based daily.

"I am afraid that we will have to be held accountable collectively, in front of the International Court of Justice and other institutions… The claims that we just defended ourselves and that the others did the same would be of little help…

This is our ticket out of the civilized world", emphasized Dimitrijevic.


Albanian City said...

"There can be no democratic Serbia without Kosovo - Serbian Premier Kostunica?"

When Serbs will stop dreaming about DARDANIA?

Martyr said...

YOu know what, i dont care anymore. No one on this site knows anything but to be barbaric and retarded. Im so stupid for even ever posting here. Why debate something so stupid? The bottom line is, Kosovo; The Serbian cradle of life, will never become independant. Change the subject all you want, but you guys allways want everything. Next will be western Macedonia. Then Montenegro. Then Greece, but that far you cannot get, because you wont even have a kosovo. Its sad to see how So many serbs likemyself have become great friends with bosnians and croats despite our pasts, but serbs and albanians I dont ever see contemplating. Actually, only Muslim albanians. Id hate to bring religion into it, but for some reason it IS a major part. I have never had a problem with CHristian Albanians, evne had a girlfriend but nevermind that.

I know Kosovo will not become independant, but that doesnt wish that I want all albanians out of kosovo. I believe an ethnic albanian minority in Kosovo CAN be living peacefully with serbs.

I dream of a kosovo with mosques and churches, and maybe even synagogues. A kosovo with albanian and serbian schools, living together peacefully. I dream of the paradise Kosovo once was, but unfortunatly, it is obvious that the majority of the albanian population does not wish for the same thing. It's unfortunate that you guys want independance and nothing else. It's funny, because I believe you guys are the most stubborn people in the world, something serbia never had, which is basically why we are in the state that we are right now. But the fact that you guys wont even CONSIDER somehting short of independance surely cannot be a good thing, and for that I lose more respect everyday for you guys as you continue to burn our centuries old monastaries and churches.

Dont reply to me on this messege, because im tired of this pointless bullshit and this will be the last time i'm coming here, so bascially any1 that replies to this doesnt read my posts, like i said earlier.

MArtyr said...

Ethnic Serbian Minority****

and i am ouuuuuuut peace to all you people that deserve it

PhantomIV said...

I was a KFOR peacekeeper, I didn't volunteer, I was sent. And don't give me your bullshit about 500 years of war either. Scotland and England still have their differences. I come from N.Ireland so I know all about 500 years of war. I have patrolled some of the meanest streets on this planet as a peacekeeper. I have been to places where poverty is poverty, but somehow these people manage to keep their dignity. They try not to live in their own shit where physically possible. They certainly don't bleat about the lack of infrastructure. When you tip your garbage in the street i am sure you say to yourself "Oh's not my fault, it's the lack of infrastucture." I agree with you about the UN. To my mind they are a joke, even now. Credibility is like virginity, once it is lost it is near on impossible to get it back. And the UN lost theirs in Bosnia. They are blatantly attempting to cover up 5 years of mis-management, of corruption, and yes...most of them did come over and earn a huge wage for doing nothing. And if you are earning that much, why make the effort to do the job properly...there goes my mission, there goes my fat paycheck. Those spongers I am afraid are still there. The idealistic ones have long since left, totally demoralised by an organisation that is corrupt, ineffective and inept. They have also been disillusioned by you Kosovars own indifference and cruelty to each other. I ask myself, in this so called poverty stricken area with such high unemployment, how come so many of these hard done to Kosvars can drive around in top of the range cars??? Surely they haven't all come through hard graft? And even if so, why doesn't Mr. Krasniqi by himself a Golf instead of a Mercedes and give the change to a local charity. Because charity begins at home. Stop expecting more hand outs from the west and look to yourself.
But, how is the western world expected to help those who won't even try to help themselves.

Anonymous said...

KFOR Peacekeeper,

As an Albanian I see your point and we have a lot to work on. But trust me, there is a lot brewing under the surface, there are plenty of people who are about to provide a greater push in society and make it stronger and better.

But it has to start somewhere. For example, I have grown up in Kosova, with Serbs constantly f***ing up everything that meant something to me. And I have had enough. Credibility but also trust is lost like virginity.

This trust is difficult to restore when the issue is murder/rape/racial supremacy.

I can only thank you for having been in Kosova cause I am sure that if you even spoke to a single person the way you did here, you have done a great deed. People change, their habits change, unless they are brainwashed to a degree unimaginable.

As for Martyr, we would never ask for what is not Albanian, but look at Serbia, you know the famous Serb saying "Serbia till Tokyo"? Yes, my friend, you'd even take JAPAN!!! A country that fought off invasion for 1 milenium, Serbs allow themselves to imagine owning Tokyo.

The problem with Serbia is that unlike other truly strong countries, they have never matured out of the "imperial puberty". They still have this idea that in todays world they can be an empire. Wake up and smell the coffee and then watch some Care Bears...

Anonymous said...


You are comparing Kosova and the situation there with the one in Scotland and England!!!!!!
When was the last war between England and Scotland?

I am doing a PhD over here in England. The place is nice including Scotland (reminds me of Kosova). I happened to go to Glasgow and a few places. The things you write about Kosovar people... littering and blah blah can be found here as well. In a civilised society were people are house trained :)

Its easier to say "hey guys did not enjoy my time there". Period. Don't go and preach us about things that are part every society on this planet.
if you are British (I am doubting this one) I am sure that you live in the countryside and you are a hunter. There are not many people around English countryside to litter are there? They have made your life miserable, huh?

P.S. I do not think for a moment that you were a KFOR soldier, especially British. My oh my....How dare you claim to be one of them!!! British soldiers like James and a few more that I have met seem to think otherwise about Kosova and the Kosovar people.

Anonymous said...

I am a muslim and had a serbian orthodox girlfirend ages ago. Her name was Jelena. This however was happening when we had our good times in the past (just before 80 a few years maybe).
Why don't you try now?

Martyr said...

Youve inspired me to reply, to this post that actually makes sense and has a direct question. Im not going to lie, I have never had a muslim Girlfriend, But i live in Canada where there are many cultures, its just unlucky that i've never gone out with a muslim. I have very good Muslim friends from basically any muslim country. Bosnia, Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Africa. And to tell you the truth, I have liked muslim girls, but I've never managed to have a full relationship with them.
As a child of Mixed ethnicity (partly croat, serb and czech), I also have many religions tied into me, (such as Orthodox, Jewish and Catholic), and because of my parents and the way i was brought up, inter-racial/religious marriages are something I have no problem with. But I think anyone hear will agree with me when i say Religion can be a big influence on people, so big that sometimes things dont work with people who believe otherwise. At the moment, I can see myself going out with a Bosnian, Iraqi or even Pakistani, but not albanian. I hope this would all change eventually, because the people of the balkans deserve peace. Like you said, you dated that girl before 20 years ago, alot has changed since then.

Anonymous said...

You don't see your self going out with an Albanian cause the Albanian girl/boy will see the racist in you. If you had even a tiny bit of Czech or Croat culture in you and if you realy lived in Canada you would have gotten laid (even if you're in high school now) and not been so full of hormonal rage which you express here.

As for Croat, I am Croat and there is no way on the face of Mother Earth and Homeland Croatia and Greatness of Canada that you'd be so pro-Serb-genocide-&-anti-moral-justice, if you've spent a day in Canada with that sort of mix.

Croatia had to endure this too, shame on you for supporting such tyrany.


P.S. I know a lot of Albanians in Zagreb and down by the coast, muslims too, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Albanians are unbelievably un-muslim (most drink more than I do), whereas Middle East, North Africa, Afghans, Pakistanis, you mentioned are not only Muslim but quite dedicated and serious (a bit too much at times), and given that you've already expressed your dislike for Islam, I am wondering how much of this you're making up.

Again, dear Serb, do not associate yourself with Hrvatska, Czech or the Jewish people.

Martyr said...

I dotn associate my self as a croat because they burnt my neighbourhood down, tried to kill us and ruined our lives. I do not associate myself with czechs because i feel no connection with them, jews a little more, but mostly serb, and dont ask why.

A ako ti mislis da ja nekaram, pogresio si

Anonymous said...

Decko, onda nisi Hrvat.

Bokic tebi

PhantomIV said...

Dear UK PhD (in what???)
I am British and proud of it. I can trace my forefathers back over 500 years. You should get out more. Perhaps then you may find out that people in the UK who live in the countryside are not hunters. Mainly due to the ban on firearms. How dare you compare Scotland with Kosova. The Scots are an honest law-abiding nation in the majority. They have given more to help Britain maintain the British empire in the past. Without the Scots you would not have Penecillin, television, the telephone, the steam engine, tarmac roads...i could go on.
Yet we get on with our English neighbours, despite the fact that very little wealth travels back over the border from Scottish oil. But never think that it is a love affair. The cry for Scottish independence still goes on.
See an optician. Kosovo is nothing like Scotland.
And please, can you for once maybe accept that you are not perfect. You have had institutions in place for some time now. Taxes are being paid. But where is the money going?? Not on garbage collection, not on better health care or schooling or on better roads. It is lining the pockets of the people that YOU elected to do the best for you. It is the sheer stubborness and refusal of people like you that refuse to accept that perhaps you need to help yourselves that totally infuriates me. Once you can accept that then maybe you will achieve something

PhantomIV said...

And here's one to lighten things up a little. You can adapt it to fit, whatever your religion or race.
God turned to the first Scotsman and said "Truly, you are very fortunate. I have given you a land that is beautiful. Rivers of clear,clean water. Air that is pure. Seas that are bountiful. Scenery that is second to none on this planet. I have one bit of bad news for you though. I can't do fuck all about your neighbours!!!!"

Martyr said...


Martyr said...

read this you faggots talking about the Srebrenica video