Sunday, June 05, 2005

Kosovo ballads tops charts

A BRITISH army Captain's lament for the massacred Kosovans he witnessed during a Nato peacekeeping stint has become the year's super hit. James Blunt, 28, a Cavalry Guardsman has shot into the Top 10 with a debut album Back To Bedlam album of ballads, which has sold 110,000 copies. The ballad which challenges the traditional image of a military man, went to No.4 and now his single You're Beautiful is set to become his first Top 20 hit.

Blunt said it would be a good opportunity to play his songs in Kosovo. "It is the most beautiful part of the world."


Anonymous said...

cool tunes

I'm definitely getting their album

PhantomIV said...

for a blind man. Kosovo is the most beautiful part of the world???? What a load of shit

Anonymous said...

Beauty my friend is subjective. What kind of place does it for you then?

PhantomIV said...

mmmm....let me think...clean air, untarnished countryside, clear rivers....i think you may get the picture...clown!!!!

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