Friday, June 10, 2005

Return of Serbian forces to Kosovo is not possible: NATO commander

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro, June 10 (AFP) -

The return of Serbian forces to UN-administered Kosovo is not possible, the commander of the NATO-led international force (KFOR) in the province, General Yves de Kermabon, said Friday.

"The return (of Serbian forces) is not possible. It is impossible and unthinkable," General de Kermabon said.

Speaking to reporters on the eve of the sixth anniversary of NATO's presence in Kosovo, the KFOR commander said the international peacekeeping mission was experiencing one of its calmest periods since 1999.

"This is a result of KFOR's commitment to secure a peaceful and safe environment for Kosovo citizens", he said.

Kosovo has been administered by the United Nations since a NATO-led bombing campaign ousted Serbian troops from the mainly ethnic Albanian province in 1999 to end a Serbian crackdown on rebels.

The peacekeepers are in charge of establishing and maintaining a secure environment in the province, including public safety and order and of providing assistance to the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

KFOR has about 17,000 troops from 36 countries in Kosovo.

Since its deployment about 500,000 international peacekeepers served


Anonymous said...

Neither is possible return of British soldiers in the US.

Anonymous said...

They would return but they have bad expirience...Kustinca might come back though...I don't know how he will leave though

PhantomIV said...

What possible relevance does that have poster 1????

Beulah Betsie said...

blogger--wanted to make you aware of this little ditty by Norway's KFOR troops who are set to leave Camp Bondsteel this month..diplomatic row...and rightly so

Anonymous said...

They come back, we shall welcome then in the best way we know...

If hostile and armed, we'll server them cake and tea and make them realize they have nothing to do there but that it's better for them to go back to their wives and children and live a happy life..

If friendly and unarmed, we welcome tourists.