Saturday, June 11, 2005

Jessen-Petersen comes back from Belgrade empty-handed

All dailies carry the visit of the SRSG Jessen-Petersen to Belgrade where he met with PM Kostunica, President Tadic, CCK head Covic and Contact Group representatives there.

‘The SRSG expressed his wishes to Belgrade officials about the start of dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, as well as for Kosovo Serbs to join the Kosovar institutions,’ writes Koha Ditore on the front page, adding that Jessen-Petersen got back from Belgrade on Friday without an answer to his request.

‘UNMIK is ready to support political dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, although a date has not yet been set,’ Koha Ditore quotes UNMIK’s Information Director, Hua Jiang as saying.

Between two fires, is the headline in Express, which reports that within a few hours, the head of UNMIK was faced with two diametrically opposing stances on Kosovo. In the morning he listened to Kosumi, afternoon to Kostunica.

Dailies report that according to Serbian media, Belgrade is unhappy with the implementation of the Standards in Kosovo.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't try to bribe him with drinks, meat, women, just like they did the UN in Bosnia. Srebernica would not have happened if certain UN/NATO heads/commanders didn't enjoy pork to much.

Jessen-Petersen is cool...

Anonymous said...

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