Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Standards leaves Kosovo Government without holidays (Zëri, Koha)

Both dailies report that the Government of Kosovo has declared June as ‘a month to intensify implementation of the Standards’.

‘There are certain standards that have been fulfilled and some remain to be met at the end of this year. However, others will take years. The increased engagement of the Government will not leave room for holidays this year as it has committed itself to implementing the Standards according to the timeframe set’, said Daut Dauti, Government’s spokesperson.


Anonymous said...

good, they shouldn't be having holidays.............let them rest when they have achieved what the people want...independence.

Anonymous said...

I agree! No holidays for you lads, work work work work, same for most of us, work work work work, we have a thing to get to, and when we get to it, we have a lot more work work work work, work work work work to make this country one of the best to live in.

Kosova is Europe