Monday, June 13, 2005

Serbs block Kosovo bridge opening - BBC

More than 200 Serbian protesters turned out to block traffic at the reopening of a bridge between the divided ethnic communities in Mitrovica, Kosovo.

The town was the flashpoint for serious violence between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians in March last year.

For the first time in more than a year private vehicles were allowed to cross between the mainly Serbian half to the north and the southern Albanian side.

Despite the protest, the UN will open the bridge for two hours each day.
Crossing times will eventually be extended. It is a small but symbolic step.
Mitrovica has to a large extent come to embody the ethnic divisions in the province.

On one side of the River Ibar lies the largest single enclave of Serbs in Kosovo, separated from Kosovo Albanians on the other by armed Nato peacekeepers.

The tentative reopening of the bridge came hours before the arrival of Kai Eide, a UN envoy sent to Kosovo to assess its readiness to begin negotiations on its final status.

The majority of the population wants independence but Serbs in the province want it to remain part of Serbia and Montenegro.


arianit said...

This is reaction is contrary to even Serb interests. Instead of asking to go back to their homes in other parts of Kosova in return for giving up the occupied homes of the dislplaced Albanians, they protect their ghetto. This is very short-sighted and might very well turn out that they lose both like it happenned in Croatia.

Anonymous said...

This shows the true face of the Serbs. Obviously they do not want to live in a multiethnic society. Closing bridges is the best proof there is.

Anonymous said...

Guys, don't you see, they are preventing Kosova from acheaving the "standards".

Instead of being happy as they are in Kosova, Kosovar citizens, which means they will be able to travel through Europe earlier than Serbian citizens...they shouldn't do this.

Anonymous said...

If they looking back whot is hapend to serbs in Albania, they should be very careful staying and living with Albanian Kosovian killers.

Anonymous said...

The poster above obviously lives in an another planet. Hallucinations of a planet called Serbia.

Chris Blaku said...

This behavior is typically characteristic of Serbians, and this type of reporting is typically characteristic and sympathetic to their "oppressed minority" sob stories. While these very same reporters claim the Albanians have created isolated enclaves where the Serbs are prisoners, actions such as this show very clearly that these enclaves are created by Serbs. Moreover, the Serbs intend to keep these enclaves ethnically Serbian by blocking the entrance of Albanians, as they are obviously doing.

Where is the outrage of the international media? Has the world seen enough of the isolationist behavior of the Serbian people, or will they give the Serbians authority over Kosova again so the massacres may begin.

Modern day Serbians are simply an obstacle to peace. Their minds, their psyche, their very way of thinking must be rewired... As they are brainwashed through the falsification of their history.

It's imperative to note that Belgrade is financially supporting institutions in northern Mitrovica, despite UNMIK's objections. Many studies indicate that Serbian agents and paramilitary troops are being moved into Mitrovica under the alias of students and tourists. Whether these reports are baseless or with merit, the international community must investigate these claims very seriously, as they fit well with popular Serbian opinion that Kosova must be partitioned. Serbia has often had a habit of going against international opinion and basing their arguments on already-occured events (Invasions of Shkoder, Vermosh, Diber, among many other Albanian territories from 1913-1924 dozens of times).

The reality is, most of the West is aware of this and turns a blind eye, as tehy are hostage to Russian pressure to sustain support for this lost cause.

Clearest evidence thus far that Serbians do not desire a multi-ethnic society, they never have. Yugoslavia is a prime example that they are power hungry, ultra-nationalistic and most of all, incapable of sustaining peaceful relations with any different than themselves.

Those who call this harsh need only study the history of the Serbian people, from 1913-2005. Special emphasis on 1913-1945, and 1991-2001, where millions died due to their hunger for control.

Anonymous said...

The international community tends not to investigate Serbs because:

a) They see them as "civilized" since Serbs are excellent at giving this show
b) Serbs are quite strong and agressive so its better to not bother going into their areas
c) Albanians are too prepared to welcome foreigners, and this is the price we pay for our hospitality. We could say we are naiive.

Chris Blaku said...

You're 100% right. However, we are branded with the characteristics of the Serbs time and time again in the media, despite the obvious truth.

There are barely 50,000 Serbs in Kosova left, these are inflated figures from Belgrade. The fact that the news media even accepts figures from this city is proof enough of their bias, given Belgrade estimates that 200,000 Serbs have left Kosova, I'd venture to say that many Serbs have never inhabited Kosova in its history.

Anonymous said...

Serbs are such sorry asses. They are true hyenas. First they cry "freedom of movement", and then they block things themselves.

But you know what, there is one man who sees everything. His name is Petersen. He will give them the right stick.

Believe you me, Serbs will live to regret these steps.