Wednesday, June 01, 2005

NATO to hand over control of bridge in ethnically divided Kosovo town to police

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) - NATO-led peacekeepers plan to hand over the control of a key bridge symbolizing Kosovo's ethnic divided to the province's police, the force said Wednesday.

The bridge over Ibar river in the northern town of Kosovska Mitrovica has in the past six years been the scene of periodical violent clashes between ethnic Albanian majority, which lives south of the river, and Serb minority, which lives north of it.

The peacekeepers will hand the bridge over to the police on June 6, police said in a statement. If the hand over goes smoothly, it would mark an easing of tensions between the communities ahead of key talks to determine the province's future.

NATO-led force has been patrolling this disputed U.N.-run province since 1999, following the alliances' war against Serb forces in the province.


Anonymous said...

If this works, that'll be a good sign for all of Kosova. The bridge is where the Serbs during the riot last year were captured throwing grenades at the French and trying to blame it on the Kosovars. It will be dangerous for the police if the Serbs are still playing the provocateur.

Anonymous said...

The officers who go on that bridge need good protection on them, they will get attacked, its inevitable. If the Serbs attacked the French, they will attack the Kosovar Police.

This just makes me realize something, why does a vast majority of French "support" Serbia when they are willing to throw cocktails and granades on their own soldiers?

Anonymous said...

These are interesting comments,but you seem to not have all the facts,(1)A Serb in fact threw a grenade, he was intoxicated at the time and was trying to throw it across the bridge to the south, came up a little short, he was not even from Kosovo, he was an unemployed Serbian from Serbia that came down because of the riots.
(2)The bridge will be multi-ethnic both Serbian and Albanian along with UNCIVPOL as they were the day of the March riots when the Albanians stormed acrossed it and attacked the Serbians.
You people probably dont remember that,maybe selective memories,maybe you have heard it from someone, or most important "you were not there".