Friday, June 03, 2005

Mother sees son's shooting death in Serb massacre video

The Associated Press

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina Ghosts from the past. That's what greeted a Muslim woman from Srebrenica (SREH'-breh-neet-sah) when she watched the nightly news.

What she saw was a video from 1995 showing Serb forces executing six people, including her then-16-year-old son.

The tearful woman said "no one can understand how I feel" -- after viewing what officials say was an amateur video apparently made by Serb troops.

The video was first shown Wednesday in the Hague during a hearing at the U-N war crimes court trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic (sloh-BOH'-dahn mee-LOH'-shuh-vich).

As many as eight-thousand Bosnian Muslim men and boys were killed when Bosnian Serb troops overran Srebrenica nearly a decade ago. The mass killings are considered Europe's worst since World War Two.


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Anonymous said...

bastards, yes, but intelligent bastards.........

the serb leaders have expressed 'shock' after viewing the film..........

they were that dumbfounded that they thought people from mars were killing all the people in bosnia, croatia, kosovo, etc.

Anonymous said...

the atrocities were horrible, veyr hard to comprehend. However, let's give some space for recounciliatin. The feeling of shock expressed by the serbian politicians is a smart reaction. Would you rather have them express denial or ignorance as in the past?

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I agree .. reconciliation is the only answer for the Balkans. To hang onto our hatred and unforgiveness only breeds another war for the next generation.

We all agree that enough blood has been shed along ethnic and religious lines in our small region. Let's look for ways to build bridges of relationship .. and not blow them up!

Acceptance of responsibility is one step in the process. When are we as Kosovars going to own up that we are not guiltless either? We've done our share of killing, raping, and pillaging too! We need forgiveness as much as we need to extend forgiveness!

Anonymous said...

To the above poster,
Although we did some killing too, they can never be compared to the ones done by the serbs! Never!! You sound more like a serb, pretending to be an albanian.
As for the reconciliation, i agree there should be one. However, it is those who comitted the crimes that should ask for forgivness and its not the other way around. Saying that, I do not see a reconsiliation coming anytime soon between kosovars and serbs. This due to the fact that the serbian leaders are still threatning kosova with war (check the intrviewes of the SMZ defence minicter).
Unfourtunately, the serbs have been forgiven many times during history, however, they still backstab you and massacre you.
It is hard to forget and forgive your loved ones that are taken from you in the most barbaric way imaginable. So, far i haven't heard any of the serb leaders express their sympathy and comittment to resoling the long wait of thousands of families whose dears ones are buried all over serbia.
Indeed, instead of trying the ones responsible for the crimes, they go and destroy all the evidence that exist and the use the return of the bodies for their political points.
If you want true reconciliation you have to want it, and not pretend that you do and play with the feelings, the suffering of many Kosovar sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, housbands and wifes.... What about them? Why The so called democratic serbia of President Tadic and the cetnik PM Kostunica (who i bet you was the main man behind Zoran Djindj. assacination) do not just return the bodies of the missing? If you do find an answer to the above then- explain to me how should the Kosovars reconcile with their beloved neigbours!!!!!
I hope that as a nation they start coming out of their umbrella and become part of the modern world, and then maybe once they stop pretending to be the vicitims (when in fact they are the agressors), i hope, they will start living in peace with their neighburing cuntries (Kosova, Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovenia) -who massacrered innocent people from these countries.

Anonymous said...

3:55, you are a dumb bastard Serb. Albanians didn't fight "along religous lines", you Serbs did. You easily reveal your sick feelings.

Reconciliation?!! How about admitting to massacres in Srebrenica, Sarajevo Recak, Krusha, all of Drenica, Meje, Podujeve, Gjakove, Loxhe,..? Six years ago we barely escaped your genocide; now you want us to forgive and forget when you haven't even asked for forgeviness?!!!

Your scum politicians need not apologize for they have no such feelings in their minds. Ask them to shut the f**k up and dont' add injury to the wounds.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelieveable how blind Serbs are.

Anonymous said...

A definition of Denial from Webster's Dictionary:

* A constant state of mind for Serbs