Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Macedonia: Ministry official denies criticism of treatment of Kosovo refugees

Skopje, 1 June: Aco Janevski, state secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, stated Wednesday [1 June] that the ministry was surprised by the statement of UNHCR official Catherine Walker and the media report regarding the condition of Kosovo refugees in Macedonia, since the country's Law on Refugees has already been assessed as the best in the region.

"We do not intend to expel Kosovo refugees, but it is normal to exercise pressure regarding their return in the country of their origin, taking into consideration the interest of Macedonian citizens. The problem is that Kosovo is under UN management, and that is why the pressure is directed towards UNHCR," Janevski said at Wednesday's press conference.

Janevski reminded that Macedonia had received 64,000 refugees from Bosnia-Hercegovina and 360,000 from Kosovo.

"The initial costs fell on the country's burden, and were afterwards undertaken by international organizations. Currently, there are 24 individuals from Bosnia-Hercegovina with a refugee status, and 2,216 from Kosovo, who are mostly Roma, Egyptians, Ashkali and Gorani," he added.

According to the Law on Asylum, individuals with a refugee status or under temporary humanitarian protection have the same rights as Macedonian citizens or foreigners in the country. This means that they have the right for a job, can own real estate, social and health protection, as well as education.

Source: MIA news agency, Skopje, in English 1359 gmt 1 Jun 05


Anonymous said...

The problem with kosova is that there are too many albanians.Can't blame a country like Macedonia which will join the EU in 5 or so years for not wanting so many albys.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Balkans is that there are too many racists; like the poster above.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the balkans is that there are too many dickheads like the slav person in the first post.

Anonymous said...

They hate us :) this means we kick butt! :)

Sasho Veljanoski said...

It's always nice to help those in need, but when those in need bite the hand that feed's them, a stance is usually made to combat any further conflict. Letting in any more refugee's can cause seriouse unbalance.

Anonymous said...

the first poster is ignorant and racist....the kosovo refugees in macedonia are not albanian, but rather roma, serb, etc.

Anonymous said...

You cant blame Macedonians for being cautious. Albanians enter Macedonia and the crime rate goes up.
Everything they touch turns to shit. Just like Serbia's Kosovo.

Trimi said...

Macedonia has been crying about imaginary Kosovar refugees ever since they became independent. It's their hedge against deflated Albanian population numbers that they are responsible for. 50% of Macedonia is Albanian, not the 20% they claim. The hope of the Macedonian government is to deflect the additional 30%, which is soon to materialize upon Macedonia's entrance to the world stage, and claim they are Kosovar refugees that entered during the war and now refuse to leave.

It's a funny game these Balkan nations play... And due to the ignorance of the world, they've played it well. However, as EU integration extends southeast, the villainous motives and treacherous means of the Serbs and Macedonians will be displayed in front of the world.

The Greeks are feeling the heat, Serbia and Macedonia are next to be under the world's ultra-critical microscope. They want to join the EU, all the while encouraging racism and hate that date back hundreds of years? Greece slid past, Macedonia and Serbia are not influential enough to.

Macedonia, for instance, is 50% Albanian. In order for them to even be considered for EU integration... The EU must see that the Macedonians have not hindered or blocked the accession of its Albanian citizens to chairs and seats of power within the nation. That means within a few decades, half of the government seats should be occupied by Albanians, in theory. This is something that turns Macedonia's stomach... it seems their illegal land seizures in 1878 and 1913, and again in 1924 through the Yugoslav invasion of Albania.. are coming back to bite them in the ass.

Anonymous said...

It is all getting back. I am happy that as an Albanian we only fought when we REALY had to, when there was no other choice, and we fought their armies not their kids and grandmums.

Sasho Veljanoski said...

Wow, 50%, you must be employed by the Macedonian Government to know these type of stat's, Champ, even if there is this many albanian refugee's in Macedonia, how can they be considered citizens and become part of the population count if the are refugee's ? These refugee's were ALLOWED into Macedonia to prevent further genocide in the Kosovar war, once there is no more clear and present danger (as per the Geneva convention), these people must return to where they came from ? That was the agreement, wasn't it ? You must ask, China has over 1 billion chineese, How would the Chineese government react if 900 million Iraqi refugee's turned up on their doorstep ? Would China allow these refugee's permanent status ? I don't think so. Australia has a 14.8 million population, and yet the Australian government get over 50 thousand refugee's breaching it's waters every year, and every year, they are detained in a detetnion centre and then deported to their country of origin, one by one. Why should they let them in ? Illegal aliens take jobs, land and money that belong to Legal citizen's. There are procedure's in place in every country in the whole wide world, for people to immigrate to other countries. All Countries have laws on illegal aliens which must be followed. What make's these refuge's any different to 50 boat loads of illegal refugee's entering Australian water's ? What make's Macedonia so different that it has to wave these laws for Albanian's or any other person. Law's and constitutions have been adopted by every democratic country in the world, these must be followed for a country to exist on the world stage. Macedonia has played it's part in allowing these refugee's, refugee status until the war ends. The war has now truly ended and these refugee's are still in Macedonia. I think the tiny nation of Macedonia and it's government has shown great restraint in allowing this situation to continue. The time has come for these refugee's to depart Macedonia and return to their place of origin.

Anonymous said...

Again we see how the albanians play the role of the victim well and as always alleviate,exaggerate,and create tall tales.You albanians cry foul but why can't you answer for the Macedonian minority in albania that isn't even recognized as a minority.The albanians in Macedonia,the 25%,have the best treatment a minority group in europe can have.So all your lies about Macedonia stealing your land or commiting heinous acts against you people is really getting you no where.You have made the balkans a blackhole in europe,not the Macedonians.You have caused tension and turmoil in the balkans.Not the Macedonians.You allow al-queda training camps in and out of your land.Not Macedonia.Get it through your thick numbskulls,you will not achieve a greater albania through Macedonia.

Anonymous said...

Sure there's around 3 thousand FYROM-ERS who live in the Prespa region.
Who's talking about great Albania. No Albanian here even mentioned it. Everytime I hear great Albania it comes from the mouth of a Serb, FYROM-er or Greek. You use this phrase to justify genocide and human rights violations. You are an Albanophobe. I guess some Albo dude fvcked your sister pretty hard for you to be so angry.

Anonymous said...

50% albanian. I think that figure represents how much of your brain you have lost.
Under the worlds microscope, they will trully see that 20% and under is the more accurate figure. They will also see the 150,000 plus Macedonians that will soon get their party.

"It is all getting back. I am happy that as an Albanian we only fought when we REALY had to, when there was no other choice, and we fought their armies not their kids and grandmums."

Would you call the 15 Macedonian civilians you tortured, murdered and mutilated as our armies.

Would you say that a closure of a major dam that cut off water to thousands of civilians is just.

Cant wait until the day when the world trully see's what the albanians really are. The scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

I incredible ! Every nation talks bad about Albanians, Albanians think they have support from US, Albanians think they will have Kosovo as a free country even if it belongs to a sovereign country already, europe is sending them back to Kosovo every week because of criminality etc etc... Whats going on in their mind. Are the Albanians retarded like one soldier told me ?

Anonymous said...

It is so worthless to argue with the above posters, due to the fact that you WON't be able to understand human language. Your ignorance is so obvious that I feel sad for you.

When the world gets to know who Albanians really are, you and your brother slavs will have to disappear from that region retard. Instead of being thankful to people in whose land you are living, you are insulting them. Shame on you.

See, there are things that all you retards cannot hide. You can talk all you want, but when the world sees how couple of years ago your own troops killed two Albanian civilians for NO REASON, they get disgusted by your existence (As Albanians have already). So save yourself some time and stop BS-ing.

I honestly believe that Slavs are biologically underdeveloped.