Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kosovo Ex-PM Released By UN War Crimes Crt Pending Trial

Kosovo's former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj returned home Thursday after being released by a U.N. tribunal in the Netherlands pending the start of his war crimes trial.

Haradinaj, 36, resigned on March 9, a day after learning of a U.N. indictment accusing him of war crimes committed during the 1998-99 conflict with Serbian government forces. He had been in the U.N. tribunal's custody since. A panel of three judges released him Tuesday until the start of his trial.

Haradinaj is accused of leading a criminal plan to persecute, murder, rape and abuse Serbs and Roma, or Gypsies, in the ethnic Albanian-dominated province. He's also alleged to have participated in beatings and torture, including the abuse of ethnic Albanian civilians believed to have collaborated with Serbs.

He will continue to serve as president of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, the third biggest political party in the province and part of the governing coalition, a statement from his lawyer said.


Anonymous said...

What about Milosevic ?
Thomas Meza, AZ

Anonymous said...

What about Milosevic?

Milosevic does not recognise the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, did not hand himself in, does not want to face international justice, he is accused of genocide and very recently a very strong link between him and the genocide in Srebrenica has been established.

So, yes, what about him?

Go to sleep! Your tiny brain obviously needs a break.

Anonymous said...

What about Milosevic?

He's the biggest war criminal in Europe since WWII. He fought wars against the Slovenes, Bosnians, Croats, and Kosovars; slaughtered civlians & prisoners, destroyed hundreds of Christian churches and Muslim mosques, and plundered his own country. He should have been executed years ago but the pansy Europeans running the ICTY don't believe in the death penalty.

PhantomIV said...

Oh good. At least it will give him a chance to check his bank accounts. And there is the little matter of a bit of witness intimidation to take care of. Talk about double standards!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another commnet by another bitter Serb. Hit the ignore button for the comment above.

PhantomIV said...

Wrong!!! Once again and true to type. Why is it that you Kosovar Albanians believe that the only people who hold deep uncertainties and mistrust towards you are Serbian. World calling Kosovo!!!! None of us trust you

Anonymous said...

Youre right Phantom 4. I know hundreds of soldiers from different countries, US, France, Poland, GB, Greece etc, who came to Kosovo with a thought that Serbs were the bad guys and Albanians the victims. EVERYONE without exeption changed their mind after a while and understand that the Albanians LOVE to be victims of nothing. I have met some very good Albanians in Kosovo, dont get me wrong, but its sad and little bit funny too, that Albanians think that its only Serbs who mistrust them. I know about so much criminality in Kosovo, that I could write a whole book about it. EU and USA know it of course as well. Therefore there will be no independence. To the independence believers: Why do you think France and Netherlands (and 4-5 other countries who have not had referendeum yet) voted no to the constitution ?? Could it be that they dont want anymore countries in EU ? Expansion ? I dont think so. You will have freedom, but total independence, sorry but no way. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Dude you're supposedly only a soldier. You don't know anything about what Blair and Bush are thinking.

Anonymous said...

They released Haradinaj to soften the blow of Kosova not getting full independence right away. He will try to corral the fueding groups.

Anonymous said...

Haradinajs so called case is built entirely from serbian sources. In fact, Serbia did everything to make Hague indicte him. That includes fabricating "evidence" of his "crimes".
The fact that Hague accepted these "facts" is ridicoulus, but the fraud will be exposed soon enough.

A couple of families in Kosova, whose members are said to be victims of Haradinaj, have gone public and denied these silly accusations. Those persons were in reality killed by serbian forces. Those relatives were prepared to go and witness in the Hague if neccessary. And this came within days of his journey to Hague.

Even the leader for the Ashkali community strongly denied that Haradinaj is involved in crimes against his community. He even wrote a letter to the tribune denying these accusations. He was also prepare to witness in Hague in defence of Haradinaj.

So much for the fear of Haradinaj intimidating witneses in Kosova. Most of those "witneses" are in Serbia, instructed by serbian intellegence services. I don't believe Haradinajs can reach them there...

So, phantom and you other bashers, why don't you get your facts straight before typing? You just seem bitter...

Anonymous said...

Bitter ? No way, never been so happy in my life before. But what matter does it to try to explain to you seem not very clever. First of all. I am not a Serb, not even from the Balkans. But I know a lot about both Serbs and Albanians in my profession. Try to change your mindset for only 10 seconds. What if Im right that Haradinaj is a criminal like Milosevic ? Think IF he is.... would you still support him.....yes of course, because you have no other heroes...your mind is locked...and therefore this will handicap you in the future. You dont have to believe me...I simply dont care. Because you will see for yourself in the future. First of all you think seriously that Kosovo will be independent. Well, good luck. Maybe Kosovo will be much more free than today, but independent country.....I promise you, its impossible, you will see. Im telling not hope to much because you will be very sorry. Many Serbs did so incredible bad things to Albanians in Kosovo, no discussion about that. And many Albanian cowards did the same when the S forces ran away. We did not help you to get revenge. You should punish your "brothers" that rioted last March, because they really sat the "line" for the international communitys stance agaist the Albanian people in Kosovo. My God, how stupid could one be ? I am from US and my grand grandparents are from central/northern Europe. Our people have slowly but firmly changed our mind about Kosovo, especially after last March. My government released 10m $ last week to Belgrade and more is coming. Another secret you might not know. ICTY released Haradinaj because they at the same time released 2 serbs from Bosnia.
Teddie, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Anonymous said...

Are you finished ranting?

I never said you were serb. I really don't care about your nationality. And you have every right to your own opinions, whatever they are.

But your gross generalizations and sheer dumb ignorance is simply amazing.

First of all, how do you know that we will not get independence? Are you a state official with insight on US foreign policy? I doubt that very much. You can speak only for yourself.
You don't seem to have a clue about politics anyway. Kosovars will not get independence cause we're cowards?! Yeah, great argument there... "Can't beat an idiot in his own game".

Second issue, you mention US giving help to Serbia, whole 10m US$! Wow!
Have you ever heard of carrot and the stick? Probably not by reading the quality of your posts.
Serbia is only getting some of it's own frozen assets back, IF they help arrest Mladic.

And I don't know what Haradinaj has done or not during the war (and neither do you). But the things he is accused of right now are bogus. Fabrications by serbian services to destibilize the region at a crucial time.
But that backfired bigtime. Haradinaj showed the whole world (and especially other Balkan countries) how it's done. Went straight to Hague, with no hesitation. That's because he knows that accusations against him are fabrictions.
And you call Albanians cowards?!
What about Serbian "heroes" that have been hidin for ten years?

You are a sorry person with a twisted look on reality. You think that your own personal prejudice can be applied to the rest of the world.
But guess what? It's time to wake up from your la-la land fantasies and see reality. And no mater how much you bitch, you can't change the fact that Kosova is going towards independence...


Chris Blaku said...

What a welcome argument. :)

First and foremost, Phanton and the another anonymous poster who "isn't from Serbia or even from the Balkans" are ranting and raving ignorantly. Their bias is strong and the influence is clear.

1) Haradinaj was arrested only to soften the blow for Serbia with recognizing Kosova's independence. He was released pending trial, and will be acquitted of all charges a few years following independence, whether it be conditional or full-fledged. I also predict hell serves a few terms as President or PM.

2) Milosevic viewed the Srebrenica video in court and claimed it was a falsification. A fabrication made by the West, maybe they did it in Hollywood.

Nations in Europe have voted "No", to the EU constitution not because of immigration and expansion you nitwit. The main concern in the Constitution is voting rights, as France is concerned about having the same voting power as, let's say Poland. It's a legitimate concern for a power hungry and arrogant nation such as France, and a clear barrier to European expansion.

Teddie, it's hard to believe that someone is so anti-Kosovar Albanian without being exposed to the poison of Serb media. Whatever the case may be, the U.S. released the $10m in aid which is only a fraction of the $25m in annual aid due to Serbia from the United States that has not been paid since the 1990's. Albania's nation and army have received loans and grants ten fold from the United States and other allied nations, particularly for their rigid support of the War on Terror, despite the condemnation of the Serbian public of the invasion of Iraq (Milosevic and Saddam Hussein were buddy buddy, Saddam even sent Milosevic poison and toxic weapons that he ended up using on Bosnian and Albanian civilians).

As for corruption and crime in Kosova, whether or not this is the case, remains to be concluded by officials. However, the fact that the territory is the poorest in Europe, has an unemployment rate of 60%, and a 75% population under 30... must force even Serbians to commend the behavior and tolerance of the Albanians in Kosova. The riots in March, were engineered by foreign troops there, in cooperation with agents in Mitrovica, which is why (hardly ever mentioned) more Albanians were killed than Serbs.

And going forward, the American people have not changed their mind on Kosovar Albanians, only the ones that follow Serbian inspired websites such as, and

Here is the reality of the people you are commending, and the ones you bring down with your slandering. Serbia is a nation that under 400 years of Ottoman occupation, provided little or no resistence to Turkish reign, other than fabricated historical myths. With help from Russia and the West, they broke free of Ottoman grip, so they could conspire to annex lands from their long-time neighbors to the south, the Albanians. Upon Albanian independence (which was provoked by the Serbians so they could have open access to Albanian land), the Serbs pillaged and burned to the ground no less than 250 Albanian villages in modern-day Southern and Central Serbia, as north as Nish (whose population was almost all Albanian). It is estimated by British officials, that 25,000 Albanians were killed (we can assume this number to be conservative, as the report in mention made no argument for the reversal of this behavior by the Serbians, yet merely stated the event). Hundreds of thousands of people were driven South, into Kosova. The method of choice for exterminating the Albanians, village fires where, according to the same official, women and children were thrown in regularly. The same Serbia that in the early 20th century wrote a doctrine called "The Extermination of the Albanians from Kosova". Remind you of a certain mustached maniac's party in Germany circa 1939 doesn't it? Of course, to put this doctrine into practice, they devised plans of murder, oppression, forced expulsion, etc... In the 1960's alone, one million Albanian Kosovars were deported to Turkey under the guise of Turks left over from Ottoman reign. Turkey, accepting cheap labor of course, gladly obliged, and both countries were given loans and grants in return for their charitable refugee work.
Undocumented deportations occurred in the 1910's and 1920's, however, the paperwork for that has conviniently disappeared.

On to modern Serbia, where the blood of nearly a million lies between their fingers. How one can sit there, and nonchalantly blame the Albanians and tell tall stories about the Serbs is beyond me. The systematic rapes in Bosnia, massacres in both Bosnia and Kosova, and overall aggressive behavior of the Serbs should be apparent to all by now. They disintegrated Yugoslavia, and they themselves lost the misplaced right to govern Kosova, a right they never deserved. So add all of these facts up, you're telling me this is a nation we should be proud of?

Now onto the Albanians, a people who are as ancient as any on the planet. Since ancient-Illyria (whom Albanians have been proven to succeed), Illyrians/Albanians were never aggressive. Territorial conquest for this advanced urban culture was a notion familiar to their Greek and Roman neighbors. The Roman invasion of Illyria at the turn of the millenium brought about change to the empire, however Romanization was slight and unnoticed, contrary to popular historical beliefs. Upon the split of the Empire, Illyrian/Albanians continued to maintain peace with their neighbors... And even went as far as to welcome Slavs, Bulgars, and other invaders with hospitality. Moving forward to Ottoman times, the Albanians were the fiercest to defend their land from the Ottoman brigands... As Serbia, a nation who recently created a cultural identiy under the Nemandji's, rolled right over and intermarried and intermingled among the Turks for territorial power. Post-Ottoman... The Albanian's borders have been pressured by its neighbors since 1878 and the treaty of San Stefano. The Albanians are a people whose patience for justice has run for 2,000 years... Enough credit cannot be given for the cultural integrity and historical signifigance of Albania's people.

Evident even today, as Kosovar Albanians anxiously await International justice in the form of much-deserved independence. Albanians tried a peaceful co-existence, they tried peaceful protest among the most extreme oppression, in the end... It was an open rebellion that expelled the Serbian occupier from their lands.

So, Teddie from Ft. Lauderdale, I welcome an argument. Comparing the Albanians to the Serbians is something I can sit here and do all day... As the histories do not compare.

P.S. The Albanians don't have any other heroes? 50,000 KLA soldiers more than make up for Mr. Haradinaj's capture for us to look up to. It is clear the trial is a fabrication, and meant only to appease Serbia and quell their anger over impending independence for Kosova.

Chris Blaku said...

By the way, you said any diplomat you spoke to is against independence? Not the chief of UNMIK it seems:

Epoka e Re carries an extensive interview with Kosovo chief administrator Søren Jessen-Petersen. According to the paper, the UNMIK said he would gladly become an advocate for Kosovo’s independence, but he lacks decision-making competencies. ‘According to Resolution 1244, it is my duty to send Kosovo to the start of talks on final status. It is not in my mandate to decide on the status, I have no decision-making competencies on the status. It is impossible not to have personal feelings if you are in touch with the people, but I prefer to keep my feelings to myself,’ said the SRSG.

Funny, isn't it? He's in contact with the people and overwhelmingly pro-Albanian. Says a lot for Serbia, especially coming from a European.