Thursday, June 02, 2005

Eide starts work late June, report prepared in August

Citing Western diplomatic sources, Zëri reports that Norwegian Ambassador to NATO Kai Eide, who will be the special envoy for standards assessment, is expected to start work in the second half of June. According to the paper, Eide is expected to thoroughly review the technical reports prepared by UNMIK and the Kosovo Government on the implementation of priority standards.

The same sources told Zëri that although decentralisation is not formally part of the package of standards it is nonetheless seen as the key moment for a positive mark for Kosovo.

The paper also says that in July Eide is expected to visit Kosovo quite often and meet senior local officials in order to have a direct feel for the process of standards. Eide is expected to finish the comprehensive review in August and submit it to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

On the same page, Zëri reports that UNSG Annan will appoint Eide as his special envoy for standards assessment in Kosovo. ‘Eide’s report will include the overall political, economic, social and interethnic situation in Kosovo and will take into consideration the opinions of other relevant international and regional actors,’ an unnamed senior international official told the paper.

Express claims that the UN has already informed Eide that he is the special envoy. Reliable sources told the paper that UN officials phoned Eide on Tuesday afternoon to officially inform him about the post.

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