Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Vietnamese most optimistic for 2006 - Kosovo on the 3rd Place

Section: Regional News - A Gallup International poll showed that Vietnam and China are the most optimistic of 66 countries polled in looking to the year ahead.

The poll showed that among surveyed residents in Vietnam and China, 75 percent said 2006 would be better than this year.

They were followed by Kosovo, 73 percent; Afghanistan, 69 percent; and the Dominican Republic, 66 percent.

Meanwhile, respondents in Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovinia were the most likely to believe that 2006 would be a worse year, with 54 percent, followed by Guatemala, 52 percent; the Philippines, 50 percent; and Serbia, 47 percent.

Vietnam has the highest economic expectations for 2006, with 69 percent expecting economic prosperity next year, followed by China with 64 percent, according to the survey. - VNA

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