Tuesday, January 24, 2006

40 international delegations confirm arrival through Pristina Airport (Koha)

The paper quotes Pristina Airport Deputy Director, Afrim Haziri, as saying that over 40 delegations have booked their landing schedules in Pristina, adding that the staff has made all the necessary preparations to handle, what he called ‘special state delegations’.

According to Haziri, Pristina Airport has considered the possibility of diverting some of the commercial and military flights to Gjakovë/_akovica or Skopje respectively, says Koha Ditore.

The paper adds that the flux of citizens coming for the burial ceremony of former President Rugova is still increasing.

Lajm says that Gjakovë/_akovica and Skopje Airport are getting ready to receive flights


Anonymous said...

Serbia is so childish. It blocked Macedonia from transporting aviation fuel through Serb territory into Kosova that foreign delegations coming to President Rugova's burial were going to use.
On the other hand, Tadic wanted to come to the ceremony pretending that he cares. Hell no!

Anonymous said...

They block the oil so that our families can freeze in this horribly cold weather. And they want us to be part of their state!! Never!

Anonymous said...

Serbia quit being dumm, ya dummies know better then asking for a permission to attend OUR GREATEST LEADER of all Dr. Ibrahim Rugova. Serbia i got news for you, whether you like it or not Kosova is getting it's INDEPENDENCE in ya face fockers