Monday, January 30, 2006

Decision on Kosovo status should be applicable to other areas - Putin

MOSCOW. Jan 30 (Interfax) - President Vladimir Putin has said that the plan for settling the final status of Kosovo should be universal.

At a Monday meeting with Cabinet members he asked Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to made Russia's opinion known to all members of the contact group for Kosovo that will be meeting later this week in London.

"It is a crucial issue for us not only from the viewpoint of observing principles of international law, but the practical interests of former Soviet republics," Putin said.

"All options that the contact group will work out should be universal," he said.

"This is extremely important for the former Soviet Union because not all conflicts here have been settled. We cannot take a road on which some rules will apply in one case and others in another. One should remember that solutions should be universal," he said.


Kosovar2006 said...

Is Russia proposing Independence to its provenices (Dagestan,Chechnya etc)
Oh my god

Or is he saying Independence is not the Option ?

Prince of Albania said...
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Prince of Albania said...

I agree with his suggestion!
I think that any nation that has a compact territory with a vast majority of the population, where the majority of the people have a political wish, be that independence, joining another country or separating in half, should get their wishes fullfiled. Principles of self determination should be respected and followed wherever conflicts exist. That is the only way to peace.
So if Chechenya, Dagestan, Nagorno Karabakh etc, want independence, and they have the overwhelming support of the people, they should be granted such status.
Putins wishes are more sinister though, he wishes to link Kosovo with territories such as these so as we would get denied Independence. He is suggesting that Kosovo SHOULD NOT get independence based on these principles.
Won't happen though. Russia has very little, if any, clout when it comes to the Balkans today. The decision has been made that Kosovo will be independent.
The only question that remains is, at what price to the Albanians, since these "status" negotiations are more about the status of Serbs in an Independent Kosovo, rather than Kosovo's Independence it's self.
We will have to wait and see.
Best Regards, Prince of Albania!

Kristian said...

Prince of albania

that is a good assesment of what he was trying to say. He is saying that independence should not be an option bc it would cause problems in other areas around the world, specifically his country.

And it really depends on how Albanians will treat serbs. I grew up here in the states and ppl of former yugo get along very well. And I totally understand and have had losses due to the war, but ppl in Kosovo/a have to really relax when it comes to serbs. Not a sympathizer but its reality. In order for kosovo/a to get the best terms in the deal it all comes down to the minorities in the country of Kosovo/a.

But Putin should realize the situation of the FROY and its constitution. The province had the right to seperate and had all the rights of a republic, which does make it a special circumstance compared to other regions in the world.

Lets see what will have to be compromised in the talks.

Good luck to our team!

Anonymous said...

Prince of Albania

I wonder if George Bush will welcome your views on altering international law. You sggest that Texas should become an independent Republic simply if the majority of Spanish speaking citizens wish it?

Likewise Tony Blair: Yorkshire should become an independent Islamic state in Britian if a majority of Islamic citizens wish it?

Anonymous said...

Following up The BRONX should be an another independent Albanian State

Is Putin gonna cause trouble in this issue lets wait and see

Anonymous said...

Never listen to putin, I have never seen a leader so annoying. He knows nothing about any of the Ballkan conflicts and yet he loves to intervene. If he wants to support serbia, he first should get his troubles fixed. The international community, mainly america, keeps russia alive with food stamps. I never like how Putin still believes anyone gives a shit what he thinks?

Anonymous said...

Are you being serious?Are you comparing Serbia with the U.S and Great Britain?Just to remind you.

Serbia- Genocidal,terroristic country,caused 4 wars and 250,000 victims.
U.S & G.B-Are conisderd as the most consolidated democracies in the world.

Texas used to be part of Mexico like kosova has always been albanian land.but the difference is how the spanish people are treated in America and the rights they have.Even the spanish illegal immigrants have more rights then albanians have ever had under serbia.
Yorkshire is a fucked up example that only a sick racist mind can make up.

Prince of Albania said...

Dear “At 5:26 AM” Anonymous Poster, as my friend above said, you must have a sick and twisted mind to draw conclusions like these.

First and foremost, the Right to Self-determination is a Right that is recognized for Nations or Peoples. It IS NOT a Right reserved for Religious Groups or Linguistic Entities. As such it would not apply to either of these cases.

Second, both the United States and Great Britain have recognized this Right of Nations under the League of Nations Charter, which is now defunct, and the Charter of The United Nations. I'm sure you know both the UK and US are founding members as well as Permanent Security Council members. (Not that the UN is a functioning organization, because if it was we would not have these conflicts to begin with!) Under these circumstances, they legally recognize this as a Right.

Third and most important, as a human being, I believe that people have the right to choose, so long as their choice does not advocate the destruction of another state or nation. If you were one as well, you would understand this point.

I was raised under Serb oppression in Kosovo and until my 21'st birthday I did not know what it means to have human rights. I suffered continuous systematic discrimination both as an individual and as part of the Albanian Nation of Kosovo. I went to school in private dilapidated houses, had both my parents fired from their jobs for being Albanian, and had countless, less than pleasant, encounters with Serb police. And, get this, I had it easy.

Villages were burned, children, women and the elderly killed, over a million deported, and the list goes on and on. Other people suffered ten times worse!

Anytime a nation suffers through this, they have earned the right to decide their fate; they have earned The Right to Self Determination!

That's that, son!

Kristian, I wholeheartedly agree with your assertion concerning the current state of the Serbs in Kosovo. They have a right to be there just as much as we do. They should be afforded every opportunity that is afforded to their Albanian countrymen. They should be protected from discrimination, because ultimately, the people that discriminate against Kosovar Serbs are no different to me than those Serbs that discriminated against Kosovar Albanians!

I understand that people sustained losses, but not every Serb is guilty, and not every Albanian is guilt free.

We must create a climate in Kosovo that will allow all peoples, regardless of Race, Religion, Ethniticity or Creed, to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Live and let live I always say!

Best Regards, Prince of Albania

Kristian said...

Prince of albania

Again I agree with your point of view. Your last paragraph pretty much sums it up. I would add one thing that education will be a key to getting ppl to think along those lines.

The govt. has to be strict and enforce the law. Especially ppl that are prone to violence. Psychologically we all know why some ppl resort to violence. And especially those that lost family, but the LAW IS THE LAW and it should be enforced so the ppl understand that the govt. will not allow such actions to continue for it will hurt our Independence. Independence with restrictions is not the way to go. :(

ivan said...

"First and foremost, the Right to Self-determination is a Right that is recognized for Nations or Peoples. It IS NOT a Right reserved for Religious Groups or Linguistic Entities. As such it would not apply to either of these cases."

So Serbs should have the right in Kosovo & Metohija to self determination and they should have the right to choose if they want to be part of Serbia or your so called new state. But then you tell me that no borders can be changed. But based on what principle can the borders of Serbia be changed?

Mir said...

" But based on what principle can the borders of Serbia be changed?"

The Double-Standard Principle

Chris Blaku said...

Texas doesn't have a Spanish speaking majority. That was the worst analogy I've ever seen.

Putin overestimates Russia's importance to the World. If he believes that by stating Kosova's status be a precedent, already a predetermined outcome, that he is guaranteeing trouble from Chechnyans and scaring the United States he is severely mistaken. Russia and China, and the 200+ republics between them, will have trouble with their populations, regardless of Kosova's outcome.

Prince of Albania said...

Mir and Ivan,

If that was the case then you would have to also cede Northern Vojvodnia to Hungary, grant Sandjak independent status, allow Preseva, Bujanovc and Medvegja to join Kosova, give Pirot and the surrounding municipalities to Bulgaria, and the map of Serbia would end up resembling a splat of crap on the wall!
On the other hand Montenegro, Greece and Macedonia would have to give us back lands where Albanians form a majority.
I don't have a problem with that. Let's do it!!!
Best Regards, Prince of Albania.