Monday, January 23, 2006

U.S. Office ceremony to lower the American flag to half staff, in tribute to the late Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova


Visit Prishtina said...

This is a sincere question, no "indirect" implications of any kind:

Did the American Embassy in Belgrade lower the American flag to half mast to honor Serbia's late Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic when he was muredered?

I just want to know the significance of this noble act by our American friends and allies in Prishtina.

Please answer only if you know for certain, a "yes" or "no" would do.

Many thanks.

Visit Prishtina said...


Office of Public Affairs

Arberia/Dragodan, Nazim Hikmet 30, Pristina 38000
TEL: (038) 549 516 FAX: (038) 548 615

January 23, 2006

Informal Remarks by Philip S. Goldberg, Chief of Mission , at the U.S. Office ceremony to lower the American flag to half staff, in tribute to the late Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova

[Pristina, USOP] - In a brief ceremony at the U.S. Office Pristina today, Chief of Mission Philip Goldberg presided over the lowering of the American flag to half mast, to honor Kosovo's late President Ibrahim Rugova. In impromptu remarks, the Mr. Goldberg commented:

-Thank you everyone for coming out on a very cold and a very sad morning. I said on Saturday, after hearing about President Rugova's passing, that Kosovo had lost a great leader. But we in the United States have lost a great and devoted friend. There aren't many leaders in the world, or peoples in the world, who have as much affection and respect for the United States as did President Rugova and as do the people of Kosovo. And out of respect for him, respect for his friendship for the United States , and respect for the people of Kosovo, I feel it's very appropriate that we also lower the American flag to half staff during this mourning period. It means a lot to us, and I'm sure it will to the people of Kosovo as well.

(The commander of the U.S. Marine detachment lowers the American flag to half mast.)

As you know, I got to know President Rugova very well over the last year and a half. I met him the first time eleven years ago in Washington, and I knew him to be a very kind and gracious man as a person, in addition to what he did as a leader and really as a symbol of Kosovo to the world. And I think it would be appropriate, now, as we wish and pray that his soul rests in peace, to take a moment -- before we get out of this very cold weather -- to have a minute of silence in his memory, and for a bright future here, and to remember this great friend of ours.

(USOP staff remain silent for one minute.)

Thank you very much for coming this morning.


Visit Prishtina said...

Photos from the ceremony:


Sami said...

The American Embassy in Belgrade lowered its flag to half staff when Djindjic was murdered. They also passed House Resolution #149 on 9 April 2003 to officially express condolences of the U.S. to Serbia.

Anonymous said...

Lowering the American flag for President Rugova and Prime Minister Djindjic is appropriate. That flag will not move even one millimeter when Milosevic dies.

Anonymous said...


If Serbia says that "Kosovo is Serbia", why don't they declare a day of mourning for Rugova?

Damn hypocrites...

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, these are some figures that the friendship between Kosova and America arw going to last foet a long long time. Once again I appreciate our American friends for helping us out at the most difficult time.