Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thousands of people pay homage to President Rugova’s body (Dailies)

The ceremony of paying homage in front of President Rugova’s body, who lies in repose at the Assembly hall, started early yesterday and thousands of people expressed condolences to his family. People have been waiting in line for hours to honour the President, dailies write.

Dailies also report that the Kosovo Protection Corps were the guards of honor. Despite very cold weather, apart from institutional leaders, local and international, thousands of people from all Albanian territories paid tribute to the President, writes Koha Ditore.

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Anonymous said...

Kshtu e tregojm na SHQIPTARIJEN ton kur krejt SHQIPTART shkojn per nje 10 sekunda pamje te mrëmt to Dr. Ibrahim Rugoves.
Momentalisht ju kisha lut tëghithve qetsi per hir të botes edhe të Rugovesm.