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Here Comes Montenegro - The Wall Street Journal

By Janusz Bugajski
18 January 2006

(Copyright (c) 2006, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

It's decision-time in the Western Balkans. As the final status of Kosovo will be determined over the coming months, Serbia and Montenegro are approaching a formal divorce once the smaller of the remaining Yugoslav republics holds a referendum on independence in April.

International involvement is needed to help these three quasi-states resolve all this peacefully and successfully. Attempts to prevent democratic choices for national self-determination would exacerbate conflicts in the years ahead. The alternative to establishing legitimate states is growing nationalist resentments that will be increasingly directed against the EU, NATO and others on the ground in the Balkans.

Although the status of Kosovo took center stage last year with the appointment of former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari as the UN mediator, it is tempting but wrong to link this issue to Montenegro, the mountainous coastal republic of less than a million people, where no international mediation is necessary. Unlike Kosovo, Montenegro was a federal republic in the defunct Yugoslavia with the same right to independence as all countries emerging from this failed state, including Slovenia, now an EU and NATO member.

Montenegro postponed its independence vote three years ago after EU representatives pressured the government in Podgorica to temporarily sacrifice the republic's national aspirations in the hope of pacifying Serbia. But the Serbia-Montenegro Union has proved to be a dysfunctional and expensive arrangement that has worsened relations between the two capitals and slowed down their reform programs.

Some EU diplomats calculate that pressing Montenegro to annul its planned referendum on statehood will compensate Serbia for the loss of Kosovo. But manipulating the destiny of Montenegro will not assuage regional nationalisms. It is likely to further embolden radicals in Serbia and distract attention from the country's internal reforms. It will also generate resentment among the pro-European and pro-American portion of the Montenegrin population that supports independence. Although a narrow majority is in favor of statehood, opinion polls show this to be the most educated, reformist and entrepreneurial part of the population that sees Montenegro's future in the EU and NATO.

Montenegro's governing coalition, led by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, includes post-communist reformers, social democrats and representatives of the Albanian minority who seek to build a multi-ethnic state based on civic principles rather than ethno-national identity. However, the reform process has been stalled because of Montenegro's isolation from Western institutions and its continuing links with an even less reformed Serbia. Additionally, Belgrade has sought to discredit the independence movement by charging the Montenegrin authorities with criminal connections.

During the Milosevic era, Podgorica kept itself afloat by bypassing international sanctions on ex-Yugoslavia and building its own state institutions in opposition to Milosevic. Montenegro's independence will help to make the government more transparent and its aspirations to join the EU will enable it to meet the required international standards for good governance.

Montenegro's plan to hold a democratic referendum was legitimized by the EU when it established the current State Union. The arrangement stipulated that either republic had the right to hold an independence referendum after three years, and this period expires in February. The EU troika also acknowledged Montenegro's right to a plebiscite once the recommendations of the Venice Commission on voting principles were issued in December. Having validated its compliance with international standards, Podgorica is planning to announce the date of the referendum in the coming weeks.

Paradoxically, one of the longest existing states in the Balkans is poised to be one of the last to restore its independence. While the rest of the peninsula was under Ottoman control for almost 500 years, Montenegro preserved its sovereignty and its royal family was linked by marriage to almost every European monarchy. Serbia deposed the Montenegrin king when it gained control of Montenegro after World War I and manipulated the close ethnic affinity and common language of the two nations to claim that Montenegro was simply a province of Serbia.

Montenegrin officials point out that a reaffirmation of statehood will serve to improve relations with Serbia by removing fears of domination and assimilation. At the same time, borders will become increasingly redundant as both states move toward membership in Europe's institutions.

The greatest benefit to Serbia from casting off Kosovo and Montenegro will be its own independence, which has been thwarted by three failed Yugoslavias. Freed from incessant disputes with Podgorica and Pristina over state structures, administrative responsibilities and financial obligations, Belgrade will finally be in a position to build a strong Serbia, pursue more rigorous structural and economic reforms, and move forward on NATO and EU membership.

The surest path to international integration is through legitimate statehood. Only sovereign countries can enter NATO and the EU, not unstable entities, joint states or international dependencies. If the EU disqualifies any legitimate Balkan state from the European project, it will lose credibility and effectiveness as a democratic bloc. Delaying the status question would increase opportunities for cross-border criminal networks, encourage depopulation as locals escape to the richer EU countries and radicalize a younger generation with diminished prospects for employment. It would be less costly and less disruptive to accept three new countries that commit themselves to a process of Europeanization.


Mr. Bugajski, director of the New European Democracies project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, is co-author with Ilona Teleki of the "Atlantic Bridges: America's New European Allies," forthcoming from Rowan and Littlefield.


Kristian said...

"It would be less costly and less disruptive to accept three new countries that commit themselves to a process of Europeanization."

Key word is COST. That is what the Western Powers, Russia, China will discuss the most about the current situation of S&M and Kosovo/a. As powerful as they are they are looking at how to get out and leave the area be.

Dardania 2006 said...

I am so happy for Montenegro...

Its like a friend of yours that is dumping a cheating girlfriend/boyfriend...

Go Montenegro!!!

Cvijus011 said...


Wait to see the outcome of the referendum.
Bare in mind that 31.99% of its population are Serbs, whereas 43.16% are Montenegrins. Bare in mind that not all Montenegrins are for this "divorce". You already know the position of the Serbs.
For the referendum 50% +1 have to vote from the total of the population and from the results a 2/3 of the votes have to be pro-independence to become valid.
So wait and.

PS- You don't need to have any reason to be happy because the outcome of the referendum doesn't affect you in Kosovo-Metohija.

Visit Prishtina said...


We certainly have to wait and see the outcome of the referendum, but you have to accept man, it's exciting time for all of us.

The reason why we, the Albanians (from Albania, Kosova, Macedonia etc) are excited is because soon Albanians will be a minority of approx. 7 per cent of the population in a country. That percentage could be higher than the percentage of Serbs living in Kosova. That means, Albanians could get more human rights, such as, the right to higher education in Albanian language, more Albanians in the local administration, police, military and so on.

But another reason we are very excited about is the fact that if the referendum on independence of Montenegro is successful then Serbia becomes a landlocked country (i.e. no access to the sea). That changes a few things, believe you me.

You also need to bare in mind that not all Serbs are against this divorce either.

So, if you take 43% Montenigrins + 7% Bosnians + 7% Albanians + 4% Muslims + 1% Croats then this equation becomes very interesting indeed.

ivan said...

more human rights for albanians? And what human rights dont you have now in Montenegro?

Cvijus011 said...

now now dr. pristina

If you watch RTCG you will see on a daily basis 2 hours of programme in albanian for albanians. In schools with an albanian majrity albanian is teached and there is a billingual administration. Did you forget that themontenegrin minister for human and minority rights is an albanian?
Now let's make an analysis of every group itself:

Montenegrins: divided on that issue.

Serbs: Against independence

albanians: rejoicing because they
are one step closer to create greater albania

Bosnians+Muslims: Mostly against because they will be separated from their countrymen in Sandzak.

Croats: Against because they will lose the federal funds coming from the ministry for human and minority rights.

Besides, Czechia, Hungary and Austria are landlocked countries and are very succesful. Serbia is on crossroads that connect the Balkans with the rest of Europe, mostly due to corridor 10 and the Danube.
Even if we become landlocked, why are you so happy about it? You're really opsessed by your hate and therefore you will never move on.

Anonymous said...


"Even if we become landlocked, why are you so happy about it? You're really opsessed by your hate and therefore you will never move on."

Look who's talking!
Listen mate get over it you're shrinking big time therefore during all the debates I've red in here you're using nonsense bullshit that you and your fellow country man Ivan calls them facts and arguments
Listen I was thinking since you guys are so clever and have some many based proofs and facts that you are posting here why don’t you go and represent you country Serbia in status talks over Kosova instead hunting Swiss or American representatives, I mean it makes sense according to your comments since you guys are that clever :)

Anonymous said...


"Even if we become landlocked, why are you so happy about it? You're really opsessed by your hate and therefore you will never move on."

Look who's talking!
Listen mate get over it you're shrinking big time therefore during all the debates I've red in here you're using nonsense bullshit that you and your fellow country man Ivan calls them facts and arguments
Listen I was thinking since you guys are so clever and have some many based proofs and facts that you are posting here why don’t you go and represent you country Serbia in status talks over Kosova instead hunting Swiss or American representatives, I mean it makes sense according to your comments since you guys are that clever :)

ivan said...

" Listen I was thinking since you guys are so clever and have some many based proofs and facts that you are posting here why don’t you go and represent you country Serbia in status talks over Kosova instead hunting Swiss or American representatives, I mean it makes sense according to your comments since you guys are that clever :) "

Here is another example how you guys react when you are unable to respond to Cvijus with valid facts. You trun it all into insults.

why dont you just admit it, Cvijus you are right, rather than humiliating yourself with this childish BS.

Anonymous said...


"Vesti" reported that on 6 September one Djordje Martinovic died peacefully in the village of Citluk, near Krusevac, at the age of 71. Many Serbs regard the former Kosova Serb farmer and Yugoslav army civilian employee as a martyr for the Serbian cause in Kosova, while many non-Serbs view him and his supporters as objects of ridicule.

The controversy stems from 1 May 1985, when Martinovic entered a hospital for treatment of wounds from a broken beer bottle in his anus. He claimed that he had been brutalized by ethnic Albanians, who wanted him and other Serbs to leave the province. He became an overnight national hero for many Serbs.

Subsequent investigations suggested, however, that he inflicted the wounds upon himself in an unsuccessful attempt at sexual self-gratification. Croats, Slovenes, and Albanians in particular turned the name Martinovic into an object of ridicule, and Slovene fans used it as a taunt against Serbian teams in soccer games.

Martinovic and his supporters subsequently tried in vain to justify his claim in the parliament and in court in order to win damages. The late former Yugoslav Interior Minister Stane Dolanc, who was Slovenian, told Ljubljana Television that police investigations showed that Martinovic's account of his injuries was a fabrication. Dolanc added: "Martinovic is the first Serbian samurai who committed hara-kiri."

Copyright © 2000. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036.

ivan said...

i am glad you took time to reasearch about this article. Serbian goivernment tried to so hard to keep the Albanian terrorism on Serbs so quiet, to keep the ethnic tensions low, that they had to humiliate this poor farmer. But you went over the border, and thats why Milosevic came.

Anonymous said...

Thats why Milosevic came?! He is very lucky he will die in prison and not in the hands of Albanians. He would get more than a broken bottle in his...but let`s talk about Montenegro. This is a very old slavic state, and certainly do not deserve to live under the shadow of Serbia. No one deserves to live under Serbian gouvernement, probably not even the serbs themselfs. If they do vote 4 independance they will escape onve and for ever, if not, let them be a serbian colony. Kosovo has not much to do in this story. Kosovo is already independent, thanks God. You know very well there is no way back. The choice for serbs is if they chose to be good neigbours and profit from economic relations or if they chose to isolate themselfes for another 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Ivan, you are so stupid. YOu didn't realize the irony. Djordje Martinovic was a cloun that showed teh bottle up his ass himself just to claim after that the Albanians did it. YOu know what, may be that's exactly what we should do with people llike him. But no we are civil people and do not do that shit. We make you guys do it to yourselves.

next time try to read the article carefully and understand the real meaning of it and the reason of being posted here. Be smart, though it is hard for you.

Visit Prishtina said...

Cvijus and Ivan,

You really are not capable of getting "it". Do I really have to spell out every little detail in order for you to be able to process it?

I find it increadibly funny, how you hype each other up when in fact all you speak is utter rubbish; such as Croats, Bosnians, Muslims are against Montenegro's independence. If Montenegrins are divided, and if they have limited support from Bosnians, Croats, Roma, Muslims then who on earth has been voting for Djukanivic & Co. for the last 10 years?

This rubbish is so senseless that it deserves no comment. Last time pro-Belgrade parties won an election in Montenegro was when uncle Milosevic rigged the ballot for them.

Ivan, I am sorry to let you down my friend, but that is a rubbish argument, yet you still hype it.

Second, if the percentage of Albanians in Montenegro is similar to the percentage of Serbs in Kosova then their demands should be similar too. What do you think?

Kosovar Serbs also get educated in Serbian language, there is a Serb minister is Kosovar government, and the Serbian language is an official language. So why are you crying about Kosovars Serbs day and night?

Anyhow, you guys are so weak that I really have to spell everything out. Albanians in Montenegro are doing well, they are in good terms with the Montenigrin authorities, however in an independent Montenegro they get an opportunity to increase their representation in local administration, police, army and so on. I am sorry, you are too weak to understand political points like this. More importantly, in the future, Albanian political parties could become pivotal in formation of governing coalitions, similarly to the situation in Macedonia. In other words, Macedonians cannot form a government without Albanians in government, and this provides a perfect ground for good agreements that benefit both partners.

It's called:
You rub my back, I will rub yours.

So, I support your government if you build/fix a road in Placë or Guci or Ulqin.

Now, let's go back to Serbia becoming landlocked. I am terribly sorry if you are not able to see the significance of having access to the sea. Danube is not the same, I am sorry to disappoint. There is something called "International Waters" which when combined with the cheapest form of transport on Earth is a very powerful thing. Nations go to war for things like this. Danube on the other hand is not part of "International Waters", and if you want to being something from Bulgaria they must give you permission to do so, in addition to you paying money.

More importantly, if the Serbian government continues to be a bully, like Vojislav Kostunica, then Montenigrins simply put the taxes up! It puts Montenegro on a more even ground with Serbia.

This is not hate, it's called strategic thinking. I cannot even be bothered to hate anyone, it simply does not bring any benefits to me. If it does not bring any benefits (personal or collective) then I do not bother. Sorry to let you down, yet again.

Go Montenegro!

Cvijus011 said...

Can anyone over here give me some good arguments based on economy and real politics of why should Montenegro be independent.
All of this BS like Serbs are evil, Serbs live in the middle ages, Serbs should be destroyed are becoming really annoying and childish.
All I see is that you are still stuck in '99 and that will not change for the next 100 years. Move on people if you want the '90s not to happen again.


Djordje Marinkovic was raped, but it was covered up not to cause a broad Serbian reaction. But albanians see all over conspiracy theories and cover-ups against the albanians. Wake up dudes, your people did shit aswell.

Anonymous said...

Cvijus and Ivan, if not the same guy.
I am impresed with your ability to deny everything that is against you and to twist everything so badly in order to make you guys look a little better. (I mean serbs and what they did to Croatia, Bosnia, Kosova and may be Slovenia) Don't you have some pride and integrity. If I was you I would shut up and llisten and at the same time apologise and work for peace.
That's it. shut up and listen.
YOu know what, It's not even worthy arguing with you. We have gone separate ways, you, serbs and us, Albanians. Once and for all.

Dardania 2006 said...

"Serbs should be destroyed"

Cvijus, if Albanians, Croats, Bosniacs wanted to destroy Serbs then:

Croat Oluja, lijepa nasa, would have gone all the way to Belgrade

Bosniac artilery would have hit other things besides Serb scavangers and murderers around Sarajevo

and ...

Albanians would have "hurt the poor Serbs" long ago...keep in mind that during all those years these same Serbs lived among 2 milion Albanians and nothing happened to them till your folks started swinging the guns...

Peace be with you and I pitty your country if people like you keep ruling it (and living in it)

Cvijus011 said...

"Albanians would have "hurt the poor Serbs" long ago..."

Is that why more than a million of them fled to albania during the NATO campaing?

"Croat Oluja, lijepa nasa, would have gone all the way to Belgrade"

Oh yeah? So why did it took them more than 4 years to conquer the already bad equiped Serbs in Krajina?

"Bosniac artilery would have hit other things besides Serb scavangers and murderers around Sarajevo"

if they had one.

dardania, instead of talking BS, why don't you say something clever for a change? Did give me this emotional crap "what would be if..." and "if they wanted they would..." and such childish shit.

Anonymous said...

"Subsequent investigations suggested, however, that Mr. Djordje Martinovic inflicted the wounds upon himself in an unsuccessful attempt of sexual self-gratification".

Remember the guy who was fucking himself with a broken beer bottle??
He was a seb from Kosova.
This is soooo funny.

Cvijus011 said...


anonymous said:

"Remember the guy who was fucking himself with a broken beer bottle??
He was a seb from Kosova.
This is soooo funny."

sije li ocu az setde ljadahi ptarasi jiko us es bilisamou? Gomno snosme arz en?

Anonymous said...

as to why Montenegro's independence is significant for Kosovo please see:

i would add that if Serbia is landlocked, it will have to cooperate with either MOntenegro or Albania and Kosovo (or Bosnia and Croatia) to transport its goods to the sea. That's gonna make serbs realize that they actually need too cooperate with their neighbors if they wanna survive. thats gonna bring peace to the region ultimately :)

Cvijus and Ivan you guys have no clue!

ivan said...

he was raped by albanian fagets, who didnt who found it amusing to fuck a serbian ass. And it was thanks to Serbioan government who tried to cover this up and accused the poor guy to be a gay. Otherwise all of you smart asses wouldnt be even here. Be thankful to the Serbian government.

illyrianboy said...


what ten thousand Albanians are you talking about?!

Cvijus011 said...

"what ten thousand Albanians are you talking about?!"

Make a wild guess


Titan said...


ckapi it inamater nskicig jepcckjl

Visit Prishtina said...


Since you came here "to listen, learn and share knowledge", I feel a duty to provide you with references so that you can expend your knowledge about the victims of Serbian nationalism.

You said:

“Jesi li cuo za deset hiljada siptara koji su se samoubili? Mnogo smesno zar ne?”

For those of you who do not understand Serbian, the following is a rough translation:

"Did you hear about ten thousand Siptara (an offensive term meaning Albanians) who committed suicide? Very funny, isn’t it?"

Well, first, you sound like one of those bitches who says: "I'm not racist, I just don't like niggers!"

Second, BBC is known worldwide as the most reliable source of international news with balanced and impartial news. This is what they reported a few months ago:

Serbs police killed 48 people in one massacre alone, including children, babies and a 100-year-old woman. This is not the propaganda shit and lies you hear from Tanjug or RTS, this is the BBC standards of reporting. In addition, the people who committed this horrible crime are being prosecuted by the Serbian authorities, so there is no doubt these terrible massacres took place, the only question here is who is responsible?

More importantly, this news item also tells you about the TEN THOUSAND Albanians that have been killed by the Serbian police, army and paramilitary.

To read the report, go to the following URL:

or, simply click here

I am terribly sorry to let you down, but there was no mass suicide, as you would have clearly wished. These people were actually killed and massacred by YOUR police, YOUR army and YOUR criminals.

How is this related to the article? The answer is simple: No wonder Montenegrins do not want to be associated in any way with these child-killers, racists and I-am-a-victim-no-matter-what people.

Now, to demonstrate to you (first of all) and the world your brainlessness and stupidity: Why did not the Serbian government cover up the so-called crimes of the KLA and accuse the KLA victims of being gay?

I am sorry mate, if the Serbian government says a Serb is gay and fucked himself with a broken bottle then he was gay and he fucked himself with a broken bottle.

Your arguments seem to be fundamentally flawed and terribly inconsistent. You can't have it both ways, the Serbian government is right when it suits you and covers up when it doesn't.

OK, so now let's arrange my tuition fees. You are learning too much from me, and you have to pay some fees. I am pleased to inform you that I shall donate the whole proceedings to a charity that supports the orphants, whose parents have been killed by the Serb troops.

Kristian said...

1. Montenegro doesn't use the same currency.
2. It was persuaded by the EU to stay with serbia when the wars broke out. And that is why the referrendum was an option granted after 3 yrs.
3. Ties bt serbia and mont. are the worst they've ever been, need sources check B92.
4. More ppl are in favor of sovereignty then staying with serbia, bc serbias image is so tarnished that it hurts their economy.
5. Mont. economy is better then serbias and its looking to improve it and get international investments.
6. Even during the sanctions montenegro was still allowed to have economic ties with its neighbors and the EU didn't mind to appease the republic from not breaking off otherwise the dayton accords would of never happened.
7. The ppl want to be called MONTENEGRANS and not serbs. Its become shameful for even serbs to admit who they are in the world we live in. All because of a regime that caused a nation to commit so many autrocities that when all was done the ppl finally woke up from a dream that even a criminal realized was wrong but his mindset was clouded by the govt. propaganda. Now everyone has to suffer bc of these radicals.
8. ...........

Do you want me to continue?

cvijus84 did you want more reasons instead of jibberish and MOST IMPORTANTLY your own opinion of what those ppl think and not what is actuality on the ground.

Like I said before I respect your viewpoint, but please make it objective and not personal and everyone is at fault of this, even I at times.

arianit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
arianit said...


You're right. Montenegro has a much brighter future as a small independent country. With some amazing beaches, beautiful mountains, and rare flora and fauna, it could very well become Adriatic's own Monaco. It fits the character of the people too, they'll open banks and charge Europeans for storing their money. :) Though they should never join EU... way too many banking regulations. Euro is good for tourism but that's it.

ivan said...

If the people of Montenegro want to be independent, it s ok by the Serbian people. We dont mind, because they are not killing innocent serbian civilians, old people and children. They do not burn Serbian churches that are more than 400 years old. They do not organize ethinc clensing revolution (like the March one in Kosovo).

Cvijus011 said...

dr. pristina and titan,

let's see if you understand this:

teupusinje iumnje acukurnje

Cvijus011 said...


to save my words cause they are going to an empty brain (as yours), just to tell you that with your "arguments" such as brainlessnes and stupidity, etc. you remind me of Seselj.

"there was no mass suicide"

under this logic, Djordje Martinovic was raped by your copatriots.

Visit Prishtina said...


(In response to your previous comments)

Jel hoćeš da pušiš kurac? Pa puši svoj kurac pederu.

Jel hoćeš da pušiš dva kurca? Pa javi se pičko!

I am sorry, I cannot compare you with any other human being in this planet because you are nothing, a big nothing, and one cannot compare nothing with anything or anybody.

You wrote that ten thousand Kosovar Albanians had committed suicide (in you racist comments in Serbian), and I said "sorry, there was no mass suicide". That has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Martinovic.

If your government, i.e. the Serbian government, says that Martinovic was a gay man fucking himself with a broken bottle, then Martinovic was a gay man fucking himself with a broken bottle. End of story.

Just out of curiosity, do you think that you are more credible than the Serbian government and the professional investigators who have investigated the Martinovic case?

Kristian said...

Visit Prishtina

And a lot of you here, ppl write to see your reactions. Bloggers are testing grounds to see what ppl will do and react. Its like a game. I get you mad and I win. Its also a game. Be smarter and don't fall into the trap. Silence is golden at times :) It rattles the rattler!

Cvijus011 said...


i will not answer your idiotic assaults because it makes no sense to insult mentally retarded people like you.

Djordje Martinovic was a married man and a father of four children. After your "heroes" stuck the bottle in his rectum, it took 3 operations to remove it. The third operation took place in St. Gerorges hospital in Londeon where the doctor that operated him, dr. Peter Holley, stated publicly that it was impossible that he has done that to himself. This odctor received a letter from Dolanc with threats.

Instead of admiting what happened to this poor man, you insult the memory to him. Now the Yugoslav government is your ally because it tried to cover up this case so that the killings would occur 10 years later.
Shame on you pristina. And you call yourself an academical citizen.

Anonymous said...

Cvijus and Ivan,

It is absurd that you lap up Serb propaganda like starved dogs. Yet on the Martinovic story, suddenly it is not to believed. In other words, when Serb leaders spew anti-Albanian hate and bigotry, it is all true and accurate in your eyes. When multiple newspapers reveal this guy to be a fraud (not to mention a freak for sticking a bottle up his rear), suddenly, in your view, Serb leaders become propaganda machines. Right. At least one of you has referred to Albanian "conspiracy theories" to undermine facts presented by Albanians. Sounds to me like you are offering a pretty wild conspiracy theory yourselves here. And it's kind of sad.

Kristian said...

I think its kind of ANAL RECTIMUS!

Cvijus011 said...

The government of Yugoslavia has done many cover-ups just not to destroy the ideal of brotherhood and unity. There are events such as Muslim bombings in Sarajevo and attacks on Serbian farmers by Croats in Herzegovina. Not to mention settings of fires also in Herzegovina by Croats. But everything was covered by the government. When such a cover-up suits the albanian interest, it is ok, but otherwise? If Martinovic was a mazochist, than these 10.000 albanians commited a mass suicide, or better, these 10.000 dead was a conspiracy theory against the Serbs.

Give me a break, not only you destroyed this poor man's life, but you also make fun of it. That is not a pro-European thinking.

Kristian said...

Wow lighten up!

based on your last comment, did freedom of expression ring a bell when you wrote that last sentence cv...

Its part of democracy you know. Or is your idea of censorship and suppression more the lines of EU thinking? I don't think so!

Go have a beer and think about that one! And while your doing that did you personally meet this guy? And did you know him? And did you know of his sexual orientation? And bc he had a wife and kids doesn't mean the guy didn't experiment (possibility)? Only he, the bottle, and God know for sure!