Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Serbs In Kosovo Demand Separation From Ethnic Albanians

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Serbia-Montenegro (AP)--Kosovo Serbs on Tuesday demanded autonomy for their dwindling community, and called for a "decentralization" of the troubled province that would effectively keep them apart from Kosovo's dominant ethnic Albanians.

Anticipating that upcoming international talks on Kosovo's future may meet the ethnic Albanian demands for Kosovo's independence from Serbia, the Association of Serb Communities in Kosovo issued a proclamation saying that "whatever the ( ethnic) Albanians are given in relation to Belgrade, (Kosovo) Serbs must get the same from Pristina."

Pristina is the capital of Kosovo, the southern province that has been a U.N. and NATO protectorate since the 1998-1999 war between Serbs and ethnic Albanians.

NATO bombing in 1999 forced Serbia to relinquish control over its southern province, the final status of which is to be decided this year under the auspices of the U.S., Russia, the U.K., France, Germany and Italy.

About 200,000 Serbs fled Kosovo in 1999, and the remaining 100,000 mostly live in scattered enclaves, under occasional attacks by ethnic Albanian militants.

The leader of the Association of Serb Communities in Kosovo, Marko Jaksic, said that "if (ethnic) Albanians do not wish that Belgrade rules over them, there is no reason for Pristina to rule over Serbs" in Kosovo.

He described the decentralization as allowing self-rule to the Serb enclaves in Kosovo, where ethnic Albanians make up about 90% of the population.

"Decentralization is the key factor for our survival and the possible return of Serb refugees" to their Kosovo homes, he said.


Dardania 2006 said...

"keep them apart from Kosovo's dominant ethnic Albanians."

Funny. They segregated us in the 80s and 90s now they want to segregate from us. We never learn.

"under occasional attacks by ethnic Albanian militants."

This is not proven. The only militant element that was ever found in Kosova/Dardania was the Serbian Special Police officers that were arrested a few months back.

With all the international military powers in the country, any Albanian militans would have been caught sooner or later. It is unfair to assume its Albanians, or for that matter Kosovar Serbs, since those arrested were Serb Serbs.

So what say you? Should Serbs govern their areas and remain totaly isolated from the Albanians, Croats, Bosniacs, Turks, Romas and Gorans?

Kristian said...

Its not plausable and it will only breed more resentment. Not from only alb. but from serbs. Where are they going to work for example in those segregated areas? What about the serbs that are spread out kosovo/a? I'm sure they don't want to give up there land bc belgrade says that they'll need to live in a certain area. As a person I'd tell the govt. to stuff it and leave me be on MY LAND and I'M NOT MOVING just to please you. A lot of serbs that are spread out don't have problems with albanians. And albanians employ serbs (only stipulation among workers is that no one talks about politics or the war).
What if their(segragated areas) situation worsens economically? They'll blame Alb. and Belgrade will use it for propaganda purposes. TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF HATE AND MISTRUST AND LEARN TO LIVE TOGETHER.

Dardania 2006 said...

Segregation does not work, as Rosa taught us.

ivan said...

i guess Serb message is, what goes around comes around

you dont want to be ruled by Belgrade, fine, then Serbs in Kosovo dont want to be ruled by Prishtina. What now?

Anonymous said...

Mr Ivan "what goes around comes around" you havent experienced yet. We lost 10 thousand you lost from bombs and Kla maybe 3-4 thousand. Consider 250 thousand killed from Nish region after the turks left plus about same number after WWII,plus around a million in WWI, we are nowhere near being even. Maybe in the future, who knows. But one thing is for certain only a threat of mutual anihilation will bring peace between albanians and serbs. So we should get nuclear arms and then you will see a 1000 year peace. Otherwise you and the albanians who claim there can be peace between us normally, are fooling themselves. Furthermore, I dont understand why so many of us albanaians are against war. War brought down Hitler, Milosevic, Turkish empire. As Machiavelli said who wants peace prepares for war. Serbs are preparing for war they have build bases all around Kosova we on the other hand are in the mercy of others. Learn from your mistakes, we tried the peace thing with the serbs for a century or more and all we got is more massacres.

ivan said...

So now Serbia should just watch you kill all 100K remaining Serbs in Kosovo, and maybe send the other 200K Serbs from Kosovo& Metohija who are refugees in Serbia just so you can feel better? And then we should applaud you for that, and then also pay you for your efforts as well. In what world do you live?

Dardania 2006 said...

"So now Serbia should just watch you kill all 100K remaining Serbs in Kosovo"

Ivan, the only one talking about killing here is you.

And we will not give you the pleasure of ranking equal with Serbias war criminals

Cvijus011 said...

"And we will not give you the pleasure of ranking equal with Serbias war criminals"

But you compare us with the Nazi Germans, even though the proportions are enormous in what they did and what we did?

to anonymous,

do you have any valid sources about these victims throughout the centuries, or is it just heared and said?

"Consider 250 thousand killed from Nish region after the turks"

This is the first time I ever heared that albanians existed in the Nis region. I haven't read something like that in any book (both Serbian and international authors).
Tell me, how many thousands albanians have we killed in the region of Novi Sad?

ivan said...

To Dardania,

"Ivan, the only one talking about killing here is you"

I guess your copatriot doesent have the same opinion:

Anonymous worte:

"Otherwise you and the albanians who claim there can be peace between us normally, are fooling themselves. Furthermore, I dont understand why so many of us albanaians are against war."

what do you understand from this statement?

Anonymous said...

Mr Ivan or you Mr Civjus I have no interest in convincing you of anything. My mother walked from Mitrovica all the way to the border with Albania escorted all the way by serb army using them as shields from Nato planes. If everyone of the people massacred in Kosova forgives your rapist kind, I never will. I am ashamed that there are albanians like some in this website who would even consider having negotiations with the serbs.

ivan said...


I am sorry to hear about your mother. My point is that she is walked alive, she was not killed. If serbian military had as primary objective to ethnically clense you, she wouldnt have made it to albania.

Cvijus011 said...


" If everyone of the people massacred in Kosova forgives your rapist kind, I never will"

does that justify the killings your nation did to mine, and all of these people that had to fled from their homes? Do you expect that after everything your nation did to mine, they will live with you together. I'm not forcing you to live with us, you shouldn't force us to live with you, because the story of the '90s will repeat itself.

What were you doing when your mother walked?

Anonymous said...

To all albanians here:
Read what the serbs posted here when I wrote about my 60 year old mother walking to Albania and you will understand the logic they employ in regards to Kosova's future and about albanians in general. Their logic is on of perverted sofist bs that everything is relative and we albanians are as guilty for the massacres they committed against us. That reminds me of an abusive psychopath who blames its vicitms for his wrath. And to answer the question of Mr Ivan, if serb military did engane in a kind of mass killing like that could you tell me what would happen to Serbia? The whole world knew your kind from Srebrenica they knew that could happen in Kosova as well and they took measures against that. And if those massacres had happened ,as you probably wish ,the Nato would have gone in with ground troops and a whole a lot of your gypsy kind would be eating dirt today. And Kosova would have had no serbs today, granted more victims, and there would be no sign of a serb ever living in Kosova.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous,

Here you are accusing Serbs of being killers, gypsies, etc. Did you know that your UCK have killed my entire family, they dragged my fathers dead body through the village braging with his cutten head. My little brother was beaten to death by your UCK heroes. My mother was raiped even before the NATO campaing by your UCK heroes. What do you think, is it possible for me to forgive what you did to my family. They are gone, but your mother lives, and I'm sorry for what happened to her, so how much right do you have to accuse the Serbs for being a genitically murdering nation?
Ivan and Cvijus never characterized you as an inderior nation, and you accuse them for being racists, but you characterise the entire Serbian nation of being racists. Who is now the racist?
You're all blinded by all the blood spilled and you don't want to change it.
Why don't you answer to Cvijus where were you when your mother walked to Albania?

Anonymous said...

I dont care what UCK did to you. And I was in western europe just like thousands of albanians running away from a hell you created for us. Payback is a bitch!

Anonymous said...

You don't care that your UCK was killing innocent people?
And you ran away to western Europe like a pussy? A big hero you are.
You don't deserve any respect. You're no better than these UCK killers or the Serbian policemen.

Anonymous said...

2:56 (Cvijus, right?),

Bring on names, facts, all you have... Otherwise stop bullshiting with made-up stories.
This is not a dissing contest and you are insulting the momories of our loved ones.

Anonymous said...

"Cvijus, right?"

Why do you think I'm Cvijus?

It was in Decani. I seeked refuge in the monastery.

I just see that you are insulting the memories of our loved ones. How dare you? The only one imagining stories is you and you insult all the lost lives in this pointless war. You're not worth of any repsect and human dissency.

Cvijus011 said...

anonymous (albanian),

since you know how it is to lose your loved ones, you also know how pointles a war is. Therefore, you should seek peace and not to promote further hate.

heku said...

regarding to inernational public law it's their strict right, but in national liberation army you have the word nation which is compulsory and 100-300 thousand serbs in a country (bc in that case Kosova/o is a country) does not represent a nation, you can find the definitions of nation in Renan's writings of 1882 which is still quite accurate. And if ever this happens and to gain the right to claim anything, they will have to win that war if they want to be heard. this what actually happened with the last war even if uck did not win that war alone...Happy?


heku said...

It was not the right article but in the other I could not answer to you, had some few problems to post it.

ivan said...

Its amazing how you are able to disrespect the innocent Serbian deaths. What kind of people are you?


so 300 thousand serbs dont have the same right as alabanians. Lets play with the percentages, 15% of Kosovo population do not have the right to self governement, and 20% of Serbian nation have the right. I guess we are missing this 5%.

Ohhh, i forgot, according to your logic, albanians are the superior race, and the serbs are dirtbag( quote from your co patriot) and thats why serbs dont have the same rights as alabanians. Is this the kind of country you are gonna build?

ivan said...

"And if ever this happens and to gain the right to claim anything, they will have to win that war if they want to be heard. this what actually happened with the last war even if uck did not win that war alone...Happy?"

Ok, so if Kosovo beceomes independent, Serbs in Kosovo can seek help from serbia to engage into a war with the future state, so the Serbs can get their right to govern themselves, and not by Prishtina.

Your logic implies that who ever engages into a war, they have the right to become "free".

Now i see how brainwashed ytour nation is.

Anonymous said...

Anon. Serb (Cvijus?),

I said bring on facts. You brought the word "Decane." Tell us the names of your father, brother, the place of attack, who attacked them, links to media reporting on the event (RTS and Tanjug must have love it), etc. I'm sorry but with "Decane" we have no way to verify your claims.

I'm suspecting that you are making them up. This is a common tactic of Serbs to equal their crimes with those of their victimes, which often were retributions (never to the same degree) for Serb massacres in the first place.
The goal was a despicable political act to prove everybody guilty (notice the evolution: Serbs no longer claim to be the victims of their neighbhors, but merely victims like everyone else in the crazy Balkans) and thus negotiate on an equal footing.
The most appalling example of this behaviour is the Srebrenica justification, namely that a Bosniak commander terrorized Serb villagers and thus Serbs had to act... By exectuing 8000 civilians. Now thats pathetism at an all new level.

As Heku said, you have to back up your independence claim on political, historical, demographic, and legal grounds. I'll give you Leposavic for free, but in other places you're pretty much a minority unless you want to go neighbhorhood by neighbhorhood, in which case you'r delaying but definitely stamping the death of self-segregated Serb communities in Kosova through non-integration. I'm listening...

To all,
Can you please drop from use the word Nazi? Do you think that words Albanian and Serb don't evoke enough hate?

Kristian said...

WOW! Some of the postings are pathetic. And to everyone I'm sorry if anyone lost a family, friend, etc or was oppressed. I have family that was lost in the war and even in the World Trade center. Its wrong and everyone here knows it.

If we look at numbers alone and if you were completely unbiased. Serbs would be seen as the Oppressors and the ones that tried to ethnically cleanse a ppl from one of FROY provinces.

Albanians have a greater right to complain and blow off steam for they lost a lot more then what the serbs lost during that war. Remember ppl, that the citizens
psychosis is not stable enough bc they're still in shock from the war and unemployment is high, which means there is free time to blame someone, which a lot of ppl here do.

The serbs that left, well the majority left when the army was PULLING OUT!!!!!!! There is enough video footage to fill your garage. So there was no kicking out as many serbs claim there was.
Serbs being smart and ashamed knew that Albanians (with fresh memories of the autrocities would cause harm to them for vengeful reasons). And no Albanians were not ANGELS either. Ppl got hurt on both sides but numbers don't lie, only ppl do.
Ten thousand and no one knows for sure how many since '81 have died at the hands of serbs. For every serb that died there were like 4.7 albanians that died. And the numbers are not definite bc every source gives a different amount of serb deaths. Avg is 2000 deaths. So basically 5 albanians died for every serb and remember one important thing:

1. Albanians faught an army with some of the most advanced weapons in Europe.
2. On the battle fields they were outnumbered. Even though albanians make up the majority of the popul.
3. Serbs had a trained military (the 5th best in all of europe prior to the wars) while KLA was a rag tag militia group with little training or organization.
4. Up until the war they were oppressed for 10 yrs by the Serbian Army, Police forces, and the GOVERNMENT.
5. Every serb family was armed by the serb govt. While if an albanian was caught with a weapon he was inprisoned. While a serb wasn't. Clearly shows no equal rights under the law.

and I can go on and on......

What have albanians done:

1. One the KLA personel and commanders had strict orders for no civilian casualties. The cases ppl mention are from idiots that didn't follow protocal and should be tried for the crimes committed. Unlike the protocal for the serb army was to EXTERMINATE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Victims in a battle can't be counted as autrocities. (killing innocents can)
2. They have attacked serbs and no one can deny that.
3. They have attacked holy sites such as churches. Most of which were built in the '80 up till the war. And all have been repaired to their original status.
4. Albanians did protect serbs in a lot of communities, when the serbs never did so for the albanians during the war.
5. Albanians started the breakup of the FROY and it will end with them.

Instead of spreading hate, mistrust, generalizations, try to wake up one morning and say to yourself what can I do to ease the pain and suffering and live together for our childrens sake.

On a scale, the blame tilts towards the serbs more so then the Albanians, and the world agrees with this statement otherwise they would of never entered Kosovo/a bc had they not maybe there wouldn't be any albanians left.

Tolerance and patience is a virtue that can be taught but is hard to master. War is never the answer, it is only a last resort, which serbs still haven't learned. Lets see what happens with montenegro, I hope i'm proven wrong.

ivan said...


"War is never the answer, it is only a last resort, which serbs still haven't learned. Lets see what happens with montenegro, I hope i'm proven wrong"

whp is here talking about war, except for you albanians? Refer to your copatriots posts. What happens if Kosovo doesent get its independence? Do you want to hear the answer. WAR. Not by the serbs but by the albanians.

You started the whole thing in Kosovo, by torturing serbs, ands Serbia had enough of your tortures. Thats why a hard headed Milosevic came to power.

It was your UCK who opened the first fire on Serbian police. It was your UCK who would then hide in the villages and pretend they are civilians when serbian police would capture them. It was your UCK that masacred innocent Serbian civilians, even though they had strict orders not to attack civilians. Serbian army also had documented strict orders to only supress terrorists.

You said that all of the churches have been repaired. You said that only the chjurches that were built in the 80s were destroyed. Who giuves you the right to destroy the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Will you now steal all of their property? Will you be like communist, where you will confiscate, and then decide what you will give back?

What happened in the March vioalnce. Wasnt it your goal to clense all of the Serbian population. Why is UN attacked in north mitrovica? Is it because they are protecting the Serbian population from being killed by your hands? Yes now UN is a problem.

Just admit it that the whole goal is to create a Great Albania, to clean it from all the Serbian people, and to keep on expanding. I would respect you more if you admited that rather than selling me all the poor sheep BS.

ivan said...


how dare you insult the graves of the innocent people. You after all the people should be very grateful that your mother stayed alive.cowards like you dont deserve any respect. Leaving your mother and running away into the west, and now you are laughing at the person who sais that he lost his father and brother.

Instead of apologizing to the person who suffered from the hand of your hero fighters, you are interiogating him.

I guess this is the difference between civilized and uncivilized.

Cvijus011 said...


denying a crime is the same as cooperating in a crime.
You are no worse than the people that killed this guy's family.
As you have seen, me and Ivan regreted to what happened to you mother so, as Ivan said, that is a difference between civilized and primitive.

Anonymous said...

Mr Serbs, all this has been my point exactly.You showed your colors.You even blame alabanians for Milosevic. We tortured serbs thats why he came to power? Isnt that a bit imbecilic.However, the main point I was trying to make is that war will come no matter if you like it or not or we like it or not. North Mitrovica has made sure of that. As for me I went to western europe in 1990 because as i said serbs had made it hell for albanians in Kosova. Whether I am a hero or not is my issue not yours.

ivan said...

Ofcourse we blame Albanians for Milosevic.Does the name Đorđe Martinović say anything to you?

If i was you i would check it up. then you will understand what your people are capable of doing.

What has North of Mitrovica made sure that the war will happen. Because Serbs live there, and you are so full of complexes of Serbian people that it makes you feel so unsecure.

Ron said...


"Vesti" reported that on 6 September one Djordje Martinovic died peacefully in the village of Citluk, near Krusevac, at the age of 71. Many Serbs regard the former Kosova Serb farmer and Yugoslav army civilian employee as a martyr for the Serbian cause in Kosova, while many non-Serbs view him and his supporters as objects of ridicule.

The controversy stems from 1 May 1985, when Martinovic entered a hospital for treatment of wounds from a broken beer bottle in his anus. He claimed that he had been brutalized by ethnic Albanians, who wanted him and other Serbs to leave the province. He became an overnight national hero for many Serbs.

Subsequent investigations suggested, however, that he inflicted the wounds upon himself in an unsuccessful attempt at sexual self-gratification. Croats, Slovenes, and Albanians in particular turned the name Martinovic into an object of ridicule, and Slovene fans used it as a taunt against Serbian teams in soccer games.

Martinovic and his supporters subsequently tried in vain to justify his claim in the parliament and in court in order to win damages. The late former Yugoslav Interior Minister Stane Dolanc, who was Slovenian, told Ljubljana Television that police investigations showed that Martinovic's account of his injuries was a fabrication. Dolanc added: "Martinovic is the first Serbian samurai who committed hara-kiri."

Copyright © 2000. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036. http://www.rferl.org

ivan said...

i am glad you took time to reasearch about this article. Serbian goivernment tried to so hard to keep the Albanian terrorism on Serbs so quiet, to keep the ethnic tensions low, that they had to humiliate this poor farmer. But you went over the border, and thats why Milosevic came.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ivan, do you even understand what the article says? You cant be that stupid and claim to be human my good man.

ivan said...

hey anonymous,

did you understand my comment? Read it again maybe you might understand a word or two. Hey you dont have the right to call me stupid, since i am not a coward like you to leave my mother stranded in difficult times

Kristian said...

whp is here talking about war,"

Ivan I don't know if you know but a war is already brewing as we speak. Its not a military war but a political one and its victor will be determined in Vienna!

You started the whole thing in Kosovo, by torturing serbs, ands Serbia had enough of your tortures. Thats why a hard headed Milosevic came to power.

We started a peaceful demonstration that asked the FROY for REPUBLIC status. And the military/police attacked students as the chinese did in Tieneman Square. Maybe you have your history miscontrued there.

by torturing serbs"

In all honesty can you tell me that that statement is 100% true? If you say yes, then who do you know that got tortured? Did that person take a poligraph test so there would be no dispute as far as that persons claims. Are there photos of such abuses or police reports? Maybe not since the army burned everything. The reason I ask these questions is bc you all know that in the balkans there is no such thing as true law and investigations that are thorough.

Serbia got tired"

Tired of what? The fact that they had an area that was muslim and didn't like the fact their population was growing. Or the fact that all the serb/mont. settlers were selling there land and moving out? And not bc of torture but bc of ECONOMICS! Torture is used to quell the masses so that the real culprit goes unnoticed. Minus 30-40% ECONOMIC growth. Serbs of Kosovo/a were welfare recipients of Belgrade. In order to get more funding, make false accusations. Belgrade wasn't putting any money into the province. No infrastructure except where there was a large serb population. Milosevic promissed them a lot but never delived on any of those promisses to his own ppl.

You get beat up at a bar, you just got beat up! No torture there, just a plain fist fight.

UCK that masacred innocent Serbian civilians, even though they had strict orders not to attack civilians. Serbian army also had documented strict orders to only supress terrorists.

So why did the serbs kill so many and had mass graves to prove it? You make it sound as the UCK went on a rampage. You mean to tell me that with all those military, paramilitary, special police forces, etc. they couldn't uphold the law, maybe bc they killed an entire family in their house with all its members in it. That really got a lot of albanians pissed and created the UCK. Before Milosevic there was no UCK and no fighting amongst the ppl. But crime does exist in every society.

My examples are great. '95 I was in Pec (1st time) and going to Prizrend. Police stopped me (was not a local but from serbia) started saying something and I couldn't understand him and then he starts yelling and puts his AK-47 near my face. I yelled back in English. I had all the vehicle docs in my hand. When his barrel touched my neck I told him wait one minute with my finger and I pulled out my US passport and the guy totally changed and told my uncle that while I was in serbia that I should learn serbian. I laughed bc I could barely understand my uncle who spoke albanian. And before that whole incident, I got interrogated by the police (for 3 hours) bc I didn't report to them that I was in kosovo/a . Thank God the guy knew english (broken but understandable). And I can't even speak albanian and he tried that too, but to no avail. The questions were ridiculous and paranoidal. When I entered serbia no one told me that I had to report to the authorities and even my US embassy didn't advise me of it in belgrade. But apparently in Kosovo/a they had a different law. I drove down from belgrade and the police were cool and mostly advised me bc european signs were at first hard to get used to (lot of young ppl spoke english :)). In montenegro the same. The police there were better. But the police in Kosovo/a were not police but crooks that made up citations to make money. I got pulled over for speeding, asked for the radar gun the guy told my uncle I didn't need to see it. But the fine was 50 dinars =50marks at the time. I asked for a receipt of some sort he said you don't need it. Then I told him I wouldn't pay and I will gladly go to the police station and pay it there. Once I talked to the Sgt of the station I suddenly saw the ticket go away, but got harrassed even more, then I wised up and had cold beers when I passed that way. the whole law & order system was a joke! Serbia and montenegro were great. And the biggest thing that pissed off the police was when you looked them in the eye. Any albanian pulled over by police never looked at the police officers but always had their heads down. What civil society do you guys talk about, and I really don't think things have changed much in serbian authority, especially the Preshovo region you guys talk about.

Same rights, BS! Marxism is great on paper, but was never truly followed, maybe that is why communism failed. Really great on paper.

Not as an Albanian American, as a human being I was violated when I was in Kosovo/a by the serbian police and the paramilitary checkpoint personnel. The border with Macedonia, there those guys were ridiculous. The guy took my uncles passport and asked for 200 marks to get it back. He asked for mine then he saw I was american, his mood changed and I told him to keep my uncles passport bc I will go to belgrade and get a new one for nothing.

Those cops were making money like it was growing on trees. The mafia you ppl talk about. They co conspired with each other and always looked the other way for a fee. At the border not even 100 ft away ppl were smuggling things. And you could see them and none of the police would do anything.

To me that was a horrible place and I didn't even see the ugly part of it, the war. And the things I saw that the police were doing, was all bc of economics. A lot of them wouldn't get paid on time, and got compensated by the albanians. Please when you talk about what the serbs are going through today imagine that happening to you since the '80s (majority after '89). That is what albanians endured. I don't think its right what their going through but they caused it on themselves. And a lot of them live fine with albanians. The others want to segregate themselves when they shouldn't.

ivan said...


All what you write about the police was happening to serbs as well. Personal experience, police caught my brother and I for id. We didnt have it at that point of time with us, and we nearly got beaten up only because one police men had a reasonable head. They found glowes in my pockets, and they wanted to take me to the station because i was suspicious that i might rob something.

Border line with Macedonia: they would take the whole bus out in the cold, make us unpoack our luggage, have the dogs bark at us as if we were in a Nazi camp. We would stay in that cold for hours. the bus was full of Serbs by the way.

My good friend was in Otpor, he was cept in the police station for two days. They convinced him that they killed all of his family only because he was in Otpor. It took him two months to psychologically recover.

They raped a Serbian boy with their police sticks, only because he made a doll of Milosevic in a prisoners suit.

Milosevic was the biggest mistake Serbian people ever did. We regret it, and we are trying to move on and carry that responsibility. But dont you understand, its not only the Albanians, Bosniak or Croats that suffered by his regime, it was mainly Serbs who suffered from him. But we took him down. All of the Serbians, Bosniaks , hungarians, Croats, Rumanians, all of the people of Serbia except the Albanians, united to overthrow that dictator and his family.

But in return Kristian what do we get? We get to have old people tortured in Kosovo, we have more than 200K Serbian refugees from Kosoovo, who are not able to come back to their homes. Do you know how these people live? You keep on crying about more 1 milion diplaced, but they were dispalced for a couple of months. These refugees in Serbia live in tents, school halls, sometimes unprotected at all, for almost 7 years now. But what is their choice, to be killed in Kosovo by albanians or to continue living like that in poor conditions.

What about those churches that we had a discussion on. Why kristian? Why would your so "innocent"people destroy churches that were older than 400 years. Why? Because of anger? In the previous post you stated that only the churches that were build after 80s were destroyed. Who gives you the right to destroy anything. I have listed to you at least 10 churches that were older than 100 years.

What about the killings of Serbian children? What about the March ethnic clesnig?

why are the UN vehicles attacked by the side of Albanians? Because they are protecting Serbs in N. Mitrovica?

What you say about Serbia, that is in the past. We are moving on...but what I say about Kosovo Albanians is the present.

Just read what your copatriots wrote. One wrote a good Serb is a dead Serb. Another one wrote that as long as N Mitrovica exist, there will be a war. Your UCK "heroes" dont want to even want to talk to Serbia. Tell me is this the atmosphere the 200K refugees should come back to?

You build them houses but without water supply. What will happen when these people go to get water for the house. Will the Albanian "children" stand at the side of the road and throw rocks at them, as a means of new amusement?

If you albanians are so liberal, why do UN convoys need to protect the remaining Serbs? why does there have to be gurading soldiers in Gracanica? From who are they protecting these Serbs? Maybe from themselves ( as you might say).

Why every victim that we mention here you make fun of him? Mitar mentioned about the death of his relative by albanians, and you guys say he is gay. We all know what happened to that poor farmer, and the only reason why he is humiliated is so that you people would be protected. But again you make fun of him. what about that Serbian guy who said his fmaily was killed infront of his eyes by your UCK "angels", and again you make fun of him. Cvijus and I both said we are sorry for every vicitm by our peoples hands, but what we get in return is to be laughed at for our surrows. How do you think that makes us feel? How do you think that makes those Serbs who are supposed to come back to Kosvo feel?

One thing I can concloude is that only with respect things can move on. Respect for our differences, respect for our sufferings, respect to our different views on the future.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ivan, I agree with you someday some albanian will walk over the graves of those killed by your kind, will turn his back on the suffering of those who's family have been massacred and their bodies burned in serbian factories, will ignore thousands of mothers, daughters, sisters who got raped and will extend the hand of peace to serbia. I hope me and my children and grandchildren never witeness that. And that albanian who sincerely does that is a bigger enemy to me than serbs ever were.

ivan said...

Anonymous, because of people like you, 200K Serbian people are displaced from their homes and live under poor conditions. Because of people like you innocent children are being killed. Because of people like you, churches are being burnt. Becuase of people like you Kosovo is still fighting for its independance. If people like you did not act the way they do, probably Kosovo would be an independent counry. Dont you understand people like you do damage to your people. People like you are so full of hate, that they dont need food, they live on it. take this hate away, take away the enemy, and you will die. You have no reason to live anymore.

PS- note that your post is written in past tense, and mine in present tense.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ivan, I dont hate you or your kind. To me there is only equanimity when even talking about your kind. Whether you vanish tommorrow, are all killed by an atomic bomb or napalm bombs or just massacred by croats (cause albanians cant even think of the shit you slavs do to humans) its just as good to me. As far as I am concerned albanians should ,as long as there is humanity, be your enemies.

ivan said...

i know a good psychiatric institution for you. IF you need help just ask for it.

Visit Prishtina said...


You know of a good psychiatric institution? How come? Did you spent a lot of your time there?

Well, go back to that "good psychiatric institution" and enjoy their brilliant services.