Wednesday, January 11, 2006

UNMIK chief, Speaker rule out Kosovo partition

Text of report in English by independent internet news agency KosovaLive

Prishtina [Pristina], 11 January: UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] chief Soeren Jessen-Petersen and Kosova [Kosovo] Assembly Chairman Nexhat Daci said today that there will be no creation of entities and there will be no partition of Kosova.

Jessen-Petersen and Daci made these remarks today following their first meting this year, where they discussed the negotiation process and the work that awaits the parliament this year.

Speaking about the decentralization and Belgrade's demand for creation of entities in Kosova, Jessen-Petersen said that he thinks that there should be no demands, but positions, "because the word demand is not something that [UN special envoy Martti] Ahtisaari would like."

"As far as the issue of entities, I am still not aware of any detail. But if entities in any way smell like partition, then that is not on the agenda. It is absolutely clear that partition of Kosovo is not on the agenda."

While, Daci said that anything that may signalize partition or division into ethnic lines cannot be implemented. "I continue to make it clear that after independence, a substantial decentralization for Kosova citizens shall take place, a decentralization that would be governed with the laws for local administration, local finances, justice, education and so on. So, it shall be a decentralization only for Kosovars," Daci said.

He also said that the responsibilities and obligations to the citizens lie with Kosova institutions "and not with Belgrade, which of course can be interested for cultural heritage, human rights."

While, Jessen-Petersen said that UNMIK is in Kosova to support the negotiation process, a process which is in the interest of all citizens.

"I have made it clear from the beginning that I believe it is important that we now move on to the status, that the status issue be resolved. I am confident that it will be resolved in the course of this year. And I think this will be the best way to move forward on European issues. We have to get status clarified and move forward with the better assurances to the minorities; to move forward on economy, which is of concern to all citizens of Kosovo, and to move forward in getting the minorities together. Clarity will help and that is why the status is so important," Jessen-Petersen said.

Jessen-Petersen said that negotiations are the top priority and called on the Negotiating Team to meet on regular bases and get prepared for very difficult talks.

Daci said that he is confident that the Negotiating Team will meet more frequently. He said that there is information that the health of Kosova's President Ibrahim Rugova is improving continuously, but added that "other modalities" for functioning of the Negotiating Team will also be considered.

Source: KosovaLive website, Pristina, in English 11 Jan 06


tironsi said...

I don't understand why the Serbian tean even put forth this idea of segregation. There is no side that supports this. At least no side outside of the Serbs (and I'm not so sure even the Serb citizens would want this). They don't gain anything by entertain this plan out in public. It's not like they can say, well, it's either autonomy or partition, and since you don't want partition then let's leave it at autonomy. They're requesting both autonomy and partition, but the rejection of partition by the international community does not strengthen autonomy because partition was never thought of as a possible choice, so the rejection of partition cannot be seen as a compromise. The Albanian side on the other hand, will be able to get conditional independence by making constitutional changes for decentralisation and protection of minorities and holy sites. This partition suggestion seems like a seriously weak and stupid move on the Serbian side.

Konaction said...

I call them BLIND.

Oh no I'm Blind, (after 2006) I can see clearly now :)

I don't believe this is their game (as they used to play around with the whole world with their stupid politic games)
This is just one more fact that they are "ah de maks" (Ahmak)

Anonymous said...

When people have to travel everywere escorted by soldiers you can understand why there must be segregation,so far the albanians have only proved to the world community that their words have no meaning and everything they say about protecting minorities and religous sites has failed dismally.At the end of the day the days of Serbs and Albanians living together in any way are gone forever.Be realistic not a day dreamer.

Kristian said...

Annonymous be realistic if you were mistreated for years and the war caused many wounds, not just in Kosovo/a, butCroatia, and BH. Maybe you'd understand why it will take time for things to heel. Do you expect just bc a law was passed that automatically a person will forget what happened? Serb or albanian! Segregation leads to worse things and its a trump card for Serbia to start a war bc "our fellow brothers are being mistreated". That was the old propaganda as well.Segregation results in more resentment and more hostilities. So wake up to reality.

Anonymous said...

Look what happened in Yugoslavia,sooner or later the conficts rise up.These days there arent many bi-national countries in europe that i know of e.g Czechslovakia now czech and slovak,and all the former states of the USSR.Time teaches us that integration rarely works especially with two hostile people like the Serbs and albanians hard to see it ever happening unfortunately.

WARchild said...

Albanians and Macedonians proved it that if both parties want it, such states can work. Montenegro is another example. Europe is full of other examples like this. The question is do Serbs want to live in a country where they are minority or is that beyond comprehension for them?

Anonymous said...

If that is the case then you know what is next... macedonia, southern Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and so forth. Go ahead and propose that to ur negotiation team.

Kristian said...

To: Annonymous

Do you have a fear of a "greater albania"?

ivan said...

Yes Kristian,

I am afraid of Great Albania. I am afraid because of your big dream there will be more killing

Kristian said...

To: Ivan

Think about it for a sec. Birthrate wise its inevidable that the population will grow. As far as killing goes everyones at fault. You know why? Bc ppl fear things and then react.
Try to understand things and other ppls views and you'll see that your fear will go away. The whole region is after one thing. ECONOMIC PROSPERITY!
The FROY is guilty of not developing Kosovo/a out of fear. You know one thing about alb. is that if they believe something or give their word to something they'll defend it to their own demise. Example: Communism! Not even Russia or China had a better following of Stalanism. Another is the Ottoman Empire, even during our calls for independence we still defended that Oppressive Empire.
Personally, I think if the govt. had payed more attention to Kosovo/a a lot of problems would have been averted. Look at the USA ppl are not happy but the govt. sells a dream and ppl are content. Had they developed a better economy instead of intentionally neglecting it and causing growth to be NEGATIVE 30 to 40 % as the other areas grew on an avg. 5-7% ppl would of probably had no problems. As long as you have a job and opportunity, nobody cares what the land is called.
Blacks and White america is exactly what happened in Kosovo/a! Fears caused ppl to do things that a rational person would of never done. Now a days nobody cares as long as your making money and are secure and don't have to worry. That could of been the atmosphere had belgrade been more observant and understanding instead of fearful.