Monday, January 30, 2006

Fatmir Sejdiu to Replace Rugova as Kosovo President

The largest party in Kosovo, LDK, has decided that Fatmir Sejdiu who is the current General Secretary of the part and the head of its parliamentary caucus, will replace Ibrahim Rugova as the President of Kosovo. Kosovo news agency QIK, who was close to the late president, reports that there was a complete consensus in the meeting held today by the LDK.

Fatmir Sejdiu is considered to be a moderate within the party and an acceptable figure from the opposition. He is a realist and a lot less idealistic than the late President, which signifies a change in direction the largest party in Kosovo, will take. Major reforms within the party will be expected if Sejdiu gets the position.

Sejdiu is a doctor of History and a professor at the Law Faculty at the University of Prishtina. He comes from the Northeast city of Podujeva(Besjana). (source: Balkan Update)


Anonymous said...

Kosova dont need such presıdent.He ıs not able to do somethıng good for Kosova.We need more smart presıdent

Anonymous said...

Fatmir is honest, clean and well articulated. While he has worked under constraint conditions, at least he has always been realistic. His success will depend on how fast will LDK reform itself, whose president will exercise significant power over him. Let’s hope that person will be Lutfi Haziri. It’s time to have some young blood on Kosova’s politics.

Anonymous said...

fatmir stinks!

like every stinky sipo!

on the other hand: who cares about the next reservate chief????

ciao rugovic