Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Serbian president, Kosovo opposition leader Thaci meet in Greek capital

[Announcer] Serbian President Boris Tadic and Democratic Party of Kosovo [PDK] leader Hashim Thaci met last night in Athens. There are still no details about the content of their talk, and we found out about their meeting from Greek sources. Tadic and Thaci attended a gathering of the Socialist International. Tadic attended as the chairman of the Democratic Party [DS], while Thaci attended as a guest. The pair of them met on an initiative of Greek Pasok [Panhellenic Socialist Movement - the PSK] leader Yeoryios Papandreou. They talked during a reception which Greek President Karolos Papoulias had organized for the participants of the gathering. During the course of the afternoon, Tadic and Thaci took part in a thematic discussion about the Balkans. The Serbian president advocated a compromise over Kosovo's status while Thaci advocated independence.

Source: Radio B92, Belgrade, in Serbian 0800 gmt 31 Jan 06


Anonymous said...

"The Serbian president advocated a compromise over Kosovo's status while Thaci advocated independence."

How f_dumb can this guy be? He advocates about bullshism and asks a family full of heartache to attend the funeral. Now, he wants to argue "compromise"? WOW!!!

So many people dead (way of 11,000), our mosques burned (all of them), family's killed, destroyed, massacred, and raped. And yet...man.

I wouldn't expect anything so primitive, not even from some African president.

Want a compromise? Here is one, complete independence. Give Republica of Kosova that and Serb minorities will be taken better a little better. As if they aren't treated much better now then any minority.

arianit said...

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Never say never

ivan said...

Let me just ask you albos,
why are you so against giving the Serbs in Kosovo their own choice whether they want to be part of you new country or to be part of Serbia?

Dont you think that you will be much better off without them? I mean you will get the boomerang effect. If you get the new state, Serbia will be looking at you through a microscope and make every single ethnic motivated incident into a catastrophical incident. And let me remind you that the way you treat Serbs now in Kosovo & Metohija and the Serbian orthodox church is disasterous. As anonymous said you dont have that even in Africa.

Kristian said...

Ivan the international community has already decided no border changes and the ppl do not want border changes.

Now how you going to expect to have small enclaves that are part of serbia in the small territory of Kosovo/a. What about serbs that are not in those small areas currently where serbs are in that have land in other regions. Should they give up there land that they rightly have owned for yrs just to move to a region bc belgrade wishes it?

You keep spewing hate when the whole region is backwards and ALL INFRASTRUCTURE IS LACKLUSTER FOR ALL THE PPL NOT JUST THE SERBS. Its improving gradually but you keep thinking that with a snap of your fingers things should be done. GET REAL!

And the World Bank and IMF and other investors can't even put money in the region bc the status issue hasn't been resolved. How can they improve their INFRASTRUCTURE without money.

You keep isolating just serb incidents, what about the albanian incidents which outnumber the serb ones. Why can't you be fair and paint a whole picture of the real situation in Kosovo. You are extremely biased. I do understand you want the serbs to have all luxuries/amenities (some of which they didn't have prior to the war, not all serbs had running water in their homes prior to the war you know), but think of all the 2m ppl in kosovo/a and non of them have the luxuries and amenities you keep talking about.

The govt. has been reaching out to the serbs and you guys won't interact, why is that?

At least object and say no we don't like that law or we think we should move in this direction.

You can't it both ways! I want all services, but I refuse to stand up for myself and represent myself in the govt. What kind of absurdity is that.

You mean to tell me that serbs want to be welfare recipients? Not from kosovo/a but from Belgrade as well. That was the case prior to the war you know. The amount of subsidies given to the serbs prior to the war was ridiculous. Humanitarian aid that was supposed to help all the ppl of Kosovo/a never went to the albanians, may I ASK WHY NOT???????? You keep upholding a double standard and its flat out wrong!

Yes minorities, there are others besides serbs, but you never mention them at all, why is that? If your so adement in fighting for the serbs you should do the same for the other minorities as well or YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THE OTHERS? AM I RIGHT HERE?

Chris Blaku said...

What have the Serbs done that allows them so many luxuries Ivan? They burned and massacres many on that land, and other lands, and they are still afforded luxurious priviledges in every sense. In no other nation in the world is 5% of the population considered vital in national politics. That ship has sailed, Serbia had all of Kosova under its thumb, they couldn't do that right, so why should they get more of it now?