Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Contact Group Ministers together with the EU High Representative, the EU Presidency, the European Commissioner for Enlargement, the NATO Secretary-General and UN representatives including the UN Special Status Envoy and SRSG met on 31 January in London. Ministers express their profound regret over the loss of President Ibrahim Rugova, who had won the world's respect for his principled advocacy of human rights and democracy.

Ministers emphasise the importance they attach to a lasting Kosovo status settlement that promotes a multi-ethnic society. This would immeasurably enhance regional stability, as well as the European and Euro-Atlantic perspectives of Serbia, Kosovo and of the region as a whole. Ministers recall that the character of the Kosovo problem, shaped by the disintegration of Yugoslavia and consequent conflicts, ethnic cleansing and the events of 1999, and the extended period of international administration under UNSCR 1244, must be fully taken into account in settling Kosovo's status. UNSCR 1244 remains the framework for the ongoing status process, with the Security Council and Contact Group continuing to play key roles.

Ministers believe that all possible efforts should be made to achieve a negotiated settlement in the course of 2006. To this end, Ministers strongly support the work of UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari. They call on Belgrade and Pristina to work constructively with him to find realistic solutions to the many difficult issues that need to be addressed. These should include, inter alia, freedom of movement, transparent and constructive links between local communities in Serbia and Kosovo, mechanisms for resolving the fate of missing persons and a specific package of measures for the protection of religious communities and sites. Arrangements for good relations between Belgrade and Pristina and within the region must also be part of a settlement.

Ministers stress that effective provisions for the decentralisation of government will be crucial to the status settlement. Decentralisation can ensure that minority communities remain a vital part of Kosovo's future and give impetus to the return of displaced persons who should be able to choose where they live in Kosovo. Ministers call on the parties to engage seriously on this issue.

The Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, alongside all communities in Kosovo, must do much more to ensure that the UN Security Council-endorsed Standards are implemented. Their commitment is crucial to the prospects for a sustainable status settlement that enables all communities to live and thrive in safety. Ministers also call on Kosovo's Serbs and other minority communities to seize the opportunity of the status process to ensure their concerns are fully addressed.

The Contact Group Guiding Principles of November 2005 make clear that there should be: no return of Kosovo to the pre-1999 situation, no partition of Kosovo, and no union of Kosovo with any or part of another country. Ministers re-state the international community's willingness to establish, for an interim period after a settlement, appropriate international civilian and military structures to help ensure compliance with the settlement's provisions. Day-to-day governance , which must be conducted on a multi-ethnic basis, should rest with Kosovo's duly-elected representatives. Ministers recall NATO's continuing commitment to maintain a safe and secure environment through KFOR.

Ministers look to Belgrade to bear in mind that the settlement needs, inter alia, to be acceptable to the people of Kosovo. The disastrous policies of the past lie at the heart of the current problems. Today, Belgrade's leaders bear important responsibilities in shaping what happens now and in the future. The Contact Group, the EU and NATO stand ready to support Serbian democratic forces in taking this opportunity to move Serbia forward. Ministers welcome the arrest of Jovo Djogo but reiterate that the leadership must fulfil their repeated pledges to co-operate fully with ICTY, notably in respect of Mladic and Karadzic. Ministers equally urge Pristina to recognise that a multi-ethnic settlement is the only workable option and that the more the vital interests of minorities are addressed the quicker a broadly acceptable agreement can be reached. Ministers warn those seeking to use violence that they will undermine their own cause.

Lastly, Ministers emphasise that a negotiated settlement is the best way forward. It will help to create the circumstances in which a settlement can be made to work for the benefit of all. Constructive engagement by the parties will also pave the way for a European and Euro-Atlantic future. Ministers urge leaders in Serbia and Kosovo to show the political courage and vision necessary to come forward with realistic and far-sighted proposals for the future of both Kosovo and Serbia. They have asked the Status Envoy and the SRSG to keep them updated on progress and undertake to return to the issue at their request or if the situation warrants.


Anonymous said...

I guess this statement calls for celebration and finally recognition of facts on the ground that call for independence of Kosova.
Cheers my fellow countrymen

Anonymous said...

I am positive that by this time next year we will all celebrate in the independent Kosova. Congrats to us Kosovars for a 100 year struggle to liberate Kosova of serb rapist scum.

Prince of Albania said...

Well, as good as this may sound, don't crack open the champagne bottles yet!

While the statement reaffirms the underlying support of most Contact Group members for an Independent Kosovo, it also has nuances of support for Serb autonomy within Kosovo.

If the Serbs of Kosovo are granted some form of territorial and political autonomy within Kosovo, (which is nothing but separation in disguise) it will be disastrous for the future of the new State.

In order for Kosovo to be a functional and stable State the central authority of Prishtina must not be compromised in these ways.

The only way to solve the problems of Kosovo is through meaningful decentralization on the municipal level not by political and territorial segregation!

Best Regards, Prince of Albania.

Kristian said...

Prince of Albania

My sentiments exactly.

The ppl have to realize that in order to get what we want ppl have to stop preaching hate towards minorities. Example, "serb rapist scum." Move on, we all know what they did and what we did. Educate but don't hate.

The CG may give them some form of autonomy and we're back at square one, bc sometime in the future we will see history repeat itself as in '99. Its not in our best interests to have this happen and ppl have to wake up to this bc if we don't give guarantees to the minorities we'll get independe with a lot of stipulations.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kristian,
There already are stipulations. You must be blind not to see them. Namely north mitrovica which the french so easily seceded and then countless of other issues.However, my champagne bottle opening has to do only with one thing.And that is, Kosova will be independent. The UNMIK started with the standards before satus crap, then parallell structures, then agreements with Kosova coordination center and so on and so on. Your idea seems to be that we and serbs can achieve compromise or some form of agreement. Right now I am telling you, it is impossible. Consider everything you read here from a point of a sofist. Would your arguments mean anything? Because the whole world thinks as a sofist namely that there is no right and wrong only perspective. Conisder the fact that the EU media seem to portray the attrocities in Kosova as something that both sides did. Hell you could never convince anyone of otherwise. Even after Jashari family massacre, Izbica, Racak and other places as well as 20 thousand albanian women raped. I mean hell even a sell out serb like Ivan here who works for an "american company" even after being bombed by them would never concede that it was the serbs who committed all the massacres in Kosova. And that the albanians didn't commit even a miniscule fraction of them. Hell he still believes that Martinovic was ass raped by Albanians with a bottle and not that it was he himself that did that cause he was gay. Even though it was proven by the then authorities who were serbs that it was he who did it. You object me calling serbs scum but I will never consider them anything else no matter your arguments. They are our enemy and must be dealt with accordingly, period.

Mir said...

"I mean hell even a sell out serb like Ivan here who works for an "american company" even after being bombed by them"

That's an extremely primitive way to see things. You realize that it was the American ARMY not poeple that bombed us right? You realize that MOST CIVILIANS WERE AGAINST WAR (of any kind for that matter)?

Just because an army bombed us does not mean we must hate the people that they defend. It is their job and duty to their country. I do not hate, because I dont see things primitively like you do. I dont classify everyone by stereotypes and call them "scum".

I knew many Albanians through my lifetime and even after seeing what idiots like you had to type, I can still look at that Albanian and see a friend and not a stereotype. Kosovo should NOT BE INDEPENDANT ON THE BASIS OF ETHNIC DIFFERENCES. Hate cannot be stopped with Kosovo independance it can only be temporarily be covered until it rises again.

Kristian I respect most of your posts especially the early ones from when you just started posting on this site. I don't normally post because of idiots that seem to think they know me based off of stereotypes, without ever having met me. I will post more often to try and have debates with you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mir
My point exactly! You skirt around the more important issues like war criminals in serbia who even today hold high posts or the massgraves which you probably think like Milosevic that it was NATO who brought them to serbia just to incriminate you. Your kind seems to be hang up on some imbecility that would make a monkey cringe. You make me ill.

Kristian said...

To: annoymous

You have every right to call anyone as you please. May I ask one question: Do you have kids? Would you like for them to live in a world that is better then the one you live in or have lived in. I think your answer would be a DEFINITE YES!!!!!!!! But as a ppl we can't all just focus on HATE! It eats you up alive and the nation as a whole.

I lost family in the war and I have a serb on the left side of my house and a croat in front of it across the street (our doors are perfectly alined that if I walk outside straight I'll enter his door). We're in the USA and we get along. It was rough for ex-Yugo's here in the states. But together no one fucked with any of us. Albanians do outnumber both groups here but we all get along fine. Our kids do too. We don't predicate fuck that Serb or vice versa. I know I'll say fuck Drago or Zoran and I have and they have said it too. No hate though, we all look to make money and make life easier for our families.

That option is not available in Kosovo/a at the moment. Over 50% unemployment speaks volumes as to why ppl are hostile. Ppl have time to think about their pains past and present. To much time. And this only fosters more hate (BOTH SIDES ARE GUILTY OF THIS).

And FROY is to blame to a great extent. Since the 80's they've systematically reduced economic development in Kosovo/a. As the rest of the country was growing at an annual rate of roughly 5-7% a year kosovo/a had dropped 40% by the year 1989. Do you know what that means. Kosovo/a became a sink hole that would take years to revitalize. They (govt officials) believed that if you make life miserable Albanian Kosovans would leave.

Hey we're a tough little race you know. A lot of Kosovans left but there was a large amount of money being sent back home which compensated for the decrease in economic spending! Their plan backfired.

The stipulations you mentioned, I know of them, but I was talking in broader and more lasting stipulations. Things that could take years to resolve. We'd sort of be independent but (example) wouldn't be given a seat at the UN. So in reality we're not considered a country officially. Those stipulations are long lasting. The stipulations your talking about are short term that can be resolved quickly if the Albanians swallowed there pride and show the world they are better even after going through such a horrific moment in history.

PPl have gone through things that I've never gone through myself or experienced and hopefully I never will if GOD permits. But we can't have that moment rule us for the rest of our lives, if we do, then they truly succeded in accomplishing their objective. The creation of turmoil no matter what time or era it will be in the past present or future. Basically instability and hate!

No matter what we're brothers with the same objective, but with different viewpoints which I encourage. We shouldn't let viewpoints over rule our objective though!


It wasn't the US army that attacked you. It was NATO that did. The largest force of NATO is the USA and has the most resources available for NATO discretion. The majority of Pilots were American from either the Navy or Air Force divisions. The Army and Marines are the divisions that entered after the airstrikes ceased. Just to make it clear one more time it wasn't the USA that attacked S&M but NATO.