Monday, January 16, 2006

Albanian premier to visit Kosovo

TIRANA, Albania (AP) - Albania's prime minister planned to visit Kosovo later this month in an effort to increase bilateral ties and contribute to regional peace and stability, his press office said Monday.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha was invited Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi and Soren Jessen-Petersen, top U.N. official in the disputed province, to visit Jan. 26-27.

"Regional consultation and cooperation will have a positive impact, not only on the future status determination process, but also on the improvement of social and economic condition of the inhabitants of Kosovo," the invitation said, according to Berisha's press office.

U.N.-mediated talks on Kosovo's future status are to begin Jan. 25, when Serb and ethnic Albanian representatives meet for a first round of talks in Vienna, Austria.

Kosovo, though officially a province of Serbia-Montenegro, has been administered by the United Nations since a 1999 NATO bombing campaign halted the Serbian crackdown on independence-seeking ethnic Albanians.

The province's ethnic Albanian majority insists on independence, while Serbia wants to retain at least formal control over the region.

Tirana has said an independent Kosovo would bring peace and stability to the Balkans, and it has appealed to its ethnic Albanians to help create conditions to provide the province's Serb minority a normal life.

Albania has said it has no territorial claims on Kosovo. It also said Kosovo needs a continuing NATO presence to maintain peace and stability.



Dardania 2006 said...

I have one thing to saz to Berisha (and our own leaders)...

Better get your act together and get some idea in running the soon to be Dardanian Kosovar State.

Get us in Europe, do your part and we'll do ours.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the the beginning of the Greater Albanian Muslim extremist nation in Europe......Wake up Europe, get the Serbs and Christians out at let Kosovo self destruct......Who needs it?

Anonymous said...

Islam in albanian land came in a vertical meaning of the term, it was imposed from the highest units of the ottoman empire or people joined it to operate a "social ascent". For those who have never visited places where we live in or even shown an ounce of interest for our history or our way of life, we can honestly say that albanians are protestant muslims in the way that they drink, sometimes much more than other nations around, some of them even fuck their girlfriends without complex or fear of going to hell.

Your misconception of albanians wearing small pants and long barts is biaised by the fact that you're fed with images coming from middle east which strictly have nothing to do with albanian way of life. What you did is called in International Relations an "arm chair analysis" but for talking about a whole society you strictly cannot do it unless you'll be judged of ignorance.

zotrules said...

posting blogs anonymously is a brave decision, it also means you'll never come back to see what you've written yourself!
now, only idiots can give to the kosovar cause a religious involvement! speaking of which, that dear christian above, wanted to turn the sunger for freedom of a nation to a religious debate.
speaking of which; where in the world are christians in Serbia? i am christian myself, albanian first of all; but i can say with all strength that once you enter an orthodox church, -theologically speaking, - you can see Satan himself rocking and rolling and banquetting! the same happens in catholic churches, etc... while mosques on their side, have nothing to envy! theologically speaking!
as for the right of freedom, theologically speaking, it's a divine right, given to all peoples of the world in the same measure. thus, the albanian people divinely enough deserves it!
even slaves, in the law of God Almighty, are to serve their masters for 6 years, and the seventh year should be freed! But this never happened with the "christian" law of Serbia, and i still see dumbasses taking their side.
Jeezzz, where're we up at???