Monday, January 16, 2006

Bosnian Serb entity cannot be Serbia's compensation for Kosovo - Muslim leader

Text of report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA

Sarajevo, 16 January: There is no question of Bosnia-Hercegovina being involved in plans for compensation for Kosovo, president of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and Bosnia-Hercegovina Presidency member Suljeman Tihic told FENA today.

He said this while commenting on the statement by international law professor Francis Boyle who said that the objective of the reforms of the former first deputy High Representative Donald Hays was "to consolidate the [Bosnian] Serb Republic and pave the way for it to eventually join Serbia".

Boyle recalled that the talks on Kosovo's status were expected to open soon, and that certain international officials had already openly proposed that Serbia-Montenegro should be forced to give up Kosovo, while receiving the Serb Republic as compensation.

"This will not happen, nor is there any political strength for such a thing in Bosnia-Hercegovina," Tihic told FENA today, adding that Bosnia-Hercegovina politicians would never allow that.

Source: SRNA news agency, Bijeljina, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 1237 gmt 16 Jan 06


Anonymous said...

Whats good for kosovo,will be good for bosnia as well.Independence for kosovo will mean independence for Serbian bosnia,power to the people i say.

Visit Prishtina said...

And, I say: Dream on.

Anonymous said...

Me or you,ive got a country to call home what about yourself.

Anonymous said...

I will have one soon :)... remember... the one u tried to conquer.

PejaCity said...

Anonymous said...
Me or you,ive got a country to call home what about yourself.

We have a country its called Albania, but we are going to have two states =) ...meaning two seat's in the fcukin UN! What about you zemo? Hell even your so-called ally Russia doesn't give a shit anymore, get it you are all alone and soon will vojvodina gain its autonomy and CG will say good bye this spring...

Anonymous said...

Armed, Dangerous Man Wanted In Post Bar Shooting
Police Release Photograph Of Suspect

POSTED: 1:05 pm EST January 16, 2006

Police released a photograph Monday of a man -- considered to be armed and dangerous -- wanted in connection with a weekend fatal shooting at a Clinton Township bar.

Edmond Dodaj (pictured), 26, is accused of a shooting William "Billy" Jedrzejek, 22, in the parking lot of the Post Bar, located at 41240 Hayes, near 18 Mile Road, at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, according to police. Police said Dodaj then fled the scene in a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer, which has been recovered.

The victim's father, William Jedrzejek Sr., told Local 4 that his son was shot at least two times, once in the head and once in the back. Jedrzejek was taken to St. Joseph's Medical Center in Clinton Township, where he died a short time later.

The family told Local 4 the man was singled out after someone in a crowd of people leaving the bar shouted an obscenity or slur directed to another man, now identified as the shooter. Investigators said the victim apparently did not know the shooter, according to a report in The Macomb Daily.

John Thompson, a general manager for the Post Bar chain, said the bar's owners and operators were "deeply saddened" by the incident and extended their condolences to the victim's family, according to the paper's report.

"The worst part of this is it looks like the young man who was shot was trying to do the right thing," said Thompson in the paper's report. "There was something going on between a man and a woman in the parking lot and he tried to be a good Samaritan by stepping in."

The victim's girlfriend, Megan Ventimigila, said Jedrzejek "didn't do anything wrong to deserve this."

"There was a confrontation between two other people, not including him," said Ventimigila.

Ventimigila said the man approached her boyfriend, and Jedrzejek said he did not want any trouble.

"Before anything could be done, he was on the ground," said Ventimigila.

Witnesses provided police with a description of the suspect and his vehicle.

Dodaj was described as 6 feet 2 inches tall, 180 pounds and of Albanian descent, police said. Police said he was armed with a handgun.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo remaining in Serbia, a non-issue | 11:09 January 18 | B92

BELGRADE -- Wednesday – The Kosovo status discussions will not include talks about Kosovo remaining a part of Serbia, rather, they will focus on the issue of decentralisation, said Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica’s chief advisor Aleksandar Simic.

Simic told B92 that the Serbian Government will insist that the discussions follow international laws very strictly.

“My legal stance, and the stance of many international law experts, is that the discussions will not include talks of whether Kosovo will remain a part of Serbia-Montenegro, because that has already been determined by Resolution 1244, unless the citizens of Serbia decide otherwise.” Simic said.

“The discussions will be led around what measure and level of essential autonomy the region will receive. I think that this is the only way to make sure that all international laws are respected.” Simic said.

The Albanian leaders from Kosovo have not decided yet on whether they will be participating in the conference scheduled to take place in Vienna on January 25 regarding decentralisation. The decision is expected to be made shortly by the Kosovo status delegation.

The Kosovo Government delivered a proposal yesterday for adopting a document that would dismiss the possibility of forming entities within Kosovo or making territorial distinctions.

Anonymous said...

LIPLJAN, GRACANICA -- Monday – Serbs in central Kosovo are often left without electricity for 20 hours a day.

According to B92’s Kosovo correspondent Jelena Trajkovic, Serbian enclaves in the central part of Kosovo have been without electricity for weeks. Lipljan has electricity for two hours a day at the most, and Gracanica has been completely without electricity for several days. The lack of electricity is also hindering people in the area from receiving proper medical treatment.

The hospital located in this region has only one generator, which cannot work all the time, and must therefore breaks down on a regular basis. When the generator is not working, doctors must treat patients by candlelight.

Kosovo Coordination Centre Chief Sanda Raskovic-Ivic was scheduled to meet with UNMIK officials to discuss the normalisation of providing Serbian enclaves with electrical energy, but the meeting was cancelled.