Saturday, January 14, 2006

Albanians from the Presevo Valley demand special status

PRESEVO, Serbia and Montenegro, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Albanians in Serbia's restive south on Saturday demanded devolution from Belgrade and the withdrawal of Serbian troops in a move seen as posturing ahead of talks on the future of Kosovo.

A 6-month ethnic Albanian insurgency in the Presevo Valley ended in 2001 in a NATO-backed deal giving Albanians greater rights. But dissatisfaction is widespread and locals say the Serbian government remains indifferent to the lack of jobs or economic development.

Albanians in the region are now trying to press their case by positioning themselves as a third party in U.N.-led talks on Kosovo, the province west of Presevo where the 90-percent ethnic Albanian majority wants independence from Serbia.

But diplomats say the strategy has won little support among Western powers content to grapple this year with Kosovo, run by the United Nations since NATO bombing forced the pullout of Serb forces in 1999.

A declaration adopted by three mainly Albanian municipalities in southern Serbia called for the region to be granted special status, with control over courts, police, schools and economic development.

They demanded the right to use Albanian as an official language in public bodies and to display the Albanian flag.

"At a time when Kosovo is entering its most significant phase ... Albanians in the Presevo Valley see the need to take concrete and coordinated steps to resolve the question of Albanians in this region," the declaration said.

It demanded "special ties" with Kosovo and warned that should Serbia try to partition the province and snatch the mainly Serb north, Presevo would join Kosovo -- something the West says is impossible.

Kosovo's Western backers are confident tension in the Presevo Valley will remain in check as U.N.-led negotiations on Kosovo's "final status" climax, probably in late 2006.

Legally part of Serbia, Kosovo has been run by the United Nations since 1999, when NATO bombing drove out Serb forces accused of the "ethnic cleansing" of Albanian civilians in a two-year war with separatist guerrillas.

A senior Western official said Kosovo's Albanian leaders had been warned against stoking tensions among their ethnic kin in Presevo. "I think they'll accept that what we're discussing here is Kosovo," he told Reuters. "Serbia has to reach its own solution" for Presevo.


Cvijus011 said...



Anonymous said...

You noticed yourself in the mirror, hah?

Chris Blaku said...

Why is is pathetic cvijus? They have demanded less than the Serbians of Kosova.

armera said...


Could you explain us that may not be quite familiar with this issue, why is it pathetic?

The way I understand is as follows:
These guys by any standard are citizens of Serbia (maybe to be politically correct SCG, however I will be firm Serbia, since Kosova and CG are separating)and they are asking for something from their own country Serbia, as citizens who pay taxes I think they are eligible to!

So where is the hahahahah pathetic problem? I dont understand.

Please don't tell me that historically monkeys have lived in that valley and they have no rights to ask for anything as this is no reason by any civilized standard. I need an expanation from you to tell me why are these guys not entitled to ask for something?

You claim that Kosovar-Serbs have rights in Kosova, shoulnd't these guys enjoy the same rights?

Hounestly, providing we agree on one thing, that I as Albanian, Kosovar (Dardan) Canadian, and Swiss (legaly I am all of this) and you as a Srb, maybe something else (legally) are homo sapien. We all have two arms, eyes, ears, legs, feets hands; Furthermore ten fingers, brains, feelings (which makes are humans)

If you have rights to breathe, why shouldn't I? If you have rights to speak your own language why shouldn't I? If you have rights to have children (if you wish and can aford them) why shouldn't I? If you have rights to ask for better life why shouldn't I? If you ask for something and I say let's discuss it why shouldn't I have the same right?

Please consider your self as a human (not a Serb or not an Albanian) and answer my question seriously.

I really don't get it?

Why is this pathetic to you?

Do you feel superiour towards me?

God bless you and give you strength my friend, and all the best from your best and first door neighbour K-Albanian.

Peace Out!

Cvijus011 said...


Nobody questions overhere the nature of the albanians. Naturally they're humans as we all are, but that was not what I wanted to stress out.

As you said, these albanians are citizens of Serbia (or Serbia and Montenegro more accuratelly). In every country in the world, just as in Serbia, its citizens have their rights, guareanteed by the constiitution, but also their obligations. The albanians from Presevo want to avoid the army service. What makes them so different that they don't want to serve it? They want cultural autnomy, they have it already. they want the withdrawal of the army, but it is the right of the army to have bases on areas within the soveiregnity of the republic of Serbia.

They already have billingual administration and albanian is teached in the schools in Presevo. I don't see why Serbia should give extra privilledges to a just 1.10% of the population. In central Serbia the Albanians are the smallest ethnic group but the loudest and never satisfied with what they've got.

On the other side, such actions will only contribute in the re-radicalization of Serbia which we all do not want. Even if the Serbian government gives in to these demands, it will only make the positions of albanians in Presevo even worse.

Only one example will be that economic factors will not be willing to invest over there anymore since Presevo will be just a politically small market with very law profit perspectives.

ivan said...

"Hounestly, providing we agree on one thing, that I as Albanian, Kosovar (Dardan) Canadian, and Swiss (legaly I am all of this) and you as a Srb, maybe something else (legally) are homo sapien. We all have two arms, eyes, ears, legs, feets hands; Furthermore ten fingers, brains, feelings (which makes are humans)"

Do you have the right to demand that there should be no Canadian police near your house, just because you dont like them? Do you have the right in Canada to demand that your flag is hung in your town, and no Vanadian flags? Do you have right in Canada or Swiss if you want to support country defined terrorist enemies?

One more thing. Kosovars are also citizens of Serbia and Montenegro.

Anonymous said...


face it! you really can't accept an albanian asking for any right or anything at all. Every request of this kind sounds pathetic to you. But here's an advice: you better start understanding others needs and rights if you want yours to be heard and perhaps fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

To Ivan.
Have you seen a document of the UN issued to the kosovars?There is no mention of Serbia & M.N.All the questions that you ask are more valid for the serbs in Kosova than the albanians in Presevo Valley.

Do you have right in Canada or Swiss if you want to support country defined terrorist enemies?

Cut the crap you moron. The ethnic cleansing masive graves,mass deportation,systematic rape that serbs did in the balkans is defined as more than terror is genocide.Before calling other people terrorist take a look at your fucking race.Doris Pack is right serbia is the same as Nazy Germany.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry, was the analogy suppose to illustrate the demands of Serbs in Kosova or Albanians in Serbia? Im completly unclear on that.


ivan said...


what is unclear to you? Where ever do you live, do you have the right to disregard that coutnrys police?

How can Albanians of Preshevo as ciyizens of Serbia and Montengro demand the country to reduce their military in Serbian region. Or will you now tell me that they are also citizens of Dardania.

Anonymous said...

It's the same as Serbs in Kosova is what I meant Ivan - I expected you to catch that.

ivan said...

Let me get this celar for you,

Kosovo & Metohija is under all the International convetnions part of SERBIA, and Serbia is part of a union of Serbia & Montenegro. I know it hurts, but thats life.

What ever happens to Kosovo & Metohija, is now under the decision of the international community.

Secondly, what rights do the Albanians in Preshevo dont have?
Do they want the same rights as Serbs in Kosovo? SURE no problem. Why dont we burn all the mosques then in Preshevo Valley, why dont we attack their children, throw some bombs in their houses, attack them when they go out of their houses, throw stones on their cars, make them live in fear...

Anonymous said...


You mean, treat the Albanians of Presheva valley just like you treat the Albanians of northern Kosova (more precisely, north of Iber river). Burn the mosques just like in the north, kill innocent children, don't allow anyone to cross the bridge, if the do cross the bridge throw stones (not rocks) at them.

Well, I don't think there is any sensible person in this world who doubts that Serbs are capable of that.

Get this in your (tiny) head, the way Serbs are treated where Albanians are a majority, the same way the Albanians are treated where Serbs are a majority.

I am sick and tired of bitches like you who like to think of themselves as moderates and victimes of nationalism, when in fact it was you and your fellow countrymen who started the whole troubles in the Balkans, it was you and your countrymen who committed the worst attrocities in Europe since the end of the WW2, it is you and your people who protect and support Europe's most wanted war criminals.

It the BIBLE it says: What goes around, comes around.

ivan said...

"You mean, treat the Albanians of Presheva valley just like you treat the Albanians of northern Kosova (more precisely, north of Iber river). Burn the mosques just like in the north, kill innocent children, don't allow anyone to cross the bridge, if the do cross the bridge throw stones (not rocks) at them."

Hahaha, nice imagination. I like the way you are always capable of turning the situation around. nice try :)

Dardania 2006 said...


Why does it hurt you that Kosova wants to move on?

You act like a jealous boyfriend who keeps stalking his ex-girlfriend.

ivan said...

"Why does it hurt you that Kosova wants to move on? "

It doesent. As a matter of fact please go, but dont kill our people with you. Why does it hurt you that Serbs in North Mitrovica dont want to go with you? You are the ones insisting that you want Serbs with you on your separation. whats the matter you cant live without Serbs? You will not have any more targets to throw rocks at?

arianit said...

Ivane, o Ivane,

Based on what your saying we're concluding that we should exchange the territories? But bear in mind that Albanians will win in any such seperation. Bear in mind that in Kosova Serbs have a compact territory and direct link and compactness to mother Serbia only in Zvecan, Albanik (i apologize for not remembering the proper serb name know), and n. Mitrovica (if you conclude that the ethnic cleansing of half its population is final).
On the other hand, you get so happy when Cvijus shows his nationalistic colors, they same behavior that keeps Kosova serbs looking out to Belgrade that has failed to provide them with a solution even after five years and yet doesn't let them join the daily life nor apologizes for crimes.
While you and cvijus keep "winning" arguments, remember that Albanians are the new cowboys in town. The situation has kinda reversed now from the 1993 when Albanians did their thing and Belgrade said oh well.
If you're satisfied with 70,000 of the population, then go ahead have it. We'll take Presheva Valley and we've got a deal. But you and me (just like Belgrade) are more inclined to make deals because we don't live there. Cvijus having lived there and not knowing to say more than two curse words in Albanian is not concerned here at all, is he?
Most of the people here even if they wanted to care about Serbs, from your arrogance and insistence on ruling Kosova wouldn't do so. Can't you see that K-Serbs are the victims of the extension of the same rhetoric and threats that you government in Belgrade is doing? Admit it that Serbs never even imagines themselves living in Kosova on an equal basis with Albanians. That's why this whole new situation is hard for them. They were even complaining in the 80's when every measurable statistic showed that there was positive discrimination towards them. I was really amazed that in my town it took them like six hours to clear out the town in 1999 from the minute they took the decision to leave (I'm guessing they knew it was coming because they played it all or nothing). On the other hand, in Viti and Lypjan Serbs still continue to live because there were not many crimes committed there. Do you see where the problem is?
Remember, in five years Belgrade will withdraw its cash from n. Mitrovica and such and Serbs will end up selling their property for euros to Albanians and move to a developed part of Serbia where there are schools, jobs, and better-value housing for the money they get from gasterbaiters.

On the right of the Serb government to maintian security forces in Presheva, that's absolutely correct. But you don't need the largest military base in the former Yugoslavia to keep peace in the area. This smells bad to me.
Your brothers in n. Mitrovica and Gracanica attack even their own kin in KPS uniform.

Anonymous said...

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