Monday, September 12, 2005

President Rugova reveals his position on status preparations

Zëri quotes the President’s spokesperson, Muhamet Hamiti, as saying that ‘at the beginning of this week, President Rugova is going to unfold his position on the issues dealing with the preparations of the Kosovar political factor for the period when the status of Kosovo will be addressed’.

According to Zëri sources, depending on the condition of his health, Rugova will announce his position through a new meeting of the Political Forum, through a press conference or a statement for the public.

If Rugova decides to go through the Political Forum, the paper says that it is possible the meeting will take place at his Residence.

Zëri writes that according to their sources, Rugova will announce his position on issues directly linked to the preparations of the Kosovar political faction for the issues of the status, including the appointment of the coordinator of the working groups.

Addressing of these issues by President Rugova confirms what the SRSG Jessen-Petersen said last week that Rugova was to lead the status talks. And, with this Rugova is going to confirm his active participation in the political process, despite his serious health problems.

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