Friday, September 23, 2005

Picture of the Day - Serbian and Kosovo Culture Ministers Met For the First Time

Dragan Kojadinovic, the Serb minister (Right) and Kosovo's culture minister, Astrit Haracia (Left) met today for the first time in Belgrade. The meeting in Belgrade comes amid stepped-up contacts between the two ethnically divided sides, ahead of U.N.-mediated negotiations on Kosovo's final status expected later this year.


Teuta said...

e Serb minister looks very relaxed and the Albanian looks like he crapped in his pants.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like a relaxed midget I would say.

Anonymous said...

The very relaxed minister looks like someone you can't trust

Anonymous said...

This is the Serbs trying to fix their image after the meeting where their minister refused to shake hands with an Albanian.

Anonymous said...

You kinda expect your culture minister to be better cultured than your average joe, or am I expecting too much?

Prince of Albania said...

As you can see from the picture the Serb minister is pointing to the Albanian minister some of the offices where the Genocide asgainst the Albanians was planned.
"Here is where we all decided you should be expelled or killed! How do you like this office? That's the very table the decree to kill the residents of Racak was signed and officiated. In the next room..."
Please, I would't walk into those buildings and shake hands with this monsters for a thousand years.
Only after they have chemically cleaned those hallways and officially apologized and genuinely repented for a houndred years of pillaging, rape and murder would I even begin to think about agknowledging them.
This is a farce!

Anonymous said...


It may be true, or it may not (that he is a monster), but why not look at it this way.

Our Culture Minister made a visit to our dear neighbour, Serbia, as a Minister, in full capacity as a state official.

To me, this smells like Serbia acknowledging Kosovar independence :)

Anonymous said...

Keep smelling because this a great PR stunt for the Serbs. The Serbs are reaching out the only things the albanians are saying is independence. Makes the albanians look stubborn and not willing to compromise.

That is bad when it comes to negotiating

Anonymous said...

Serbia is not in position to negotiate. They lost a War against the international community, NATO which backed the Albanian side. No negotiations were made with the NAZIS after they lost WWII. Thus the negotiations will involve the international community and the Albanian side. Serbs will be there to put their signature after Albanians, EU and the US have finished their talking.