Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Senior Kosovo Serb police officer shot and wounded

By Shaban Buza

PRISTINA, Serbia and Montenegro, Sept 28 (Reuters) - The most senior Serb police officer in Kosovo was shot and wounded on Wednesday in the third such attack in a southern pocket of the majority-Albanian province over the past month.

Dejan Jankovic, 30, the chief of police in Gnjilane, was wounded when his vehicle came under fire near in the southern region of Kacanik at around 6.00 pm (1600 GMT), Kosovo police spokesman Refki Morina told Reuters.

"He was injured in his arm and taken to Pristina hospital," said Morina. His injuries are not life threatening.

Kosovo's Albanian-dominated government condemned Wednesday's shooting. "Such attacks send a bad message, which the government and people of Kosovo find unacceptable," it said in a statement.

There are several hundred Serbs within Kosovo's 7,000-strong multi-ethnic police force. Jankovic was promoted to the rank of regional commander two weeks ago, becoming the highest ranking Serb in the force.

The attack follows the killing of two Serb men and wounding of a Serb policeman in drive-by shootings on Aug. 27 and Sept. 10 in the region of Strpce, a few kilometres west of Kacanik. The area lies at the foot of Kosovo's mountainous border with Macedonia.

The United Nations, which has run the province since NATO bombing drove out Serb forces in 1999, has refused to speculate on possible motives and made no arrests.

But Serb leaders in Belgrade blame what they call ethnic Albanian extremists trying to clinch independence by force as Kosovo nears negotiations on its final status.

Legally part of Serbia, Kosovo became a U.N. protectorate in 1999 after Western powers intervened to halt atrocities by Serb forces trying to crush an ethnic Albanian insurgency.

Kosovo's 90-percent ethnic Albanian majority want formal independence, which Serbia says is impossible.

Thousands of Serbs fled a wave of revenge attacks after the war. Some 100,000 remain, many in isolated enclaves patrolled by members of a 17,000 NATO-led peacekeeping force.

The United Nations expects to open status negotiations this year, possibly in November. U.N. special envoy Kai Eide will next week recommend the start of U.N.-mediated talks to determine the final status of Serbia's breakaway Kosovo province, a European diplomat said on Wednesday.

U.N. and NATO officials have warned of a possible upsurge in violence as Kosovo nears those talks, viewed with bitterness by many Albanians who resent the idea of negotiating with Serbia.

(Additional reporting by Branislav Krstic)


Anonymous said...

Bye bye independence !! Stupido !!
Im sure Eide is proud of this !

Anonymous said...

Give them uzis. We can't tolerate police getting shot.

Anonymous said...

This is another effort by Serbian secret police to disturb things in Kosovo. To show that it is not safe for Serbs. This looks very bad for Kosovo, so who do you think would do such a thing?

Anonymous said...

Another shooting in a totally albanian area? more of the same violence from albanians. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

I am British and giving independence to the albanian mafia and its citizens is ludicrous. I dont see independence for the albanians now, NATO and the serb military have secret plans to sort out the albanians once and for all

Anonymous said...

This is the fate of all Serbs in Kosovo should albanians be granted independence. It has been their plan since the League of Prizren was established in the late 19th century.

Anonymous said...

1844- Nacertanja. The plan which the Serb government saw the creation of great Serbia. Under this plan Albanians would be anihilated.
1937- " The Expulsion of the Albanians" Another Serb government which provided for the anihilation and forcefull expulsion of Albanians.

1995- Seselj's plan. A member of the Serb government seeks the anihilation and the expulsion of the Albanians.

If the NAZIS had Mein Kampf, the Serb government has written and executed it at least three times.

Kosova's fate belongs to its inhabitants. Any freedom loving human being is welcomed to join the building of a true democracy.

None of the other shootings that have happened before has prooved the involvement of Albanians. The police being run by the international community and not being able to find the culprits shows the sophistications of such crimes. Only the Serb secret police has the logistics, the men and the intention( destabilization of Kosova before status talks), to commit such crimes. I see Kostunica drinking Champagne in Belgrade celebrating another succesful covert operation.

Anonymous said...

1.Why was the League of Prizren in Kosova formed, what were its aims, and what did it accomplish? Concisely stated, as a result of the Russian victory in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877, the Porte (Turkish government) was forced to accept the terms of the Treaty of San Stefano the following year which, among other things, deprived Turkey of some important, integral parts of Albania which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. It should be noted that for purposes of adminstration and control, Turkey had divided Albania, after its subjugation, into the four vilayets of Shkodra, Kosova, Manastir*, and Janina. Great Britain, however, demanded that Russia submit the Treaty to a European convention of six Great Powers (Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austro-Hungary, and Russia), and on June 14, 1878, the Congress of Berlin was convened to resolve the issue.
Two prominent Albanians, Abdyl Frasheri and Mehmed Vrioni, were commissioned by the League to the Berlin Congress to ask for national recognition of Albania, but, there, Prince Bismark of Germany uttered his now-infamous statement that "there is no such thing as an Albanian nationality." Bismark also urged the exclusion of the Albanian question from further deliberations. In due course, the Great Powers ordered that certain Albanian territories including Antivari, Plava, and Gusije be ceded to Montenengro. Yet, when Montenegrin armies attempted to occupy those Albanian territories, they were met with such fierce Albanian resistance that the Great Powers immediately changed their minds about ceding inland Albanian territory to Montenegro giving it, instead, the coastal town of Ulqin. But here, too, this territory was defended heroically by the Albanians who were forced to give it up only because of the threat of bombardment by the combined fleets of the Great Powers.
Eventually, the will of the Great Powers was to have its way, and what remained after they ceded major portions of the vilayets of Shkodra, Kosova, Manastir, and Janina to, respectively, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece, is, essentially, the nation of Albania as it is known to this day.

2.During the 19th century, many of the conquered peoples in the Balkans increasingly wanted their own nations. In 1878 Albanian leaders met in the town of Prizren, in Kosovo, where they founded the League of Prizren (Albanian League) to promote a free, unified Albania in all Albanian-populated territories. The league also sought to develop Albanian language, education, and culture, and in 1908 Albanian leaders adopted a national alphabet based on the Latin script. Between 1910 and 1912 Albanian nationalists waged an armed struggle against the Ottomans, who had refused to give Albania autonomy (self-rule). The Ottomans were simultaneously attacked and, in 1912, defeated by Serb, Greek, and Bulgarian armies in what was later called the First Balkan War (see Balkan Wars). Albania immediately proclaimed its independence from the Ottoman Empire. At a conference following the war, Britain, Germany, Russia, Austria, France, and Italy (collectively known as the Great Powers) agreed to accept Albanian independence, but because of strong pressures from Albania’s neighbors, the Great Powers gave the Albanian-inhabited region of Kosovo to Serbia and much of the Çamëria region to Greece. Roughly half the Albanian population was left outside the country’s borders. The Great Powers also appointed a German prince, Wilhelm zu Wied, as Albania’s ruler, but he was in power only six months before the outbreak of World War I. During the war, Austrian, French, Italian, Greek, Montenegrin, and Serb armies occupied Albania, and the country lacked any political leadership. At the Paris Peace Conference after the war, United States President Woodrow Wilson vetoed a plan by Britain, France, and Italy to partition Albania among its neighbors. In 1920 Albania was admitted to the newly formed League of Nations, thereby gaining international recognition as an independent state.

arianit said...

To the so-called British citizen,

I'm a Kosovar and yet I know that acronyms in British English have only the first letter capitalized. That is "Nato" instead of "NATO." Go learn your grammar rules and then your political comments about the other corner of Europe might carry some more weight here.

Btw, are you the same confused British who claimed to be American but revealed himself by using the British slang "telly" for the American "TV."

I'm a pain in the as*, I know.

Anonymous said...

My question goes like this:
Who wins from these kinds of attacks at this moment in time?
Think about that.

Anonymous said...

If Kosovo become autonomous, we must promote the return of Serbs and the control of the borders with albania and Makedonia. Independance is an impossible dream for albanians. In Italia Val d'Aoste and Alto Adige have autonomy but they are not independant. In France there is no autonomy for Corsica or Britania. Armando, italian peacekeeper from Pec.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time NATO bombed ITALIA or FRANCE for causing a genocide and 3 wars in the course of 10 years. This genocide happened when Kosova had autonomy. So autonomy wouldn't stop another genocide from happening but so foar the states which have gotten their independence from Serbia after the war haven't suffered any genocide from the Serbs. Independence has put a stop to that. Same goes for Kosova.

Ao Italiano ma che cazzo stai diccendo. A te piaccerebe essere sotto il governo Spaniolo cosi come parte dell Italia era prima che Garibaldi cominco l'unificazione del Italia. E la stessa situazione in Kosova. I Serbi sono dei colonialisti e per questo che loro hanno comminciato guerre con la Croazia, Bosnia e Kosova. Solo I tedeschi hanno comminciato piu guerre in un periodo di 10 anni. Tu lo sai che in Serbia i partiti di Milosevic e Sesejl, i due che hanno cominciato le guerre hanno la maggiorita dei posti nel parliamento Serbo? Lo sai che il bracio destra del primo ministro Serbo uciso 3 hanni fa dicce che lui e stato uciso soto gli ordini del primo ministro atuale e del primo prette Serbo perche lui non era contro l'idea del indipendenza del Kosova.
Quando un popolo decide che solo l'indepndeza garantisce la liberta allora questo popollo deve essere indepndente. Questo e il desiderio del 90-95% degli Kosovari e non un fissaziione degli politicani Kosovari.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men."

Only a government chosen by Kosovar Albanian governing every field of life in Kosova can secure these rights. Halfed a$$ed governments like those in autonomies cannot guarantee this rights because they don't control their own army to defend themselves from the abuses of the more powerful state, and they don't control their foreign policy which could mean a huge amount of money could go towards the more powerful state going against the wishes of the autonomous region.

Anonymous said...

Armando tu stai dicendo qeusto perche in Italia ci sonno quelli teste di cazzo della Lega Nord. La situazione e completamente different in Kosova. Quelli della Lega sono delli Italiani e non etnia diversa che ha sofferto sotto l'holocausto dell governo Italiano. Intanto in Kosova c'e un itera etnia quella Albanese che ha soferto per piu di cent' anni l'holocausto dell governo Serbo. E un popolo intero che e stato uciso e maltratato perche sonno nati Albanesi.
Puo anch essere che tu sei une dei quelli che oddia gli Albanesi perche ci sonno tanti immigranti Albanesi in Italia. Se e questo il caso allor io ti dicco cosa devonno pensare gli Americani per gli Italiani e l'Italia. Se e questo il caso tu non sei meglio dagli Serbi o dagli quelli del Lega.

Il mio Italiano fa schifo ma credo che tu mi cappirai.

arianit said...


You brought a good and,I dare say, new point to the discussion.

I'm sorry to answer your comment with a question. Were the people of Val d'Aoste and Alto Adige ever committed genocide on six years before they let go and joined Italy willingly.

I don't know much of the Italian history but I bet you the answer is no. Today, there is mutual trust between the state of Italy and those regions , as well as a decent history of a friendly relationship in the recent past.

Autonomy is a nominal concept. What matters is equal opportunity at development, use of the mother language, free association, communication with the mother country, and physical security. All of these were denied to Albanians and people who ran that official policy are still in power in Belgrade today, if not in Hague. That's why independece is so imperative to Albanians today: attempted genocide and the unwillingness of the people of Serbia to steer away from ultanationalism.

What worries me most is the very last one: physical security of the people of Kosova. Kosova won't solve all its problems through independence but at least it will have a better chance, and hopefully it can sleep better unworried of another genocide, as some Serbs in this blog too often predict for the future and cry of not completing in the past.

Autonomy is an abstract concept. Actually what you are seeing in Europe today is the voluntary relegation of many of the national powers to technocracts in Bruxelles so that they can rule Europe based on some basic standars like human rights; care for the environment; social care; open markets; etc. that are deemed common values of all Europe. In a couple of years the former European nationalist states that caused so much pain to each other and much of the rest of the world with their imperial policies will become autonomies of Bruxelles.

All we are asking is indepedence from Belgrade only to meet them again in Bruxelles and Strasbourg on equals terms under European game rules.


P.S. Il mio padre ha tradotto per un'unità di intelligenza di EI in estate-cade 1999.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget what serbs did. Like if 1945 execution of 7000 Kosovars in Bar, Montenegro wasn't enough, they killed few hundred thousand Bosnians, Croats, Hungarians, Turks, including Western Europians and Americans between 1991-1999.
And then execute some of their own people in Mitrovica, Peja, Prishtina, Sterpce and before Kosovo Police releases any info about the incident Belgrade already has the news and knows that Albanians did it.

Kosovars (all ethnic groups) need protection, security, and a rock-solid border between Serbia-Montenegro and Kosova.
Here's one of many reports of April 25, 1999.

More than 70 albanian civilians are massacred in the latest massacre in Gallap

Podjevë, April 25 (Kosovapress) Over than 70 civil albanians are being massacred in the latest serbian terrorist offensive in the region of Gallapi. These are the massacred persons that could have been identified up to now: Mehmet Muharrem Bala (47), from Rimanishta Fadil Mehmet Bala (19), from Rimanishta Avdyl Osman Sejdiu (50), from Rimanishta, all these three persons have been burnt Mehdi Sefa (21), from Podjeva Nysret Jaha, Faik Jaha (49) Fadil Jaha (43), Fehmi Osman Musolli (52), from Shajkoci Hazir Ejup Selmani (19), from Surkishi Fadil Hazir Ademi (24), from Gërdoci Ferat Azem Bajoku (63), from Dyzi Rifat Azem Bajoku (57), from Dyzi Vesel Azem Bajoku (71), from Dyzi Sadik Bajram Berisha (60), from Dyzi Ragip Mulolli, from Shajkoci Behram Haziri, from Podjeva Isa A. Mustafa (44), from Bellopoja Shefki Ramë Llugaliu (74), from Surkishi Mustafë Ismail Llapashtica (43), from Dyzi Sahit Ejup Elshani (45), from Dyzi Latif Maliq Berisha (43), from Batllava Hazir Shaip Islami (65), from Dyzi Hasan Bajrami (50), from Gërdoci Bajram Ismail Topanica (63), from Sfeqla Daut Arif Asllanaj (21), from Gërdoci Rrustem Selim Rrustemi (41), from Pollata Bekim Qazim Berisha (20), from Batllava Fehmi Sekiraqa (49), from Hertica Mustafë Bajrami (49), nga Gllamniku Bahri Mehmeti (19), from Podjeva Perso with the surname Berisha (44), from Batllava Ismat Ahmeti (52), from Llapashtica Islam Xhafa (54), from Konushevci Musë Berisha (50), from Konusheci Sofije Berisha, from Konusheci Mensur Sadik Mustafa (12), from Bellopoja Zojë Sadik Mustafa (7), from Bellopoja We have no informations yet for 25 other persons who are massacred in this massacre. All the massacred persons are buried in the village Dyz and in Koliq.

Anonymous said...

italy was attacked by the allied forces in WWII for its role in the war. genocide, ethnic cleansing. Germany which portaried the biggest human expulsion campaign known to man didn't loss a sq. meter of land.

Anonymous said...

What you talking about. Germany had to pay for both wars. It was the Russians and Americans that did whatever they wanted with Germany after the war. The country was torn apart because of what they did. After the first war they were not allowed to have an army. After the second war their army was not allowed to take part in international operations. Not to mention Alsace Lorene region. And the fact that they had to pay huge amounts of money after WWI. Stop reading Serb history books. Educate yourself using well-recognized international sources.

Anonymous said...

Alsace-Lorraine is French and will remain French. If albanians are against French in Alsace-Lorraine it is normal that French work against the independance of Kosovo as they do. Nikos, from Greece.

Anonymous said...

Of course Nikos France Greece Russia Serbia are the ones that have caused Albanians so much suffering. We don't expect anything else from you. You had the French commander spying to Milosevic during NATO bombings. What else can you expect. It is this countries that gave Kosova to Serbs in the Congress of Berlin, The treaty of San Stefano and the after World War II deals.

Alsace- Lorraine has mixed popullation. My point was that Germany lost it as a result of losing the war.

Anonymous said...

To Nikos, from Greece,

If I was you, I would remain quiet. You know damn well that Chameria was stolen from Albania...

You know damn well that close to 50% of the warriors that helped Greece get independence were Albanian.

If I was a Greek, I would shut up and abstain... or else another can of worms will be opened.

Anonymous said...

To be quite honest, I think it's time for you blood sucking ALBANIANS TO SHUT THE XXXX UP. You think the world is just going to let you take other people's land? You really think that's going to happen! Wake up morons - IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN - NEVER. Kosovo is Serbian. It always has been. Over 300 sacred monasteries prove this. If you don't want to live in Serbia then you are MOST WELCOME to go back to your shithole little albania. You choose.

Anonymous said...

The monasteries you built over our catholic ones? Sure, sure. Or the Albanian Orthodox monasteries the Serbs took over.
Serbs are recent refuges in the Balkans. My dog's family has been living in the balkans longer than the Serbs. Go back to your caves in he Ural mountains you pu$$ies.

Anonymous said...

Russia support peace:
"Russia supports Belgrade’s formula for talks on Kosovo

05.10.2005, 23.44

BELGRADE, October 5 (Itar-Tass) -- The “more than autonomy, less than independence” formula proposed by Belgrade for talks on the status of Kosovo is “close and clear to Russia” and is an indicator of “Serbia’s constructive approach” to the issue, the Russian foreign minister’s special envoy for the Balkans, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, said.

He invited the head of the Serbian government’s Coordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohija, Sanda Raskovic-Ivic, to visit Moscow at the beginning of November in order to discuss the status of Kosovo with the Foreign Ministry leadership ahead of negotiations on this issue.

Raskovic-Ivic “gratefully accepted” the invitation and promised to visit Moscow as head of an official Serbian delegation at the stated time.

Botsan-Kharchenko stated “the position of Moscow with regard to international activities pertaining to the status of Kosovo” and noted the importance of fostering direct dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina “as the first step towards bridging the gap between the two sides and preparing negotiations on the future of this province”.

Raskovic-Ivic described the meeting with the Russian diplomat as “open and realistic” and thanked Russia for its support to “the Serbian interests in Kosovo”.

Anonymous said...

The best will be French and Russian Army for peacekeeping in Kosovo. And MUP at the borders.

xl pharmacy said...

This is the fate of all Serbs in Kosovo should albanians be granted independence. It has been their plan since the League of Prizren was established in the late 19th century.

xl pharmacy said...

Alsace-Lorraine is French and will remain French. If albanians are against French in Alsace-Lorraine it is normal that French work against the independance of Kosovo as they do. Nikos, from Greece.